Cavalcade of Lights Festival


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There are amazing displays of light, and then there is the very popular Cavalcade of Lights.  Today, Cavalcade of Lights will be happening on Nathan Philips Square with a spectacle of fireworks, holiday light, live music, and a tree-lighting ceremony.

Cavalcade Festival of Lights
Festival highlights

About the Festival

Cavalcade of Lights, a yearly event that highlights Toronto City’s official Christmas trees’ illumination at Nathan Phillips Square. This event was started way back in the year 1967.  Usually, the event falls on the last week of November to start the holiday period with the lighting of the Christmas tree. 

This event features the Christmas tree, and the over 300,000 energy-efficient LED Christmas lights that are lighted from dusk up to 11 in the evening, nightly, all through the holiday period.

Since the year 2002, the event has been changed from a one-night occasion to 30 days or monthly long event with the count of the skating parties during Saturday evening to lively music at the outdoor rink of the venue.

In that same year, the festival expanded all over the city by counting displays of LED lighting in nearby cities. This event also features the best and renowned top musical talents in the country and a whole lot more.

Festival dates (2023-24)

The Cavalcade of Lights will be happening from November 25,  2023 to January 7, 2024. Everyone is invited to witness the opening day of the holiday season. This is an amazing event that everyone shouldn’t miss.

Festival where About

The event will be taking place at Nathan Phillips Square, located in Toronto, Canada. This venue is a renowned urban place in the City of Toronto and forms the City Hall of Toronto’s open space at the junction of Bay Street and Queen Street West.

The name was derived from the Mayor of the City, Nathan Phillips, from the year 1955 to 1962. It was designed by Viljo Revel, a renowned architect, and Richard Strong, a popular landscape display.

The square was opened in the year 1965, and it is the home of art displays, concerts, weekly farmer’s market, the winter festival of lights, as well as other public occasions which take account of demonstration.

During the winter season, the square’s reflecting pool is changed into an ice rink. This venue also attracts millions of guests and visitors yearly from all parts of the globe. It has an area of 12.0 acres or 4.85 hectares, and it is considered the largest city square of Canada.

The Nathan Philips Square is utilized on a regular basis for various events like concerts, art exhibits, ceremonies, and rallies. Yearly events take account of Cavalcade of Lights and New Year’s Eve Party.

Other festivals of lights in Canada are:

Foresta Lumina

Niagara Falls Festival of Lights

How to Get to Nathan Phillips Square

There are many ways to get to the place from Toronto Union Station by bus, taxi, subway of the foot:

  • Bus: You can take the Line 6 Bus, which only takes six minutes to get into the place.
  • Train: You can also take the Line 1 subway, which only takes about 8 minutes to reach the place. From Toronto Union Station, ride a train to Queen Station Northbound Platform.
  • Taxi: You can also ride or hire a taxi which only takes two minutes to reach the area. From Toronto Union Station rides a taxi to Nathan Phillips Square.

Festival Hours

The events will start from dusk until 11 in the evening. However, it is advisable to go to the event before the opening to see some of the best sceneries or take pictures with the performers and guests.

You can stay up to 11 in the evening. If you don’t want to endure the huge, it is advisable to visit the place nine or an hour before the closing time.

How much it costs to visit the fest

This event is for free. So, everyone is invited to witness the lighting of the huge Christmas tree that signifies the opening of the holiday season. This is a family-friendly event.

Cavalcade Festival of Lights

About the weather in the festival dates and place

November and December is a wintry period in Toronto, with temp in the range of 1.4 degrees Celsius or 34.5 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low of 2.5 degrees Celsius or 27.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average high-temp reduces from a cold 7.1 degree Celsius to a chilly 1.4 degree Celsius in November and December. In the city, the average low-temp is 2.5 degrees Celsius or 27. 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is highly advisable to wear a fleece tights and a very comfortable flannel shirt or put a t-shirt underneath, then put on your favorite cardigans and jeans. You can also wear a trendy wrap-style coat made of wool and a pair of practical winter boots to fight the cold. We also strongly advise using an infinity scarf, knit headband as well as warm gloves.

Hotels Nearby Nathan Phillips Square

There are lots of hotels located near the event area. Some of these offer cheap accommodation with amazing amenities. So, here are the five best hotels to consider in Toronto.

Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel

This is one of the best 4-star hotels in Toronto that you can consider staying in during your visit. You can find this hotel just half a kilometer from the city centre and 21 kilometers from Pearson International airport.

Many Toronto attractions like the City of Hall, Financial District, and Toronto Eaton centre are within ten minutes walking distance from this amazing and beautiful hotel.

Sheraton Airport Hotel Toronto

This is also a four-star hotel and is situated only 3.8 kilometers from Pearson International Airport. This amazing hotel provides a complimentary airport shuttle service leaving every thirty minutes. You’ll get all five-star hotel luxury services and amenities at this amazing hotel.

Old Mill Inn

This amazing hotel is situated located between Pearson Airport as well as downtown. It’s a four-star boutique hotel that offers amazing amenities. The hotel staff is very welcoming, accommodating as well as friendly. If you want the art, you’ll find that some of the walls are covered with fascinating paintings and artworks.

Hilton Garden Inn Downtown

This is a 3-star hotel situated just steps away from the Financial, Business, and Shopping Districts of the City. It is close to landmarks or vital places such as CN Tower, Rogers Centre, Roy Thompson Hall, and the airport is just 22 kilometers away from this hotel.

Cosmopolitan Hotel

This is a four-star hotel and is 22 kilometers far from the Pearson airport. It’s within half kilometers of the city centre and a lot of tourists destinations like Hockey Hall of Fame, Air Canada Centre, Toronto Eaton Centre, and Ontario Place. You can consider other hotels taking account of Novotel Toronto Centre, Residence Inn Downtown, Delta Chelsea, and Sutton Place.

Where to Eat in Toronto?

Hiro Sushi

This is a top-rated sushi restaurant that is situated in the middle of downtown on King St. East. This is renowned for its in house soy sauce and boasts a glass kitchen where diners can see who the food is made.

Bella Vista

This is a family-owned Italian restaurant that provides the best cuisine in the city in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Providing both classic and contemporary fare, you will take pleasure in both the food as well as a wide selection of wine.

The Sultan’s Tent and Café Moroc

This is an award-winning restaurant that provides the best in fine dining as well as belly dancing. They offer French-Moroccan cuisine, which will tantalize your taste buds, and other skilled belly dancers are certain to keep you entertained. Providing exceptional atmosphere, this is one restaurant which isn’t to be overlooked.

Red House Dim Sum

Dim Sum can be your either from the cart form or menu form. Another conventional Chinese favorite is also on hand, like fried rice as well as chow mien. You can have a taste of fresh seafood, vegan items, and meat as well.

More Things to Do in the Area

CN Tower

With 553.33 meters high, this tower held the record for the tallest structure in the world for a lot of years. It’s a place for entertainment, learning, and observation to many who go to this amazing structure which was nominated as one of the 7 wonders of the world. It has a glass floor, an outdoor observation deck, a revolving restaurant as well, as a Simulator Theatre; this tower is a must-see for people visiting Toronto.

Rogers Centre

Previously called the Skydome, Rogers Centre is the place to the Toronto Blue Jays. It is world-renowned for being the first arena with a retractable roof that can totally close three moving sections to shelter fans and players from the rain or bad elements. If you love watching baseball, then a visit to this arena is worth a while. It can accommodate 50,000 people and provides as much atmosphere as well as ambiance as it does in the exhilarating sports activity.


1. Where Can I Park My Car?

  • Parking is available in various lots and garages near the festival area. Spaces fill up quickly, so consider arriving early to secure a spot.

2. Is Smoking Allowed at the Festival?

  • Smoking is generally not allowed within the festival grounds to maintain a family-friendly environment. Designated smoking areas may be indicated on the festival map.

3. Can I Bring My Pet?

  • Pets are usually not permitted at the festival for the safety and comfort of all attendees. Service animals are an exception and are allowed.

4. Are There Food and Drink Options?

  • Absolutely, a variety of food vendors and stalls are available offering everything from festival classics to international cuisines.

5. How Do I Navigate the Festival Grounds?

  • The festival is largely walkable, and maps are typically available online and on-site to guide you through the various attractions and amenities.

6. Can I Take Pictures?

  • Yes, feel free to capture the magical moments on your camera or smartphone. However, if you’re planning to shoot for commercial purposes, a permit may be required.

7. Is the Festival Accessible for Wheelchairs?

  • The Cavalcade of Lights aims to be accessible for everyone. Wheelchair-accessible routes and facilities are available, but for specifics, consult the festival map or website.

8. Where Are the Restrooms?

  • Public restrooms, including accessible options, are available at various points throughout the festival grounds. Consult the festival map for exact locations.


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