Aurora Festival of Lights

Smith Blvd. at 5th Ave.


Isn’t it great to have some fun and joy even in the middle of a pandemic? Well, it surely is! As this global crisis continues to affect the whole world, fun and peace shouldn’t be torn away from people. Besides, there are lots of ways along with the safety precautions to consider for us to have the most spectacular moments in life. But where is the place that you need to check out? Well, it the festival of lights. Have you heard of it before? Given that, let’s take a look at the Aurora Festival of Lights for you to know more!

Aurora Festival of Lights

About the Aurora Festival of Lights

The Aurora Festival of Lights is one of the largest outdoor drive-thru light displays during the holiday season for free. It is located in Northern Illinois and just returned for its 14th year on the 27th day of December 2020.This festival of lights is literally filled with different and dazzling displays to delight both children and adults. Attending this festival does not care about your age, ethnicity, and background. As long as it can make you happy, then it’ll allow you to enjoy the view to the fullest.
Also, the Aurora Festival of Lights was presented by the partnership of the City of Aurora and the Rotary Club of Aurora. It is a signature winter event made to be a drive-thru for an easier and safer interaction among the participants. It is simply a drive wherein more than a mile of dazzling and shining light displays were place at Phillips Park, Aurora, Illinois 60505.Every year, this festival provides its participants and visitors with different themes and displays. This year, it is a new dancing arc and an expanded Ice Rink. Aside from these, there is also a Santa Toy Factory, reindeer and elves, gigantic snowflakes, holiday trains, lighted fence line around the place, Old Man Winter, and other seasonal favorites. After all, the main theme of this festival is all about lights, so anything that sparkles is included in this spectacular event.Moreover, the past year was able to record over 30,000 car visitors in just four weeks. These full four weeks were crowded with people from different states and other places. Everyone was enjoying the sparkling scenery along with their loved ones and friends. Also, in terms of the visitors, anyone is permitted to enter the festival premises as ordained by the Rotary Club of Aurora. Anyone can enter and pay for donations to be given to the local charities. Now, as there are IDPH guidelines to follow, the donations are accepted through electronic ways.As additional information, the Rotary Club of Aurora is already 97 years old as a service club and part of the Rotary International. This festival was planned and executed by the club members way back in 2007 with the City of Aurora’s help. The good thing here is that the plans worked out quickly, and the festival was introduced to the public during that same year.For the time and date, the Aurora Festival of Lights begins right after the Thanksgiving celebration, which is starts on the 27th day of November and lasts until the 27th day of December. So, it is a month of celebration and sparkle. Also, the show starts from 5 to 9 pm every Thursday and 5 to 10 pm every Friday and Saturday.

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How to reach the place?

If you are new in this place and it’s your first time to witness the festival of lights, then you need the utmost information about its location. This would prevent you from getting lost, and you can also cut travel expenses.

So, to reach the place, you can choose either having your own car or renting a cab. Tell the driver to drop you off at the festival of lights. If there are also unaware, you need to enter Smith Boulevard and 5th Avenue only. You need to avoid Montgomery Road as it will send you to other locations. Next, take the Ashland and Howell road. Wait for about 30 minutes. Here, patience and support are needed as a lot of people are trying their best to enter the premises.

How much it cost to visit the festival?

In terms of the budget, it depends on you. However, if you can’t decide, then having more than a hundred dollars can already let you experience the best services and fun games at the festival.

This amount of money will already give you a lot of benefits and fun together with your family and other loved ones. However, take note that this is only for the festival, and the hotel and food expenses are still not included. With that, here are the top places for you to stay and eat during the festival.


Where and what to Eat ?

As you let your eyes enjoy the sparkling lights brought by the festival, you might as well fill up your tummy with these top three restaurants around Aurora, Illinois!

Basil’s Greek Dining 

This restaurant offers Greek cuisines, and if you are a fan or a native of Greece, then this place is for you. This restaurant was able to gather the overall rate of 4.5 among its customers and juries throughout its years of service. Here, heavy and protein meals are being served. You can have steak, meat, beef, and so many more to make you feel satisfied. Also, the price list of this place is just right for anyone’s budget. The meals are affordable and have multiple choices to choose from.

The Turf Room

Another great place to fill up your stomach after a tiring day at the festival is The Turf Room. This restaurant serves authentic steak and other heavy protein meals that you can dig in. Here, the steak is the most popular since it is tender and juicy. In fact, the restaurant has an overall rating of 4.5 given by its avid customers and other critics.Another thing, the prices of the restaurant’s dishes are all affordable so that any visitor can have a good meal. In addition to that is the multiple choices of meals offered by the restaurant so that the customers can choose from a variety of tastes and dishes.

Stop Island Social 

Lastly, the Stop Island Social is a restaurant wherein authentic cuisines and flavors are being served to its customers. The steak here is also a must-try as it is affordable and unique.

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Places to Stay in the Aurora Festival of Lights

Holiday Inn Aurora

If you are looking for affordability, then this must be on top of your choices. This hotel has its own indoor pool and free parking space to keep your car safe and secured.

My Place Hotel

My Place Hotel is also one of the top-rated hotels near the festival. Here, you can enjoy an indoor pool and a free parking space. It is also affordable and completely sanitized.

Hampton Inn and Suites

Lastly, this hotel has a lot to offer. From its indoor pool to its free parking space, any visitor is leaving the place completely satisfied.

A lot of good things are happening in and around the Aurora Festival of Lights. With that, better pack up now and book your reservation. Don’t forget about your comfy clothes as this place can be humid to cloudy. Enjoy!

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