Disney Festival of Lights


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Walt Disney World is considered one of the most popular holiday destinations globally during the holiday season. Each resort hotel and the park is decorated and decked out in holiday splendor, and even the well-costumed characters wear amazing Christmas clothing.

Disney Festival of Lights
Festival highlights

One amazing display is the dancing of lights held at Disney Hollywood Studios. A lot of families from all parts of the world keep on coming back to this place yearly to witness this amazing and magical display of lights that combines lights and music to transform a dull street into a vibrant as well as sparkling fairyland.

Disney Festival of Lights is considered one of the most detailed and sophisticated holiday displays in the US. Street buildings in Hollywood Studios are roofed in sheets of lights; sophisticated moving light structures show tress as well as Santa Clause with several reindeer.

The show lasts for about ten minutes and takes account of flashing lights, holiday music timed with beautiful Disney and Christmas songs, more than four million individual fairy lights, and surprise events showing during the cold evenings. About eleven miles of garland, 1,500 Christmas trees, and 3,000 wreaths, as well as a profusion of glimmering lights, are shown all through Walt Disney World. This is an amazing annual event that you and your loved ones must witness.

Festival Dates

Disney Festival of Lights beginning is in November 25, 2022 and usually lasts the first week of January. On the other hand, events for particular events will differ. So, it is essential to keep in touch with the management or visit the official website to update the latest developments in the events and the exact date and time.

Festival Hours

Disney is the best and most sought-after park. The display of lights is free to all visitors in the park after six in the evening or after dark. The light show, in general, starts around six in the evening and will last or will keep on every ten minutes until it closed.

You can stroll in the park gate and turn left at the big Mickey Mouse hat. After your pass Commissary Lane, you see the street of America located on the right side and walk up and down while you take pleasure in the show, or you stand at one end to see the whole scene at once.

How to Reach Disney Festival of Lights?

If you want to visit the place, you can use the magical express service to get to Orlando International Airport (OIA) and the resort hotel. This is free for Disney guests, but reservations are needed to make use of this kind of service.

If you didn’t choose this service and include the flight details if you made the reservation, you can call the reservation booking agent.

Other ways include:

Car Rental 

Take pleasure in the convenience as well as flexibility in having a car for lease during your visit to Disney by renting a car rental service. Some companies provide a complimentary shuttle that has a door-to-door service.

Ride With Lyft

If you want a ride, the Lyft app can help you. This allows you to get a ride from a skilled and friendly cab driver in just a few minutes. This app has many arrays of modes to meet your travel needs, from SUVs to standard cars.

How Much It Cost to Visit the Festival

As mentioned above, you can witness the show if you are at the part after dark. However, if you consider the cost, including the hotel expenses, well this can cost you USD207 a day.

If you ask how much must an average family of four-person budgets, like, for instance, six nights and seven days vacation to a hotel, food, and passes, more or less, you will need to have a budget of USD5075.

When you divide it by four, almost USD1268 for every person for a six-night and seven-day stay. If money is not an issue, you can extend your stay to make the best of this festival. You can also reduce this expense by searching for some of the best and inexpensive hotels and restaurants.

The Weather in the Festivals and What to Wear

Walt Disney World or also known as Disney World or Walt Disney World, is considered a very popular and renowned entertainment complex located in Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake in Florida, near Kissimmee and Orlando.

Orlando has so many things to offer, including this festival of lights in Disney. When it comes to weather conditions, Orlando’s daily high-temp reduce by 4 degrees Fahrenheit to 71 degrees Fahrenheit, rarely falling under 60 degrees Fahrenheit or exceeding 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Low temp decreases by 5 degrees Fahrenheit, from 58 degrees Fahrenheit to 53 degrees Fahrenheit, rarely falling under 40 degrees Fahrenheit or going beyond 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

During this festival of lights, the weather in Florida is registering 35 degrees outside, and picking clothes to wear during this cold weather is indeed a challenge. To make the best of your vacation and to witness the festival of lights without issue, you have to dress for warmth until your body heat begins to generate from walking.

You know, when you clean the snow off your driveway, you overdress and immediately sweating from body heat. It’s the same if you walk as your body temp is raised if you increase your speed. The best solution is to layer your clothes, so you are able to strip off when required, except for your hat; keep the hat on the head to keep your feet warm. You can also wear gloves to keep your hands warm. You also need to wear a mask as this is required, most especially during this time of the pandemic.

Hotels nearby Disney Festival of Lights

Here are some of the best hotels to sleep during your stay:

Four Seasons Resort:

This is the only resort in this place that receives the desirable AAA five-diamond award. This features a 20 acre lakeside with a lavish spa as well as a salon, Har-Tru tennis court, six vibrant restaurants, a golf course, and other amazing facilities. Kids, including kids at heart, will surely delight in the exclusive water park, winding lazy river, splash zone, two-water slides, family pool as well as complimentary kids camp. If relaxation is what you want, there is an infinity pool surrounded by cabanas and palm trees and armed with underwater audio.

Wyndham Grand Hotel:

This amazing hotel is situated a few minute’s ride from WDWR parks and just a couple of minutes from Sea World and all other important locations in Orlando. This remarkable hotel sits on woodlands and a portion of the Bonnet Creek Resorts. This is surrounded on each part by the WDWR and is only off Epcot Drive, giving fast access to Osceola Parkway and Interstate 4.

Disney Yacht Club:

Delight and amused in the reserved grace of a New England-style club at this hotel near the lakeside. You can take pleasure in the striking stylishness of a luxurious lobby replete with nautical finishes, enjoy and discover the fanciful Stormalong Bay and rent watercraft to enjoy the sea. This is just a few minute’s walks to Epcot. This offers many exciting amenities such as pools, free Wi-Fi, and a whole lot more.

Where to Eat

Plaza Inn:

This is a perfect place for families who wishes some character face time. They offer buffet-style breakfast, with kid-friendly favorites such as Mickey waffles with eggs, biscuits, and gravy. Comfort foods are also offered.

Bengal Barbecue:

Need a fast bite, then head over to Bengal Barbecue. Another perfect restaurant for the whole family, the choices of the menu are plentiful; you can pick from lean meats and some veggies. Churros and Mickey ice cream bars are worth trying as well.

Red Rose Taverne:

This is renowned for their fast or quick service; this is known to a lot of visitors due to the amazing foods they offer such as hamburger, macaroni, and cheese as well as cheese pizza,

More things to do

There are many things to do and see in this place, not just the spectacular festival of lights such as:

Disney Hollywood Studios:

This is considered one important and popular theme which makes up WDW. This is situated outside Florida, and this is preferred by adrenaline junkies. The shows and rides have movie themes, and there are many chances to meet some of the renowned Disney characters.

Disney takes amazing pride in its amazing live-action shows. Some of the must-see events are live on stage Beauty and the Beast, Playhouse Disney Live, which is perfect for little ones, and also don’t forget to witness the Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

A lot of Hidden Mickey’s, which grace the whole thing from architecture to botanical showpieces, is amongst the most renowned secrets at this place. You are sure to be in sight of many silhouettes of the renowned mouse. Whole books are dedicated to documenting or recording the sites of these treasures, so you and your loved ones will surely entertain.

Arik Akunis
Arik Akunis

My name is Arik Akunis and I have been in the field of lighting for over the last 20 years, I started my journey in the world of lighting in the lighting niche for events where I first came across a festival of lights and immediately fell in love with it.

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