Bradford Festival of Lights


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Bradford Festival of Lights is a perfect event that is suitable for your friends and loved ones. Explore the place by checking out its full guide.

Bradford Festival of Lights
Festival highlights

About the Festival

Would you like to have a stress-free time with your family and visit some stunning places with your loved ones? Well, it’s high time to explore the beauty of the Bradford Festival of Lights to be held in the city centre and the City Park. The heart of Bradford City transforms into colourful and entertaining place as the Festival of Lights in Bradford is nearly approaching.  

This holiday season provides a great opportunity to all local businesses, clubs, service groups, and other organizations in the community to come together with gigantic floats for the parade. A float parade for this holiday event is one of the ways on how to celebrate this special occasion. During the festival, the city is filled with luminous lights in every corner of the place. You will get mesmerized by the extravagant beauty of Bradford because of several entertainment activities or events.  

Every year, the place has numerous guests or visitors who came from different countries. In fact, this type of festival in Bradford City in England is prominently known across the world because it is a festival that makes the whole city livelier. Various kinds of lights, sparklers, and candles are lit outside and inside homes.  

Festival Dates (2023)

Bradford City Festival of Lights is observed in the months of October & November per year. For this year, 2023, the said festival will be celebrated from November 3 to 4, 2023.

With its beauty and unique way of celebrating this festival, you and your loved ones shouldn’t miss this event. Once you personally visit the place, then you can surely experience the happiness of the occasion.

Festival Hours

Usually, the Bradford festival of Lights happens at night to enjoy the luminous lights during the entertainments and events. It starts around 5 pm until 9 pm based on the scheduled date for the celebration. Everyone is welcome to personally witness and experience the fun and great joy of the place.

That’s why it would be better if you will have your pre-registration and reservation for the said upcoming event. You may see the exact schedule of this festival by visiting the official website online.

How to Get There ?

Every year, the town center, Bradford West Gwillimbury, hosts the Festival of Lights for a holiday. The park is typically the place where the festival takes place since it is the heart of Bradford, which many people visit for their leisure time.

If you wish to visit Bradford City in England, then there are several options that you can take. Check out the following guide for your mode of transportation to get there in the city:

  • Bus — This is one of the public transports you can use when going to Bradford City. In fact, National Express and Megabus run services from the major cities in the country to Bradford.
  • Car — The city of Bradford can be reached from south or north via the M6 to west and M1 to east. Rent a Car HERE
  • Train — You may also opt to use a train as a public transportation to visit Bradford City. In fact, the railway stations of Bradford Interchange and Bradford Foster Square have wide-ranging connections to the other places in the United Kingdom. Order tickets HERE
  • Plane — If you’re from other cities or countries, you may opt to ride a plane and land to LBA or Leeds Bradford Airport. This airport is situated 8 miles (12.87 km) from the northeast.

With this wide range of transport options, you can easily visit Bradford for the Festival of Lights. It’s up to you to decide which mode of transportation you will use based on your great convenience.

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How Much Does It Cost to Visit the Festival?

The Bradford Festival of Lights is free of charge. So, everyone is welcome to visit the place and witness the beauty of the whole celebration.

You don’t need to spend a single penny during the event. However, you could bring a pocket money, especially if you would like to buy something like food or drinks for your family and loved ones.

Bradford Festival of Lights

Weather and What to Wear on the Festival

Since the Festival of Lights happened during the last quarter of the year, you can feel the coldness in the city. The chances of wet seasons or days in the city may vary throughout the whole year.

In fact, the wetter season would last around 5.7 months, approximately from August to February. So, there’s around a 31% chance of experiencing wet days throughout the year. Moreover, the chances of the wet day would peak around 38% for the month of November.

With this given weather condition and temperature, kit is advisable to always bring with you some comfortable clothes, especially when going out for the festival. A most suited type of pants combined with warm winter clothes is recommended for you to be comfortable during your visit to the city.

3 Hotels Nearby the Bradford Festival of Lights

If you’re decided to visit Bradford City for the festival of lights, then it is necessary to find the nearest hotels in the city where the festival is situated. This would help you to easily go and roam around the city, especially if you want to explore the place for good. Some top-rated hotels nearby are the following:

Leeds and Liverpool Canal Walk Bradford

This hotel is one of the best hotel accommodations that you may consider in the city. In fact, this hotel is just 3.3 miles (5.31 kilometers) from the Bradford centre.

The place offers a complete set of facilities and amenities which will make you comfortable during your stay. There’s a patio, garden, parking space for your car, and available Wi-Fi connection.

The Midland Hotel

One of the luxurious types of hotels that you can find in Bradford is the Midland Hotel. In this hotel, you can have their specialty dishes and contemporary menus; so, you don’t need to go out and look for food.

There are also a complete facilities and amenities that you can find inside the property. Most of the rooms in this hotel have coffee and tea-making facilities, free toiletries, a hairdryer, iron, and linen & towels, which are being changed daily.

Great Victoria Hotel

This hotel accommodation is adjacent to the heart of Bradford City. It is just 260 yards (0.24 kilometers) away from the city centre. This hotel is customer-friendly; so, rest assured that you will enjoy staying here in this place.

There are also complete amenities & facilities which you can use for your vacation. In this hotel, a buffet-style of breakfast is being served, including cold & hot beverages, juices, cereals, and various selections on lighter breakfast.

These top 3 hotels that you can find in Bradford City are some of the best places where you can stay, rest, and sleep during your vacation.

What and Where to Eat

Of course, your vacation will never be complete if you will not taste the specialty foods or dishes in the city. For your food selections, you may opt to visit the following restaurants or places to taste their perfect meals for you:

La Crêpe House

This restaurant offers a wide range of food selections that would be perfect for you and your family. You may opt to taste their specialty foods such as savoury crêpe, sweet crêpes, or smoothies & milkshakes. This restaurant also offers some foods suitable for vegetarians.

Krave Deli

This is one of the best places where you can eat sumptuous meals with your loved ones. The cuisines are mostly Mediterranean, Italian, and Street food. This restaurant also offers various choices for special diets like Gluten-free and vegan options.

Classic Persian Restaurant

This is one of the ideal and top-rated restaurants that you can find in the city of Bradford. You can have several food options like plumb stew, halloumi, sausage, vine leaves, and meatballs. These foods are delicious and affordable in price.

These are just some of the best restaurants where you can taste palatable foods during your vacation in Bradford.

More Things to Do in the Area

If you visit Bradford city, then you can have a guarantee that you will never get bored. It is because there are lots of things which you can do while you stay here. One of the best things you can do is visit several tourist attractions within the city and be amazed at its architectural designs or styles.

Some places that you can visit are the National Media Museum, Bradford Industrial Museum, Lister Park, Bradford Alhambra, Bolling Hall, and many more. You may also roam around the city and get selfies or photos of your family.


1. What Are the Parking Options?

Parking is generally available near the festival area. It’s best to arrive early to secure a spot and avoid congestion. Always follow signs and staff directions.

2. Is Smoking Permitted?

Smoking is not permitted within the festival grounds. There may be designated smoking areas outside the venue. Please adhere to this policy for the enjoyment and safety of all guests.

3. Can I Bring My Pet?

Pets are generally not allowed in the festival area due to the crowds and nature of the light displays. Service animals, however, are permitted.

4. What Should We Expect?

Expect a dazzling array of light installations, interactive displays, and a festive atmosphere. The Bradford Festival of Lights aims to enchant visitors of all ages.

5. Are There Food and Drinks?

Yes, a variety of food and beverage vendors will be on site. Options range from hot drinks to keep you warm to hearty meals.

6. Is It Suitable for Children?

The festival is a family-friendly event, perfect for children and adults alike. Just keep an eye on the little ones, as the area may be crowded.

7. Can I Take Photos?

Absolutely, photography is encouraged! The festival is a photographer’s paradise, but do remember to be considerate of others when snapping away.

8. Are There Public Restrooms?

Public restrooms will be available, and signs will direct you to their locations. They are usually well-maintained, but given it’s an outdoor event, preparing with hand sanitizers might be a good idea.


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