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Dive into the heart of London’s most radiant spectacle, the London Zoo Lights. As the sun sets, the zoo transforms into a shimmering wonderland, where the magic of wildlife intertwines with a dazzling light display. From twinkling pathways to grandiose light art installations, this festival of lights offers both visual treats and festive activities for all ages.

london zoo nights
Festival highlights

About the Festival

Journey with us as we delve into the heart of London’s enchanting display of lights: the London Zoo Lights. As dusk sets upon the city, a myriad of colors come alive, painting the zoo in a shimmering glow. It’s not just a light festival; it’s an enchanting experience that intertwines the wonder of wildlife with the spectacle of lights. From fairy lights draping gracefully over the trees to mesmerizing twinkle lights trees that dance to the rhythm of the night, every corner of the zoo offers a visual treat.

Featured Lighting Displays:

  • Twinkling Lights: Witness millions of tiny lights shimmering like stars against the evening sky, bringing a touch of magic.
  • Larger-Than-Life Light Art: Gigantic installations that are both awe-inspiring and photogenic.
  • Illuminated 3D Sculptures of Wild Animals: From lions to flamingos, see your favorite animals come alive in brilliant light.
  • 2D Light Motifs: Intricate patterns and designs that narrate tales of the wild.
  • String and Drape Lights: Curtains of luminance, giving a celestial feel to the surroundings.
  • Christmas Lights: Experience the festive spirit with dedicated Christmas-themed sections.
  • Glowing Christmas Trees: Trees adorned with twinkling lights, ornaments, and a sprinkle of magic.
  • Illuminated Pathways: Guide your way through the zoo with beautifully lit walkways.
  • Light Beams: Powerful beams that shoot up into the night sky, adding drama to the evening.
  • Twinkling Trees: Age-old trees wrapped in twinkle lights, adding charm and elegance.
  • Video Mapping: Watch as the zoo’s architecture transforms with captivating visuals and animations.
  • Tunnel of Lights: Walk through a mesmerizing tunnel, surrounded by a cascade of glowing lights.
  • Illuminated Playgrounds for Kids: Dedicated zones where children can play amidst vibrant lights.

Other Activities to Explore:

  • Face-Painting: Let artists transform your face with whimsical designs and vibrant colors.
  • Meeting Santa: The jolly old man in red awaits with stories, gifts, and maybe a few surprises for the young ones.
  • Tours: Guided tours taking you through the history of the zoo, the animals, and the inspiration behind the lighting festival.

With such a plethora of visual delights and engaging activities, London Zoo Lights promises an enchanting experience for all its visitors. Whether you’re capturing memories with larger-than-life art or basking in the glow of twinkling trees, every moment here will indeed be luminous.

Zoo Lights Dates

While the organizers have yet to announce the exact dates for the London Zoo Lights this season, enthusiasts and first-timers can anticipate the magic to unfold typically between 26 November – 1 January 2023/4.

This timing aligns seamlessly with the holiday season, ensuring attendees can revel in both the festive spirit and the mesmerizing light displays. 

Historically, the event has always used these winter months to bring warmth and brilliance to the city’s chilly nights. Keep an eye out for the official announcement, but in the meantime, mark your calendars for a potential November start!

Where It’s Located and How to Get There

The spellbinding London Lights in the zoo finds its home at the iconic ZSL London Zoo. Nestled in the heart of the city, this historic venue transforms into a luminous wonderland during the festival, making it the perfect backdrop for this enchanting display of lights.

Reaching ZSL London Zoo from the Airport

London Heathrow Airport is the closest major international airport to ZSL London Zoo. The distance between the two is approximately 20 miles. Travelers have several options to reach the zoo from the airport:

  • The Tube (London Underground): One can take the Piccadilly Line from Heathrow to King’s Cross St Pancras and then change to the Northern Line to reach Camden Town, which is a short walk to the zoo.
  • Taxi: Taxis are available from the airport and offer a direct and convenient way to reach the zoo. The journey takes around 40 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic.
  • Airport Shuttle: Various shuttle services operate between Heathrow and central London locations, and from there, one can easily take a cab or the Tube to the zoo.

Traveling to London by Train from Other Cities

  • From Paris: Take the Eurostar from Gare du Nord directly to London’s St Pancras International. The journey is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.
  • From Brussels: Board the Eurostar from Brussels Midi to London’s St Pancras International, with a journey time of roughly 2 hours.
  • From Edinburgh: The East Coast mainline connects Edinburgh Waverley to London’s King’s Cross in about 4 hours and 30 minutes.
  • From Manchester: The West Coast mainline links Manchester Piccadilly to London’s Euston Station in just over 2 hours.
  • From Birmingham: Direct trains from Birmingham New Street to London’s Euston make the trip in under 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Make sure to check train schedules and book tickets in advance, especially during peak travel times, to ensure a smooth journey to the heart of London.

london zoo nights Festival Hours

Immerse yourself in the magical ambiance of the London Zoo Lights during its prime hours of illumination. The festival graciously welcomes visitors from 6:00 PM, just as dusk settles, and continues to shine brilliantly until 10:00 PM

This window provides ample time to wander through the glowing pathways, marvel at the luminous installations, and partake in festive activities, all while enveloped in the evening’s serene ambiance. Plan your visit within these hours to experience the full splendor of this radiant celebration.

london zoo nights

Cost to Visit the London Zoo Lights

Stepping into the radiant world of the London Zoo Lights is an experience like no other, and while the memories are priceless, there is a modest entry fee to access this luminous wonderland. Below, we’ve detailed the ticket pricing to help you plan your visit seamlessly.

Ticket Prices:

  • Adults: $49.54
  • Children (Aged 3-15): $18.38
  • Children Under 3: Free of charge

Booking your passage into this luminescent wonderland is made easy with online ticketing options. We strongly recommend visitors to pre-book their tickets. Not only does this guarantee entry on your chosen date, but it also ensures a streamlined experience, allowing you to dive straight into the festivities without the wait. With the popularity of the London Zoo Lights soaring each year, securing your tickets in advance is a wise choice.

For ticket details and information, visit the zoo’s official website.

Weather and What to Wear

Between November and January, London showcases its quintessential winter charm. The temperatures typically range from a chilly 35°F (2°C) to a more moderate 48°F (9°C), with occasional drops below freezing. London’s winters, while not excessively cold, often bring dampness and a biting wind. Occasional snowfall may grace the city, though it’s generally light and short-lived.

Recommended Clothing for a Comfortable Visit:

  • Warm Overcoat or Parka: Ideal for keeping the winter chill at bay.
  • Thermal Layers: Helps in retaining body warmth, especially during colder nights.
  • Waterproof Shoes or Boots: London can be wet, so having moisture-resistant footwear ensures dry feet.
  • Hats and Gloves: Essential to shield against the cold wind and occasional frost.
  • Scarves: A great addition, both for warmth and as a stylish accessory.
  • Umbrella: Given London’s propensity for unpredictable showers, it’s always a good idea to have one on hand.
  • Layered Clothing: Allows for adjusting your attire based on the temperature, ensuring you’re not too hot or too cold.

Where to Sleep – Hotels Nearby London zoo

When planning your magical evening at the London Zoo Lights, comfort and convenience are key; here are the top nearby accommodations to consider for a restful stay.

York & Albany Hotel

  • Address: 127-129 Parkway, London NW1 7PS, UK
  • Location: A mere stone’s throw away from the ZSL London Zoo.
  • Description: This boutique hotel exudes warmth and luxury. Its intimate setting, coupled with its historic architecture, provides a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, on-site restaurant, 24-hour room service, and a bar/lounge area.

Holiday Inn Camden Lock

  • Address: 30 Jamestown Rd, London NW1 7BY, UK
  • Location: Overlooking the serene Camden Lock canal, it’s only a brisk walk away from the zoo.
  • Description: A modern hotel that perfectly blends functionality with aesthetics. The canal view adds a calming touch to its bustling surroundings.
  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, fitness center, on-site restaurant and bar, and business center facilities.

Premier Inn London St Pancras

  • Address: 88 Euston Rd, London NW1 2RA, UK
  • Location: Located close to King’s Cross and St Pancras stations, the zoo is easily accessible via a short Tube ride or a leisurely walk.
  • Description: Known for its consistent quality, this hotel offers an affordable yet comfortable stay, making it ideal for families and solo travelers alike.
  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, family rooms, on-site restaurant, and a 24-hour front desk.

What to Eat

Discovering the London Zoo Lights can stir up quite the appetite; indulge your taste buds at these nearby eateries, each offering a unique dining experience.

The Engineer Pub

  • Location: 65 Gloucester Ave, Primrose Hill, London NW1 8JH, UK
  • Description: Nestled in the heart of Primrose Hill, The Engineer Pub exudes quintessential British charm, making it a must-visit for those keen on experiencing a slice of authentic British culture.
  • Foods Served: Dive into traditional British fare, including savory pies, fish and chips, and a sumptuous roast accompanied by a selection of local ales and fine wines.

Fried Chicken Shop

  • Location: 122-124 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 9QB, UK
  • Description: As the name suggests, this modern eatery is all about the chicken. Whether you’re seeking a quick bite or a full-fledged meal, their crispy delights won’t disappoint.
  • Foods Served: Savor their mouth-watering crispy fried chicken, available as wings, strips, or whole pieces, complemented by a range of dips and sides, including coleslaw, corn on the cob, and creamy mashed potatoes.


  • Location: 89 Regent’s Park Rd, London NW1 8UY, UK
  • Description: An oasis of Greek culinary excellence, Lemonia transports its patrons straight to the Mediterranean with its ambient décor and aromatic dishes.
  • Foods Served: Revel in a wide array of Greek delicacies, from succulent lamb kleftiko and moussaka to a plethora of mezze options, rounded off with classics like baklava and galaktoboureko for dessert.

More Things to Do in The Area

Beyond the shimmer of the London Zoo Lights, the vicinity teems with attractions, waiting for the eager traveler to explore.

Regent’s Park

  • Location: Chester Rd, London NW1 4NR, UK
  • Description: Sprawled over 395 acres, Regent’s Park is one of London’s Royal Parks, a verdant haven offering tranquility amidst the urban bustle.
  • Activities to Explore: Wander through its meticulously manicured gardens, enjoy a serene boat ride on the lake, or visit the park’s Open Air Theatre for a unique alfresco performance experience.

Camden Market

  • Location: Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AF, UK
  • Description: An iconic London attraction, Camden Market is a vivacious blend of eclectic stalls, bohemian vibes, and a rich tapestry of history and culture.
  • Activities to Explore: Meander through its labyrinthine alleys discovering handmade crafts, vintage clothing, and unique artifacts. Don’t forget to tantalize your taste buds at the food stalls, which offer a global gastronomic adventure, from Asian street food to European delicacies.

Madame Tussauds London

  • Location: Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5LR, UK
  • Description: World-renowned for its lifelike wax replicas of famous personalities, Madame Tussauds offers an interactive experience that transcends ages.
  • Activities to Explore: Pose alongside wax statues of A-list celebrities, historical figures, and sports icons. Explore themed rooms such as the Star Wars experience, the Marvel Super Heroes 4D experience, and the Royal Tea, where you can enjoy afternoon tea surrounded by the British royal family’s wax counterparts.

A Final Sparkle: Wrapping Up Your Unforgettable Visit to London Zoo Lights

As the winter nights draw in, the London Zoo Lights emerge as a beacon of festive joy and luminescent artistry. This event not only dazzles the senses but also creates memories that linger long after the lights have dimmed. 

Amidst the historic charm of London, the zoo transforms into a magical wonderland, inviting all to revel in its glow. Whether you’re a first-timer or a returning visitor, the London Zoo Lights promise a radiant experience that warms the heart in the chill of winter.


  • Is there parking available at London Zoo Lights?
  • Yes, there’s a limited number of parking spaces available for visitors. However, due to the popularity of this festival of lights, it’s advisable to arrive early or consider public transportation.
  • Are smoking and vaping allowed during the event?
  • For the comfort of all visitors, smoking and vaping are not permitted within the zoo premises during the London Zoo Lights event.
  • Can I bring my pet to the event?
  • Pets are not allowed for the safety and comfort of the animals residing in the zoo and other visitors. Service animals with appropriate documentation are an exception.
  • Is the event wheelchair and stroller accessible?
  • Absolutely! The pathways are designed to be accessible for wheelchairs and strollers. However, during peak times, the area might get crowded, so please be cautious.
  • Are there food and drinks available during the event?
  • Yes, there are several food and drink stalls available throughout the zoo, offering a variety of options to keep you refreshed.
  • Do I need a separate ticket for the London Zoo Lights if I visited the zoo during the day?
  • Yes, the London Zoo Lights is a separate ticketed event. Daytime admission to the zoo doesn’t include access to the evening’s light display.
  • Is photography allowed during the event?
  • Certainly! Visitors are encouraged to capture their memories but are kindly reminded to turn off flash photography for the well-being of the animals.
  • Are there any age restrictions for the event?
  • The London Zoo Lights is a family-friendly event, suitable for all ages. However, children should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

While this article aims to answer questions and concerns about London Zoo Lights, it is always best to visit the festival’s official website for more details and information.


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