East Peoria Festival of Lights


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Are you from Illinois and looking for a fun place to visit? Why don’t you try the festival of lights? Are you aware of that? Are you fond of witnessing thousands of fairy lights and twinkle lights blinking together like a Christmas light festival?

Well, look no more like the East Peoria Festival of Lights is here for you. This event has a lot of events to offer, such as a Christmas light show, light exhibition, and so many more. It is the light festival wherein twinkle light trees are covering the area to let the visitors enjoy their free time.

East Peoria Festival of Lights
Festival highlights

As of now, despite the pandemic, a lot of visitors are still willing to visit the blinking Christmas lights or the East Peoria Festival of Lights. In light of this, let us know more about this event and why we need not miss it out?

About East Peoria Festival of Lights

The East Peoria Festival of Lights is a festival of light wherein thousands of lights are operated to create a bright place to walk through and have fun with loved ones. It is a festival celebrated every year for the people not only of Illinois but also for those who came from other places.

This event started simply as a chore wished to be stopped by Dick Dodson. This person didn’t like any parade or light celebration. That’s why he wished to cut it off. Fortunately, for over 30 years and still counting, volunteers and the people continued the celebration of this festival of lights. It later became a tradition of the Illinois people, which also attracted people from other towns and even overseas.

This year, this celebration had its 36th year, and it started from the 26th day of November 2020 to the 3rd day of January 2021. As an annual celebration, there is a lights parade and the Folepi’s Winter Wonderland drive-thru display. Another thing, the favorite mascot will be the wooden soldier Folepi. This name served as the acronym for the Festival of Lights in the East Peoria of Illinois.

Festival Date

This year, the celebration of the East Peoria Festival of Lights started on November, 2022, and lasted to January, 2023. It was an over a month-long celebration to give the people more chances to experience the wonders of the East Peoria Festival of Lights.

Also, to follow the safety rules as we are still under the pandemic, longer days mean that people can come on different days. In this way, getting crowded is avoided, and so social distancing will be observed. Another thing, the festival is from 5 pm to 11 pm. However, there are days such as January 2 that pushed the event to be closed as early as 9 pm due to the weather and attendance.

Festival Location

The East Peoria Festival of Lights is located in East Peoria, Illinois East – Washington Street and Dolans Lane, where Auto Zone is located.. If you are taking your own car, you can easily check the GPS for locations. On the other hand, if you are taking a cab, just tell the driver to take you to the East Peoria Festival of Lights. This is well-known to them since they are locals and even you. Just look for the place with a light display and Christmas figures.

Festival Hours

The annual celebration of the East Peoria Festival of Lights usually starts at 5 pm and ends at 11 pm but you should check close to the date of your arrival because there is a different schedule for each day. Also depending on the weather and attendance, this time can change.

If the weather is not suitable for the events included in the East Peoria Festival of Lights, they choose to close it early. This is to ensure that the visitors are safe since there is snow. Hypothermia and excessive cold can affect not only the health but also the quality of the visit.

How much it cost to visit the East Peoria Festival of Lights?

To visit the East Peoria Festival of Lights, you’ll need enough amount. This amount will allow you to experience the fun activities, purchase things, eat, and sleep at a nearby hotel.

In terms of admission, regular vehicles are made to pay $10. For the small buses, it is $30 while it’s $150 for a full-size charter motorcoach.

Excluded here are the food, water, gas, and other else, so you better prepare a lot. If you want to spend less, you can make your own food and eat it inside your car. This is great as you are safe from contact with other people, as well as you eat your own-made food for safety purposes.


The weather in the East Peoria Festival of Lights starting from November is good. However, as the Christmas holiday is drawing nearer, cold and snow are expected. So, everyone is encouraged to wear thick clothes to keep them warm. Also, it is important to consider the comfort and ease when wearing these thick clothes, so you better choose the best.

Another thing, make sure to bring extra clothes if you are going to participate in the fun activities and games. Just make sure that these extra clothes will keep you warm afterward. Avoid wearing too much jewelry as this can be crowded when people decided to come down to relax.

Top 3 nearby hotels

If you’re a local, you can easily go home and get some rest. However, it still depends on you. Now, if you’re from other places or overseas, looking for a good hotel to stay in is a must. Given this, here are the top 3 hotels nearby the East Peoria Festival of Lights.

The Branson Hotel

First, on the list, we have The Branson Hotel. This hotel is a good place if you are with your family as it caters properly and genuinely. The food in this place is truly classy and safe. Also, there is enhanced security, so you’ll never worry. In terms of the car, this hotel has a free parking lot for their visitors.

Holiday Inn and Suites East Peoria

This hotel has high ratings not only because of its elegant facilities but also because of the affordable services. The food, staff, and facilities are worth it.

Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriot Peoria East

Lastly, this hotel is for those who are looking for an affordable one. Still, it has a clean and sanitized room, as well as good menus.

Top 3 nearby restaurants

Wrap City

This restaurant is a good find. It gives a fine dining experience as you reminisce the riverside view.

Johnny’s Italian Steak House

This is for those who are looking for Italian cuisine. The foods here are all steak, pasta, wine, and anything Italian. So, if you want to have a taste, better go to this restaurant. Another thing, it has a good view of the riverside, so it’s perfect for romantic date nights after watching the East Peoria Festival of Lights.

Sombrerito Mexican Restaurant

If you are looking for Mexican foods, then this nearby restaurant is a must-visit. Here, you’ll be served with sizzling tacos that the Mexicans are so proud of. Also, it is affordable and tasty, so you won’t regret it!

Arik Akunis
Arik Akunis

My name is Arik Akunis and I have been in the field of lighting for over the last 20 years, I started my journey in the world of lighting in the lighting niche for events where I first came across a festival of lights and immediately fell in love with it.

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