Festival of Lights Longleat


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Festival highlights

This Festival is an amazing seasonal event that can definitely boost your Christmas spirit. Everyone deserves a break once in a while, and going to this kind of event is definitely worth your time.

Festival Of Lights Longleat

About the Longleat festival of light

The lights Festival Longleat is a fantastic seasonal event you can enjoy with your loved ones. The Festival of Lights in Longleat is one of the most awaited events every year. Festival of lights in Longleat’s brings more than 7 000 lanterns in 10 miles silk, blinking Christmas lights, twinkle lights, lights exhibition, fairy lights, 25 miles of LED lights, 30 tons of steel frames illuminated structure, and more!

Aside from the main attraction light shows, you can have strolled downtown Greensboro and visit some fantastic restaurants and entertainment centers in the area. Watching the Festival of Light is an excellent thing to do this winter season.

Festival Of Lights Longleat
Inspired by Festival Of Lights Longleat

The Festival of Lights has been a staple tourist and local attraction in Longleat safari park for years. Watching the amazing light show display in safari park can give you an incredible experience. You can do a lot of things at this Festival, stroll down and enjoy the ambiance of the night, watch the amazing light show, take a souvenir, eat delicious street food, and more!

This Festival is an amazing seasonal event that can definitely boost your Christmas spirit. Everyone deserves a break once in a while, and going to this kind of event is definitely worth your time. Escape the busy and toxic life by visiting this particular event with your family and friends. So if you’re looking for a fun activity in the holiday season, you should consider going to one of the most popular and beautiful seasonal festivals.

Not only can it amaze you, but it can give you an awesome and unforgettable experience that you can treasure for a lifetime. The Festival of Lights Longleat is a beautiful seasonal event for you and your family to enjoy.

longleat festival of light Dates

Longleat festival of light is held every year. This year, it will run from November 11, 2023 to January 7, 2024. The event kicks off in early  November and ends in January, making it a long seasonal event.

The Festival of Lights Longleat is a yearly event that celebrates the holiday season.

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Festival Of Lights Longleat
Inspired by Festival Of Lights Longleat

Where’s The Festival of Lights Longleat Located and How to Get There

The lights festival is located in Warminster UK in Longleat Safari and Adventure Park. If you want to see the fantastic light show festival Greensboro, you can go to the nearest bus top locations that travel to

Warminster route. This is the nearest station that drops by downtown. Take a train or bus going to Longleat. Some stops nearby are possible in these lines and routes. There are more than 50 bus lines which travel near safari park, and if you don’t want to ride a bus, you can ride a taxi or train, either way, it depends on your choice.

If you own a car, you can reach the Festival of lights much faster, and if you don’t know how to get there, you can ask someone for directions, or you can use your car or phone’s GPS

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Festival Hours

The Festival of lights Longleat kicks of usually in early November to January. Basically, it’s a 2-month to 3-month seasonal event. The usual festival hours’ operation is 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Visiting downtown can get too crowded, especially on weekends. So if you want to go where fewer people are visiting, you can try to go Monday-Thursday.

Festival Of Lights Longleat
Inspired by Festival Of Lights Longleat

How Much Does It Cost To Visit The Light Festival?

This long-awaited seasonal Festival is held as early of November to January. each year. This Festival features an amazing light show display. The best thing about the Festival of Lights in Longleat is it’s available for everyone, and if you want to enjoy it more you can book a ticket.

Festival of Lights Longleat Tickets prices:

  • Adult/ Disabled Adult – £24.95 to £49.95
  • Child/Disabled Child (3 – 15) – £18.70 to £37.45
  • Infant (under 3) – free
  • Carers, when accompanying a disabled guest are also free of charge.

This Festival is worth your money with that offers an amazing light show display at an affordable price.

Weather In Festival Dates And What To Wear

The Festival of Lights starts as early as early  November to January. The weather in Longleat when November could reach up to 10°C -4°C. At the same time, it can get up to 8 C -2°C in December and January.  It can get pretty cold during the nighttime. You can wear anything you want as long as it can give you enough heat. Make sure you bring an umbrella with you as this month is a rainy day.

Hotels Nearby the Longleat land of light

Of course, if you want to visit the Longleat land of light, you need a place to stay so you can make the most out of your vacation. There is no need to worry, and there are a lot of unique places that you can visit, whether you want to stay at an Inn or hotel. Warminster has a lot of great places to visit. Choosing the nearest and the best place to stay is easy. You can use your smartphone and browse hotel booking websites, or you can ask locals. Below are some hotels and Inns you can consider:

Hidden Wood Glamping

Hidden Wood Glamping is located approximately 10 kilometers away from the famous safari park. This hotel is a Warminster’s site of off-grid glamping. If you like a quiet place to stay, then this place is perfect for you. This hotel boasts a wood-burning, unique hot tub, a beautiful garden, and free BBQ facilities for you to use. The hotel lodge is also equipped with a kitchen with oven, cable flatscreen TV, fridge, and stovetop. Toilet papers are on the house. If you love hiking, then going to this hotel would be amazing because you can also enjoy hiking in the nearby area. The price starts at 150 GBP per person.

Heath House Farm

Heath house farm is also a great place to stay near the festival location. This house has free WiFi and a beautiful garden. The holiday home provides guests with a patio for relaxing and admiring the beautiful country scenery.

The home is fully equipped with a cable flat-screen TV, a private shower, an oven, toaster, kettle, hairdryer, and a BBQ facility, and onsite hiking can also be enjoyed in the nearby location. The price is 100 GBP per person.

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a fantastic place to stay that provides guests with 4-star accommodation. This place is very close to the safari park. It has free WiFi and an onsite parking area for its guests. Rooms are fully decorated tastefully, and each room comes with a flat-screen TV, underflooring heating, a kitchen facility, and complimentary toiletries and tea. Breakfast is free and included in the room rate. The property has a garden and a nearby lake. The price is 100 GBP per person.

Great Places And Restaurants To Eat In Longleat

There are many amazing places to eat in Longleat, whether you are craving for a stake or maybe you are looking for vegan food. This place can provide you with mouthwatering dishes. Below are some restaurants you can consider visiting:


Archangel is one of the most popular restaurants near safari park. Archangel has a great reputation for its food, service, hospitality, and top-class accommodation. The archangel interior design, despite the multiple renovations, still has its medieval history. Its walls and beams make the restaurant so historic, and modern touches are also added, making the place more glamourous. This place is worth visiting when you visit the Festival of Lights.

The George Inn

If you’re looking for a place to relax, drink, and eat, then this place is perfect for you. This place is located 4.4 miles away from the Festival of light location. This pub has a cozy ambiance and offers a delicious home-cooked meal that you have probably missed. The George Inn is well known for its excellent food and services, very hospitable, and welcoming.

Hillbrush – Restaurant

Hillbrush is a new restaurant, but its popularity continues to grow.  The restaurant ambiance is spacious and airy. This place is also located near the light Festival, so if you want to grab some coffee or a bite before going to the Festival, this place is very recommendable.

Festival Of Lights Longleat
Inspired by Festival Of Lights Longleat

More Things To Do In Longleat

Longleat is an amazing place that offers fun activities and beautiful places to visit like urban parks, entertainment centers, restaurants, museums, and more. Besides the light Festival, you can enjoy the following things:

  • Bring your family and friends with you and visit the famous Longleat House
  • If you love extreme sports, you can visit the great western airports
  • Visit the amazing and mesmerizing Nunney Castle
  • Watch a movie in Westway Cinema
  • See the famous Westbury White horse scenery
  • Have a boat ride in shearwater lake
  • If you love animals, then you can visit the hope nature center for animals

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Festival of Lights Longleat
Inspired by Festival Of Lights Longleat


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