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Festival of lights Leeds, also known as Light Night, is a yearly cultural event that started in October 2005.

Festival of lights Leeds, also known as Light Night, is a yearly cultural event that started in October 2005.
Historically, it is based on Nuit Blanche with the idea to open cultural venues across Leeds late at night and host unusual events.

Festival of Lights Leeds
Festival highlights

About the Festival

For its first year, a string quartet performed on top of the Town Hall clocktower. Some guests also participated in a treasure hunt at the Institute for Crazy Dancing. 

The Light Night has become a global trend since 2005. After Leeds, other cities joined, including Hull, Bradford, and Sheffield in 2006. 

Two years later, new cities hosted their own Light Night, and Birmingham is one. In 2009, the popularity of the light exhibition expanded. Thanks to Nottingham, Belfast, and Liverpool. 

Year after year, the organizers always surprise its millions of fans from across the world. But for many years, it revolves around turning indoor and outdoor spaces into something people have never seen before. 

Besides the captivating performances of talented artists, the festival of lights in Leeds showcases spectacular and stunning artworks. The light projections are large-scale. The installations are also extremely interactive. 

In 2020, however, the light festival was a bit different. The skies above the city were illuminated by a large yet interactive laser display, giving everyone the chance to experience the light exhibition while minimizing the danger of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Light Night is visible even if you are a few miles away from the location. You will enjoy the pattern, movement, and colors of the display. For fans that were really too far during the event, they watched the light exhibition live using video streaming platforms at the comfort of their home. 

Festival of Lights Leeds

Festival Dates

The Light Night usually happens every October. In 2020, it started from October 22 to 24. Yes, it is only a three-day event. But many things happened during the three consecutive Light Nights, taking everyone’s experience to the highest level possible.

This Year (2022) festival dates are: 13-14 October 2022

Where it is Located and How to Get There

As the name implies, the light festival is located in Leeds, where you can find the Civic Quarter, The Headrow, Briggate, the Royal Armouries Museum, and St. John the Evangelist’s Church.

But how to go to Leeds? Well, the city is perfectly located, making it a perfect spot for those who are visiting the UK. Considered one of the most accessible cities in the country, Leeds is close to direct rail links.

Leeds Bradford Airport is one of the busiest airports, receiving visitors from approximately 70 destinations. The nearest port is the Hull, which only requires an hour of a car ride.

If you reach the city, you have multiple local transport providers to take advantage of. The most reputable choices are First Leeds, Arriva, TransPennine Express, and Northern Rail.

But before anything else, make sure to check your travel plans. Remember that there are Covid-19 restrictions. That means there will be a reduction in the timetable of flights, trains, and other transport providers.

If you plan to take public transport, do not forget to wear a face mask for your safety and comfort.

Festival Hours

Since 2005, Light Night starts the display from 6 pm to 11 pm for three consecutive nights. For this year, it is still unknown when the light festival will be available to the public.

We only have almost 3 months to wait. For sure, it will be a big event as always.

Festival of lights Leeds, also known as Light Night

Cost to Visit the Festival

Are you on a budget and want to enjoy a quality light exhibition? There is no need to search further than the festival of lights in Leeds. The event is free, and there is no ticket to buy. You can bring your family to this year’s event. But observe strict social and physical distancing.

Weather and What to Wear

Snow is not seen in the city in October. But the temperatures start their gradual descent because of the fog from the North Sea.

On average, the temperature is 48 degrees Fahrenheit. During the day, it reaches up to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, the temperature is around 43 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since it is neither too cold nor hot in October, just wear something cozy and chic. If you feel cold, layering is key. Styling yourself is all up to you. There is no complicated rule to follow and bear in mind.

leeds Light Night

Hotels near by the Festival of Lights Leeds

Leeds has many things to offer. Besides the Light Night, it is home to museums, art galleries, and other popular attractions in the world. Probably, you are overwhelmed with what to pick. The trick here is to make a list and choose what attracts you the most.

As a traveler, you definitely have a long travel bucket list, and it would take time to explore. Before anything else, find the hotel that exceeds your unique accommodation needs. But say bye to that hassle with these top three hotels in the city:

Dakota Leeds

Maybe, you have done some research online. Perhaps, you have encountered Dakota Leeds. Maybe, you are hesitant if it is a reliable option. Well, do not think that way.

In fact, Dakota Leeds is one of the best hotels you can ever have in the city. Every room is packed with high-end amenities, including a flat-screen TV, coffee makers, and even a free internet connection. A sumptuous breakfast is also served for free.


Quebecs is another reputed hotel in the city. From amenities, customer service, indoor design to competitively priced rates, Quebecs has them all. Some of its amenities include a self-parking area, bar, lounge, and restaurant.

The staff is also professional, friendly, and experienced. They will always make you feel at home. Also, every room’s indoor design is incredible, keeping your stay in the hotel as comfortable as possible.

Wakefield Limes Hotel

Wakefield Limes Hotel has been gaining a massive popularity over the years. The locals and other travelers have switched to this hotel when they are in Leeds. It provides en-suite rooms with free Wi-Fi, TV, and coffee.

The parking space is free. Also, it serves a complimentary breakfast every guest could enjoy. What’s more, the quality services are available at a rate you could afford.

What to Eat

Looking for the top dining destinations in Leeds? Here are a few of the best restaurants in the city:


You are possibly craving Italian foods. We cannot blame you as they are incredibly good. For sure, many people who have tried this cuisine would agree.

If you travel to Leeds, you are lucky as there is Zucco to find authentic and delicious Italian food. Its menu consists of classic Italian meals such as white anchovy crostini, olives, fish, pasta, and meat. Delicious dishes are best when shared with a friend or a loved one, remember!


Can you still recall the time when you have ever tried Kashmir foods? Maybe, it was a few months ago. So, it is no surprise that you are craving some Kashmir dishes like Rogan Josh, Modur Pulao, Dum Olav, Yakhni Lamb Curry, Goshtaba, Kahva, or Shab Deg. Aagrah serves every possible Kashmir food you like.

While it provides many choices, its Hyderabadi chicken is phenomenal. Its staff is also responsive, fully trained, and accommodating. So, if you have queries, feel free to raise your concerns to the staff directly and right away.


Nothing is more delicious than home-cooked food. While fast food is the go-to choice for travelers, it is worth it to take something home-cooked. Wen’s got your back. While Aagrah serves Kashmir dishes, Wen’s prepares Chinese cuisine.

But who would have thought you could find shredded potatoes with chill oil, dry-fried sweet corns, and marinated jellyfish? But Wen’s made it possible. If you want Chinese-Anglo classics but never find one on the menu, don’t worry. The chef at the restaurant can cook it for you. You just have to ask.

More Things to Do in the Area

Light night is typically scheduled from October 22 to 24. That is only a three-day event. What would you do throughout the rest of the month if you are on vacation in Leeds? If you will be there for the entire month, here are the other things you could do in the city:

Visit the Briggate

While there are many travel destinations to pick from, the Briggate should be on top of your mind. It is known for its historic shopping arcades. Some of the places where tourists flock are Grand Arcade, Thorntons Arcade, Queens Arcade, and County Arcade. For those who want to buy some stuff in boutique shops, the Grand Arcade is an excellent choice. The Thorntons Arcade has life-size figures. The Queens Arcade has novelty shops. On the contrary, the County Arcade features iron domes, stonework, and marble floors.

Explore the Harewood House

After the Briggate, your next stop should be the Harewood House. Its interiors are designed by Robert Adam, with paintings made by Angelika Kauffmann. That’s not all! Its pieces of furniture are from the world-renowned Thomas Chippendale.

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