Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival – A Lighting Event to See


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Festival highlights

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Lancaster, South Carolina, a short drive from the bustling city of Charlotte, North Carolina, the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival emerges as a mesmerizing event that transforms the night sky into a canvas of light and dreams. 

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This enchanting festival of lights draws people from all walks of life, inviting them to partake in an evening filled with wonder, joy, and unity. 

Let’s embark on a journey through the heart of this magical celebration, exploring every facet of the festival that has captured the imaginations of countless attendees.

About the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival

The Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival transforms an ordinary evening into a spectacle of light and unity. As the sun sets, a sea of lanterns casts a gentle glow, each a silent messenger of personal journeys and collective hopes. This festival of lights becomes a canvas for shared human experiences, where joy and memory intertwine under a starlit canopy.

Attendees find more than just lanterns at this enchanting gathering. The festival grounds buzz with the energy of live music, inviting dance and laughter into the mix. It is a place where the past is honored, futures are dreamt, and the present is celebrated with vibrant festivities that cater to every age and interest.

From the creative act of decorating lanterns to indulging in a variety of culinary delights, the festival offers a rich tapestry of activities. Whether it’s through the rhythms of local artists, the joy of dance parties, or the simple pleasure of play areas and games, the Lights Fest ensures an unforgettable experience for all who wander into its luminescent embrace.

Festival Dates (2024)

The Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival is eagerly awaiting its moment under the stars on March 9th, 2024. This night is set to be a breathtaking display, with thousands of lanterns ascending together into the evening sky. It’s an occasion where personal wishes and collective hopes mingle in the soft glow of lantern light.

With March 9th just around the corner, the excitement is palpable for a gathering that goes beyond the usual festivities. This date is earmarked for an experience filled with unity, reflection, and the mesmerizing beauty of lanterns illuminating the darkness. It’s an invitation to be part of a night where every light tells a story, and the sky becomes a canvas for our shared dreams.

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An image inspired by the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival

Where It’s Located and How to Get There

An event to remember, the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival is set to unfold in an iconic venue, the Lancaster Motor Speedway, located at 223 Shiloh Unity Rd, Lancaster, South Carolina, United States. This legendary racetrack, known for its high-speed thrills, will transform into a serene sea of light as night falls and lanterns take to the sky. The vast open space of the speedway provides the perfect backdrop for this magical event, allowing the lanterns to ascend unimpeded, painting the night with their gentle glow.

The nearest airport to Lancaster Motor Speedway is Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The distance between the airport and the festival venue offers a straightforward journey into the heart of this enchanting experience.

To get from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Lancaster Motor Speedway, visitors have several options:

  • Rental Car: Available at the airport, offering the most direct and flexible route to the festival.
  • Taxi or Ride-Sharing Services: A convenient choice, with services like Uber and Lyft readily available at the airport.
  • Shuttle Services: Some local hotels may offer shuttle services to and from the festival venue.

For those considering a scenic train journey to the festival, here’s how you can reach Lancaster Motor Speedway from nearby cities:

  • From Charlotte, NC:
    • Take a train from Charlotte to Rock Hill, SC.
    • From Rock Hill, you can rent a car or use a taxi service for the remaining 30-mile journey to Lancaster.
  • From Columbia, SC:
    • Board a train to Camden, SC.
    • From Camden, the festival site is accessible by car or taxi, approximately 40 miles away.
  • From Greenville, SC:
    • Travel by train to Spartanburg, SC.
    • Spartanburg offers car rental services for a scenic drive to Lancaster, around 80 miles east.

These routes provide a blend of scenic beauty and convenience, leading you to an unforgettable night at the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival.

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Festival Hours

As the day begins to fade, the gates of the Lancaster Motor Speedway will swing open, welcoming guests to the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival. This is the moment when the excitement starts to build, well before the sun dips below the horizon. It’s a time to gather, explore, and prepare for the night’s main event.

With nightfall, the true magic of the festival comes to life as the sky lantern launch begins. This breathtaking spectacle transforms the night sky into a sea of softly glowing lights. It’s a moment of collective awe, where every lifted lantern carries a whisper of dreams into the starlit expanse.

How Much Does It Cost to See the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival

Attending the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival is an investment in a night of unforgettable memories, with adult tickets starting at a discounted rate of $59. As the event nears, the final price escalates to $72, ensuring each participant over the age of 13 their own lantern and marker upon check-in. This personal touch adds to the magic of the evening, making the experience truly individual and unique.

For younger attendees, the festival offers a special kids’ ticket, tailored for those aged 4-12, which comes with a delightful Fun Kit, albeit without a lantern, at a discounted rate. It’s important to note that these tickets are designed for individual use, and children under 3 enjoy free entry. This pricing structure ensures that families of all sizes can enjoy the festival’s luminous beauty together.

For more details, please visit the festival’s official website and social media channels.

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An image inspired from the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival

Weather and What to Wear

March in Lancaster, South Carolina, welcomes the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival with a mild and inviting climate, setting the stage for a night under the stars. Temperatures during this time of year typically range from the cool mid-50s to the comfortable low 70s (Fahrenheit), offering an ideal backdrop for the enchanting spectacle of lanterns. As evening falls and the lanterns ascend, the air may cool, wrapping the festival in a gentle chill that enhances the communal warmth of the gathering.

To ensure a comfortable experience at the lights festival, consider the following clothing recommendations:

  • Lightweight Jacket or Sweater: Ideal for the cooler evenings as the sun sets and the lanterns take flight.
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes: Essential for exploring the festival grounds and participating in various activities.
  • Layered Clothing: Allows for easy adjustment to changing temperatures throughout the event.
  • Hat and Light Scarf: For extra warmth if the night turns chillier than expected.
  • Rain Gear: Just in case, a light raincoat or umbrella can be handy for unexpected showers.

Where To Sleep – Hotels Nearby

For those attending the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival and seeking a comfortable stay, here are some hotel options in close proximity to Lancaster Motor Speedway:

Quality Inn

  • Location: 114 Commerce Blvd, Lancaster, SC 29720, United States
  • Description: This 2-star hotel offers a cozy and convenient lodging experience, perfect for festival-goers looking for comfort without extravagance.
  • Amenities:
    • Free parking, ensuring ease of access for guests with vehicles
    • Complimentary breakfast to start your day right
    • An outdoor pool for relaxation and leisure
    • Free Wi-Fi to keep you connected

Super 8 by Wyndham Lancaster

  • Location: 1201 Hwy 9 Bypass W, Lancaster, SC 29720, United States
  • Description: A budget-friendly 2-star hotel that provides basic amenities and comfortable accommodations for visitors.
  • Amenities:
    • Complimentary parking available for guests
    • Free breakfast included with your stay
    • On-site restaurant for convenient dining options
    • Free Wi-Fi to stay in touch with loved ones

Days Inn by Wyndham Richburg

  • Location: 3217 Lancaster Hwy, Richburg, SC 29729, United States
  • Description: A convenient and budget-friendly 2-star hotel that offers comfortable accommodations and easy access to local attractions.
  • Amenities:
    • Free parking, providing hassle-free access for guests with vehicles.
    • Pet-friendly, welcoming your furry friends to stay alongside you.
    • Complimentary breakfast, ensuring a great start to your day.
    • Free Wi-Fi, keeping you connected during your stay.

Where to Eat

Discover a variety of dining options near the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival to satisfy your cravings before or after the event:

Applebee’s Grill + Bar

  • Location: 1268 Hwy 9 Bypass W, Lancaster, SC 29720, United States
  • Description: A popular full-service chain known for its casual atmosphere and a wide array of hearty American dishes.
  • Foods Served:
    • Enjoy happy hour food specials and expertly mixed cocktails for a relaxing dining experience.

Waffle House

  • Location: 1300 Hwy 9 Bypass W, Lancaster, SC 29720, United States
  • Description: A beloved breakfast restaurant that offers a warm and welcoming environment, perfect for any time of day.
  • Foods Served:
    • Known for its signature waffles, hash browns, and a diverse kids’ menu catering to all family members.

Seagull’s Grill

  • Location: 1305 Hwy 9 Bypass W, Lancaster, SC 29720, United States
  • Description: A cozy seafood restaurant that prides itself on serving fresh and delicious seafood dishes in a friendly setting.
  • Foods Served:
    • Specializes in seafood delights like catfish filet, fantail jumbo shrimp, and clam strips, offering a taste of the ocean.

More Things To Do in the Area

Extend your visit to the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival by exploring the surrounding attractions that Lancaster has to offer:

Lancaster Motor Speedway

  • Location: 223 Shiloh Unity Rd, Lancaster, SC 29720, United States
  • Description: Not just the venue for the lantern festival, this renowned racecourse is a hub of high-speed action and thrilling races in South Carolina.
  • Activities to Explore: Experience the excitement of live racing events and immerse yourself in the local motorsport culture at this historic speedway.

Andrew Jackson State Park

  • Location: 196 Andrew Jackson Park Rd, Lancaster, SC 29720, United States
  • Description: Dedicated to the seventh President of the United States, this 360-acre park offers a blend of history, art, and nature, celebrating Andrew Jackson’s legacy.
  • Activities to Explore: Enjoy hiking, fishing, and picnicking amidst the park’s scenic landscapes, or visit the museum to delve into the life and times of Andrew Jackson.

Lindsay Pettus Greenway

  • Location: 453 Colonial Ave, Lancaster, SC 29720, United States
  • Description: A serene hiking area in Lancaster, offering a peaceful escape into nature with its well-maintained trails and green spaces.
  • Activities to Explore: Take a leisurely walk, jog, or bike ride along the trails, enjoying the tranquility and natural beauty of the area.

An Illuminating Conclusion: Wrapping Up Your Unforgettable Experience at Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival

The Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival offers a night of breathtaking beauty and heartfelt moments, set against the backdrop of Lancaster’s serene landscapes. It’s an event where the glow of thousands of lanterns lights up the night, creating a shared experience of wonder and reflection. 

Beyond the lanterns, the festival is a gateway to the charms of Lancaster, from the thrill of the speedway to the tranquility of its parks. This festival is more than just an event; it’s a memory to cherish, a moment that connects us all under the vast, starlit sky.


Is parking available at the festival venue?

Yes, ample parking is available at Lancaster Motor Speedway for festival attendees. It’s recommended to arrive early for the best spots.

Can I bring my own lantern to the festival?

For safety and environmental reasons, personal lanterns are not allowed. The festival provides specially designed, biodegradable lanterns included in the ticket price.

Are pets allowed at the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival?

No, pets are not allowed at the festival to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees, as well as to comply with venue regulations.

Is the festival accessible for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues?

Yes, the festival site is accessible, but please be aware that it is an outdoor event in a large area, which may present challenges for some. It’s advisable to contact the festival organizers in advance for any specific accessibility needs.

Can we smoke at the festival?

Smoking is not permitted in the crowd or around the lantern launching area due to safety concerns. Designated smoking areas may be available; please check with festival staff on-site.

What happens if it rains on the day of the festival?

The festival is a rain-or-shine event. In case of severe weather, there may be delays or rescheduling. Always check the festival’s official communication channels for updates.

Are there food and beverages available at the festival?

Yes, a variety of food and beverage options are available from vendors at the festival. Options range from snacks to full meals and non-alcoholic beverages.

What should I do if I lose something at the festival?

A lost and found area will be set up at the festival’s information booth. It’s best to check there for any lost items. It’s also a good idea to keep valuables at home or securely on your person during the event.

charlotte sky lantern 3
An image inspired by the Charlotte Sky Lantern Festival


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