Dandenong Festival of Lights


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The very popular Dandenong Festival of Lights commemorates and observes Chinese traditions and customs in a display of thirty-two beautiful and exceptional silk lanterns.

The lively and animated displays, some of which are a remarkable 20 meter wide and 8 meter high, come in all forms and shapes, which takes account of windmills, dinosaurs, insects and animals, flowers, Chinese Zodiacs, pandas, elephants, tigers, and a whole lot more.

Dandenong Festival of Lights
Festival highlights

About the Festival

Visitors, both locals and abroad, can take pleasure in the lights festival in a marked route. To set off a visual experience, guests and spectators can take pleasure in ambient music that will be played together with the tree-lined paths.

This amazing festival usually starts in the first week of September until the second week of October. This is open for everyone from six up to ten in the evening. It covers more than 10,000 square meters and will be held in the scenic or charming Dandenong Showground located in the Greaves Reserve, Dandenong, VIC.

Aside from the amazing light displays, you will also witness some performances from Chinese artists, which include the very popular acrobatics show. All through the event, guests will have the chance to see special tea ceremonies as well as performances by wandering and roaming performers.

Are you food fanatics, then you are lucky as there will be food trucks as well as small wares exhibition on-site? There are also some activities for kids to keep them entertained, like jumping castles.

Dandenong will be a remarkable cultural experience for you, your friends as well as loved ones to share as well as an inspiring way to hail in spring.

Festival dates

This festival usually takes place from the month of September to October. This is a one-month-long celebration of Chinese cultures.

As of the latest update, the Dandenong Festival of Lights has taken a hiatus. It is best to always stay tuned for further announcements on its future dates.

Festival where about

Just off the Princess Highway, approximately half an hour from the central business district of Melbourne, Dandenong is an expanding suburb as well as a cultural club, with amazing food, as well as a market which people and guests travel from far and wide to stopover.

The best way to reach Dandenong Ranges is to ride a train to the station of Upper Ferntree Gully and ride a connecting bus to the hills.

If you choose to visit the area by car from the city of Melbourne, then it will take you sixty minutes to reach the place. You can take your car via the M1 freeway, Ferntree Gully Road as well as Burwood Highway. You can also access the event place on the V-Line train service from the city of Melbourne. There are lots of choices for day tours as well as hotels for a longer stay.

If you’re in Australia, you can visit these amazing festivals:

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Festival Hours

The event starts from six in the evening until ten in the evening. You can go late at night or one hour before the closing time to avoid the huge or massive crowd.

How much it cost to visit the fest 

Previous prices for tickets were $12 for children and $20 for adults. Since the festival is on hiatus, information on ticket prices are yet to be announced as well, so it’s best to stay tuned for the latest update on this mesmerizing festival of lights.

Weather in the Festival Dates

In Melbourne, the daily high-temps increase by 4 degrees Fahrenheit, from 59 degrees Fahrenheit to 63 degrees Fahrenheit, seldom falling below 53 degrees Fahrenheit or greater than 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Daily low-temps increase by 2 degrees Fahrenheit by 2 degrees Fahrenheit,  from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 47 degrees Fahrenheit, seldom falling below 38 degrees Fahrenheit or going beyond 56 degrees Fahrenheit.

September to November is warm in Melbourne. So, it is advisable to wear a summer outfit. You can wear light-colored clothing, sleeveless or loose sleeves, ditch jeans, leather sandals, and breathable fabrics.

Where to sleep nearby the festival?

The Lyall Hote

This is one of the premier accommodations in Melbourne. It’s a luxury hotel which caters to all kinds of lifestyles. It doesn’t matter if you are staying for a couple of days or weeks, you can take pleasure in living in a word class hotel. It has roomy suites.

There are mini art galleries, which feature the works of a local French artist. It is situated on 14 Murphy Street. Here, you can take pleasure in their sumptuous breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. Also, you can opt to dine at the champagne bar during late nights. It also has a spa where you can relax and pamper your body.

The Marriott Melbourne Hotel

This hotel will provide you a very welcoming ambiance with a complimentary glass of wine or champagne. With superb staff and unparalleled facilities, you’ll get a good bang for your money. Even if it is quite small in size, the amenities can compensate enough.

The size makes it more comfortable as well as inviting, making it one of the best hotels you will find in Melbourne.  You can choose to stay at this hotel due to its amazing location. You can find this hotel in the center of the city.

Holiday Inn Melbourne

This is considered the best and ideal place to stay with friends and loved ones during your trip to Melbourne to witness the festivals of lights. This is situated on 575 Flinderes lane; you can see this hotel in the middle of the financial district of the city.

It’s just a few steps away from the different landmarks such as Melbourne Convention Center, World Trade Centre, as well as the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Certainly, it’s not only for business travelers. This amazing hotel also caters to leisure travelers.

What To Eat In Melbourne?

Cuisine de Temps by Chef Jacques Raymond

This is a fine dining restaurant located in Windsor, near Prahran. For almost two decades, this restaurant consistently produced sumptuous and delicate food, which makes this restaurant very popular.  You can pick from the exceptional menu featuring the best produce to reflect the flavors of the season. You can try the classic Beignet of Blue Swimmer Crab as well as the Gougeres, which have been on the menu for twenty-seven years.

Vue de Monde by Chef Shannon Bennett

This restaurant is featured as one of the best restaurants in Australia and all over the world. This restaurant retells the epitomes of dining and food as an experience to be enjoyed and savored.  You will find it hard to try a French cuisine that’s prepared meticulously as well as attention in the area.

While dining, you can also take pleasure in a remarkable view of the city skyline from 55 floors up in the renowned Rialto Towers. If you look for an extra exclusive experience, you can the Dom Perignon Room, which can accommodate fourteen guests.

Attica by Chef Ben Shewry

This is a five-setting restraint located in Melbourne. It has simple warm earthy tones, intimate space, and an unpretentious ambiance. Guests and diners can pick from 5 or 8 courses, and there’s a separate menu for vegans. Each dish has been crafted with a case to be a complete and exceptional experience, from potato cooked in the earth to apple, olive as well as warm shredded wheat. 

The complex and elegant dishes which you can find yourself constrained with ease to describe in detail for months. The staff is knowledgeable to provide you suggestions on how to get the best f the dishes. You have a humble and relaxed surrounding for your fine dining experience.

More Things to Do in the Area

Botanical Gardens

It’s nice to know and see the different exotic flowers, trees, as well as other plants in the botanical gardens. Guests and tourists can look at the rare plants, take pleasure in the good stroll and enjoy the fresh air and view of the natural environment.

You can also do a picnic here with family and friends. The food and the amazing views are a good combination for fun as well as relaxing time.

Hiking Tracks or Trails

Hiking trails at the Dandenong Ranges are accessible to anyone. A group of people will see the beauty of the woods as well as the natural environment on their stroll or a long hike.

Puffing Billy Railway

This is a renowned steam train in Australia. The train journey can offer a great tour of the amazing forests as well as fern gullies. During a very special event or a wine and dine service, there’s a comfortable set up of food where visitors can dine as well as be entertained.

Lush Restaurants and Cafes

There are different restaurants, pubs as well as cafes in the area. Since there is fresh produce from the locals, many restaurants provide remarkable food made from these fresh and high quality ingredients. A good restaurant will provide great food as well as a remarkable scenic view.

Health Retreats and Spas

Many spa services are also available for visitors after witnessing the festival of lights. An individual, couple, or family can have a good time to get a massage, unwind as well as relax in any of the many retreats and spas available in the area.


1. Where Can I Park?

Parking is generally available close to the festival venue. Just follow the directional signage and you’ll find a spot for your vehicle.

2. Is Smoking Allowed?

No, smoking is not permitted within the festival grounds. The focus here is to keep the air as clear as the brilliant lights!

3. Pets: Can They Come?

Sorry, pets are not allowed at the Dandenong Festival of Lights. It’s a space meant for human visitors keen on enjoying the stunning light displays.

4. What Kind of Outdoor Lighting Will I See?

Expect to be dazzled! The festival boasts an array of outdoor lighting, from intricate lanterns to fairy lights, twinkle lights trees, and more.

5. What About Food and Drinks?

Yes, there will be various food and beverage stalls available. Just follow the trail of twinkling lights to quench your thirst and satiate your hunger.

6. Is the Festival Wheelchair Accessible?

Absolutely, the festival aims to be accessible to all, with well-lit, marked paths for easy navigation.

7. Any Other Activities Apart from Lights?

Besides the stunning light displays, the festival also hosts cultural performances and workshops, so there’s something for everyone!

8. When’s the Best Time to Visit?

The best time to truly appreciate the festival of lights is after sundown when the entire venue transforms into a luminous wonderland.



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