Arizona lights in the night


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The Arizona Lights in the Night is the grandest show of magical and beautiful Christmas lights. Visitors can enjoy fairy lights, curtain lights, twinkle light trees, and so much more. So, it’s no surprise why many people wish to experience this festival of lights each year.

Everyone would love to be part of this drive-thru holiday show. Every visitor can enjoy the holiday season from the safety of their vehicles. You and your loved ones will witness more than one million twinkle lights and hundreds of different displays throughout the place.

Arizona lights in the night
Festival highlights

Parents can buy their kids light-up bears at the beginning of the light festival to have a more memorable experience. You can also life-sized snowmen, candy canes, and Christmas trees galore with attractive lights. 

This light exhibition in Arizona is one of the best holiday events to enjoy with family and friends. Aside from blinking Christmas light, this event is also about giving back to the community. A portion of all the proceeds will go to the local charities for children. While you enjoy the holiday season with beautiful lights, you can also help charities. 

Arizona Lights in the Night Dates (2023)

The Arizona Lights in the Night is enjoyed by locals and tourists every year, though the festival dates may vary. For 2023, you can join this incredible light festival from December 1 to 31, 2023. It is recommended to plan your trip to the festival venue ahead of time to ensure no hassles when buying tickets. 

Where It’s Located and How to Get There

Are you planning to end the Arizona Lights in the Night this year? Then, you have to travel to 1901 N. Alma School Road, Mesa, Arizona 85201. The closest stations to South Alma School Road are Alma School/Main Street (43 minutes walk, 3,577 yards away), Alma School Road and Baseline Road (13 minutes walk, 1,083 yards away, Southern Avenue & Alma School Road (11 minutes walk, 860 yards away), and Alma School Road & Holmes (4 minutes’ walk, 281 yards away).

If you plan to take a bus to reach the festival’s venue, the nearest bus stop to South School Road is a 4 minutes’ walk away. The bus lines near the venue are 61 and 104. The first bus to stop at South Alma School is 61, and it stops nearby around 5:05 AM. Meanwhile, the last bus near the festival venue is 104, and it stops at 11:25 PM.

You can also reach the venue by light rail. The first light rail to South Alma School Road stops at 4:15 AM, while the last light rail stops at 12:56 AM. 

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Arizona lights

Festival Hours 

Attending the yearly Arizona Lights in the Night can make your holiday season the brightest and merriest. You have a chance to pass through a series of fairy lights tunnels. You will see giant arches dancing along with the music, making you feel as if you are in the whimsical wonder wonderland.

Organizers are yet to announce the festival hours for this year’s edition, but usually the lights illuminate the area from 6 pm to 8 pm. For the latest updates on festival hours, stay tuned or visit the festival’s official website and social media channels.

How Much It Costs to Visit Arizona Lights in the Night 

Visiting the Arizona Lights in the Night comes with various costs. You can purchase tickets at the site during low traffic times. Beware those pre-purchased tickets are only accommodated during a busy time. If you purchase last-minute tickets, they cost more. So, it is advisable to buy tickets online to save money. 

Although the dates have already been announced, information on ticket prices for this year’s event are yet to be released. In the previous edition of this amazing festival of lights, ticket entry started at $39.95 for every vehicle.

Large vehicle and VIP tickets are available but expect a higher price. Interested visitors can reserve a slot and date online. You should arrive 15 minutes before your selected time. 

For $20 if you purchase festival tickets online in advance or $30 at the door, teddy bears are available for kids. These teddy bears will help them not fall asleep on Christmas Eve. 

For the latest updates on ticket pricing, stay tuned or visit the festival’s official website.

Weather and What to Wear 

During January, November, and December, visitors of Arizona will experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures. December is the coldest month with a maximum temperature of 68°F (20°C). 

As you plan to attend the annual light festival in Arizona, you have to pack a variety of clothing for specific festival months. 

The light exhibition often starts in November, although this year it will be in December. During the month of November, you can experience warm and very dry weather. Temperatures usually hover around the low 20s C (low 70s F) during the day. At night, temperatures can dip into the single digits C (low 40s F). So, wearing dresses, sandals, long and short sleeve shirts, light footwear, skirts, and a windproof umbrella is advisable.

During December, the weather in Mesa, Arizona, is mild. On average, overnight temperatures are in the single-digit C (30s F). However, it is likely to rain once in a while. The colder weather offers 30% to 40% average lower humidity. If you plan to visit the place during this month, you should pack a jacket or coat, fleeces, warm jeans or pants, socks, light mittens or gloves, standard or waterproof footwear, waterproof bag or luggage, and umbrella.

January will offer relatively cool weather, and you should expect occasional rain. Daytime temperatures are in the high 10s C (60s F). Before going to the light festival venue, you should bring a jacket or coat, warm jeans or pants, fleeces, standard footwear, socks, waterproof boots, wind-resistant umbrella, snow boots, and waterproof jacket.

Where to Sleep 

One of the best things about joining various events in Mesa, Arizona, like the festival of lights, is that you have nothing to worry about in the place to sleep. Regardless of your budget, you can find accommodation that suits your requirements and make your stay even more memorable.

Here are the top hotels nearby the festival venue, offering convenience and comfort:

MK Hotels Mesa 

This hotel features rooms with refrigerators and an outdoor pool. It is one block away from the Fiesta Mall and next to the Fiesta Lakes Golf Course. If you prefer comfortable beds, this hotel is the right choice. Plus, there are ample pillows, soft sheets, and incredibly comfortable mattresses.

More details>>

Country Inn and Suites by Radisson 

This Mesa hotel is situated five miles from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. It offers free shuttles within five miles and free airport shuttles. Suites and rooms feature free Wi-Fi and cable TV. It is a nicely positioned hotel, and the staff is professional and friends. If guests have concerns, everything is handled immediately.

More details>>

The Azure Hotel 

The Azure Hotel is located near popular attractions in Mesa like Mesa Arts Center. It features free Wi-Fi and an outdoor swimming pool. It has many parking spaces with a good breakfast and accommodating staff. 

More details>>

Where to Eat 

When visiting Mesa, Arizona, you should not only focus on events and attractions. The place also offers incredible spots to enjoy delicious foods. Mesa offers fresh and exciting culinary treats that you will never forget.

Here are the top places to eat out in Mesa:

Pita Jungle 

As the name suggests, Pita Jungle’s specialties are mouthwatering-filled pitas. The fillings range from grilled marinated chicken to homemade falafel. It focuses on providing healthy foods, perfect for a vegan diet with variety and flavor. 

Beaver Choice 

If you are looking for one of the finest restaurants in Mesa, do not miss Beaver Choice. It offers an excellent fusion of Polish, Swedish, German, and Canadian food. You can enjoy a variety of foods, such as baked fish with Swedish caviar sauce and delicious schnitzels. From classic Polish cherry liquor to a formidable wine list, an alcohol selection is also available.

Aloha Kitchen

Are you a Hawaiian food lover? Then, Aloha Kitchen is a perfect place to experience an authentic taste of Hawaii. The food reflects the ethnic cultures and incredible culinary landscape of this beautiful island. All foods in the menu are created using the finest and freshest ingredients. 

More Things to Do in the Area 

The fun and excitement do not stop with the Christmas light show. You can also try nearby attractions and activities to make your stay even more unforgettable.

Commemorative Air Force Museum 

This museum showcases curated artifacts from American and foreign combat planes, World War II, and more. It is also the home to the largest unit of Commemorative Air Force in the world. 

Mesa Arts Center 

This attraction is the largest center in Arizona and houses 5 art galleries, 14 art studios, and 4 performance theaters in a 210,000-square meter facility. You can roam around and explore different pieces that fascinate you, including handmade crafts, paintings, and sculptures.

Riverview Park

This park features exciting recreational activities, including fishing, climbing, and more. It is a perfect place to relax and recharge. You and your family can also have a picnic by the lake.

Arizona festival of lights


1. What are the parking facilities available at Arizona Light in the Night?

Answer: Since Arizona Light in the Night is a drive-through experience, guests will remain in their vehicles for the duration of the event. There might be designated parking areas for those wishing to park before or after going through the lights display.

2. Are there any smoking restrictions during the drive-through?

Answer: For the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, guests are requested not to smoke while driving through the light displays. Smoking can affect visibility and detract from the immersive experience for other guests.

3. Can pets come along for the drive-through experience?

Answer: Yes, pets are welcome as long as they remain inside the vehicle for the entirety of the experience. It’s advised to ensure pets are comfortable and safe during the drive.

4. Will there be refreshments or food available?

Answer: Typically, drive-through events might have food and beverage vendors stationed at the beginning or end of the route. It’s best to check in advance or plan to grab a bite either before or after your visit.

5. Are there specific vehicle restrictions for the drive-through?

Answer: Some drive-through events might have vehicle height or size restrictions to ensure safety and smooth traffic flow. Visitors should refer to the event’s official guidelines for any specific vehicle restrictions.

6. Is Arizona Light in the Night wheelchair accessible?

Answer: Given that it’s a drive-through event, guests will remain in their vehicles, making it inherently wheelchair-accessible. If any special accommodations are needed, it’s recommended to contact the event organizers in advance.

7. How long does the drive-through experience usually last?

Answer: The duration can vary based on the length of the route and the pace of traffic. Typically, a drive-through light experience can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

8. What safety measures are in place for vehicles and visitors?

Answer: Arizona Light in the Night prioritizes the safety of its visitors. There are clear signages, staff to guide the flow of traffic, and designated lanes to ensure a smooth and safe experience. Visitors are requested to adhere to all event guidelines and drive at a cautious speed.


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