Festival of Lights Los Gatos


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Festival highlights

Festival of lights is so popular that these are celebrated in different parts of the world, including Los Gatos. Light festivals often include festive lights, blinking Christmas lights, light exhibitions, or light shows. These festivals can even be enjoyed even inside your own car.

Festival of Lights Los Gatos

About the Festival

Festival of Lights Los Gatos is a special light festival and event that attracts huge crowds. This is a yearly holiday tradition and also a drive-thru event that you and your family should not miss. There will be light displays and light exhibitions, and countless twinkling lights to keep everyone busy, amazed, and entertained. One of the best things about the Festival of Lights Los Gatos is that this is a type of festival and holiday activity that families can enjoy even without leaving their cars.

Festival Dates

While specific dates for the 2023 Festival of Lights Los Gatos are yet to be announced by the organizers, this breathtaking festival of lights usually takes place in December. This is a 3-hour spectacular drive-through event that will offer a beautiful and lively display of lights.

Festival of Lights Los Gatos is a yearly event that numerous families are looking forward to. That’s why they make sure to mark the festival dates in their calendars. And for updated information on festival dates, be sure to stay tuned or visit the festival’s official website.

Where It’s Located and How to Get There

Los Gatos is a known incorporated town found in Santa Clara County, California, United States. This is home to the annual festival of lights that is celebrated by countless families and huge crowds. Beautiful light displays, blinking Christmas lights, and series of light shows illuminate the town.

Aside from the festival of lights, Los Gatos also offers outdoor activities like trail running, biking, and more that can be enjoyed by everyone. Prepare to be dazzled by the lovely holiday lights. The light festival can be viewed and enjoyed at Santa Clara County at Vasona Lake County Park in Los Gatos (vasona park christmas lights).

The park’s entrance is on Blossom Hill Road Los Gatos. From the southbound Highway 17, take your exit at Lark Avenue and then travel east. You will need to turn right on Los Gatos Boulevard and then right again to Blossom Hill Road. There are walk-in entrances located on University Avenue and Garden Hill Drive.

While you’re in California, you can also check out these dazzling lights festivals:

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Festival Hours

The festival will be held from 6 pm to 10 pm, nightly. So, the festival is expected to last for 4 hours. Expect long lines an hour before the start, particularly on weekends. The drive-through display of holiday lights and the exciting designs will surely captivate the eyes and the heart of both guests and locals.

How Much It Cost to Visit the Festival

This year’s ticket price is yet to be announced along with the festival dates. Previous year’s cost was $20 per vehicle. For up-to-date information on ticket prices, stay tuned or visit the festival’s official website and social media channels.

The Weather and What to Wear

Though the coldest month is January, you can expect the month of December to be also cold. December is also considered a wet month. That being said, you should wear something warm. Bringing an umbrella is also recommended for unexpected drizzle.

Recommended Festival of Lights Los Gatos nearby Hotels

If you are planning to stay in Los Gatos for few days, you naturally will look for a place to sleep and rest. You are lucky enough because Los Gatos is home to a wide array of hotels offering quality accommodation. The following hotels can be your top choices:

Hotel Los Gatos

Upgraded amenities, premium rooms, and room services, and guaranteed sophistication are just a few of what Hotel Los Gatos promises to deliver. Situated in the charming Los Gatos downtown village and at the Santa Cruz Mountain base, this hotel is one of the premier luxury hotels in the town. If you are looking for a comfortable and relaxing place to sleep, this one is for you. There are different types of rooms available to accommodate guests.

Best Western Inn of Los Gatos

Those who are searching for the best place to sleep and stay in Los Gatos can book at the Best Western Inn of Los Gatos. This combines an excellent location with reasonably-priced rates. Nothing can really compare to this exclusive Best Western property. This hotel has close access to plenty of shopping, dining, and sightseeing options, but if you just want to rest and sleep after a tiring day, this hotel is also a great place to stay. You can enjoy great luxury, comfort, and convenience in this hotel with the absolute best facilities and amenities. The rooms are spacious, clean, and fully equipped.

Toll House Hotel

Another suggested hotel if you are looking for a place to sleep is the Toll House Hotel. The hotel offers double queen accommodation with every room furnished with queen beds. Toll House Hotel Los Gatos is also known for its wide array of top-of-the-line guest amenities. Toll House provides the most charming and impressive accommodations among all hotels in Los Gatos. They have over a hundred suites and guest rooms, each fully furnished and with great designs and features.

Los Gatos Lodge

Aside from room accommodation, Los Gatos Lodge also features an outdoor pool and onsite restaurant. Every room has a private balcony and terrace. A small fridge, cable TV, flatscreen TVs, and coffee maker are also offered in their straightforward rooms for added convenience.  Parking and breakfast are complimentary. Other amenities include a bar, restaurant, and lush greens.

Recommended nearby restaurants

If you are not just a light festival lover but also a foodie, Los Gatos has amazing places to eat that will surely satisfy your cravings.


This is a 3-star restaurant opened by famous chef David Kinch and specializes in California cuisine. The restaurant takes pride in serving guests delicious meals paired with a refreshing beverage, all offered at a great price. Manresa only uses fresh and finest quality ingredients. They serve lamb, seafood, pastries, and more. They also serve wines. This restaurant in Los Gatos guarantees a great atmosphere, great service, and delicious food.

Hult’s Restaurant

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The area for dining provides a casual yet elegant vibe. Aside from their seasonal menu, the restaurant also offers a 6-course tasting menu made from organic and fresh ingredients. There’s a wide range of French and Californian dishes and wines to satisfy your tastebuds. The menu usually includes steak, burgers, cocktails, chicken dish and a lot more. You can expect affordable yet unique flavors and delicious foods made of fresh vegetables and other ingredients.

Southern Kitchen

This is a homey and relaxing diner found in the heart of Los Gatos. This is extremely popular among locals and even tourists. If you will visit Los Gatos for the light festival, make sure to also come to this restaurant for some great tasting foods. This is often packed with lots of customers, particularly on weekends. Chicken fried steak is one of their bestsellers.

Billy’s Boston Chowder House

This is another great restaurant to eat in Los Gatos. This is a place for seafood lovers. The restaurant also serves authentic England cuisine. On weekends, customers can enjoy a delightful brunch menu. If you visit and dine in at this restaurant, you can order omelets, pancakes, French Toasts, French-press coffee, fresh juices, fries, seafood, and a lot more delicious food. This is the place to be if you are craving delicious drinks and fresh seafood.

Forbes Mill Steakhouse

Aside from excellent food, this restaurant also delivers outstanding customer service in an upscale and sophisticated environment. Forbes Mill Steakhouse’s menu includes steaks with certified Angus beef, Tajima Black Wagyu, and Kobe Beef. The restaurant also boasts vintage wine collections.

Other Things to Do in the Area

The light festival featuring twinkle lights trees, light exhibition, light shows, and more is surely the top reason why many people visit Los Gatos. However, there are a lot more things everyone can do aside from enjoying the light festival.

Los Gatos provides an array of outdoor activities like trail running, road cycling, mountain biking, sightseeing, nature tripping, and more. The creek trail is one of the safe and fun places for families to enjoy.

Los Gatos is also home to several museums. If you love the arts, then you might want to visit the Art Museum of Los Gatos. You can also consider a stop at Vasona Lake County Park during your stay in Los Gatos. This is full of great restaurants and shops where you can spend your day wandering and enjoying around. You can head on to Hakone Gardens close by for more fun experiences.

There’s an endless list of exciting things to do in Los Gatos but witnessing the Festival of Lights Los Gatos is the highlight of them all. Los Gatos is indeed a great place to visit during holidays. The festival of light is an event you should not miss.

You don’t even need to get off your car chair because this is also a drive-through event with guaranteed fun and entertainment even at the comfort of your own vehicle. Plan your trip now and make sure to witness the Festival of Lights Los Gatos unveil right before your eyes.

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1. What Parking Options Are Available?

Parking for the Festival of Lights in Los Gatos is available in various municipal lots and nearby parking garages. We recommend utilizing these designated spaces and avoiding street parking where restrictions may apply.

2. Is Smoking Permitted on the Festival Grounds?

Smoking, whether it involves cigarettes or electronic devices, is not permitted within the Festival of Lights premises. Please respect this rule to ensure a clean and healthy environment for all attendees.

3. Can I Attend with My Pet?

As enchanting as the Festival of Lights is, it’s not an environment suitable for pets. Service animals are an exception and are welcome as long as they are clearly identified.

4. Are Outside Food and Beverages Allowed?

The festival prides itself on offering a wide array of food and beverage vendors. To support this, no outside food or beverages are permitted within the festival boundaries.

5. Is There a Lost and Found Area?

If you lose an item amid the awe of the light festival, a Lost and Found booth is available for your convenience. Make this your first stop for retrieving misplaced belongings.

6. How Do I Navigate Through the Festival?

Maps and directional signs are generously placed around the festival grounds. 

7. Are There Age Restrictions for Entry?

The Festival of Lights in Los Gatos is an event for all ages. Families are encouraged to attend and take part in the various activities, including the mesmerizing Christmas light show.

8. What’s the Inclement Weather Policy?

The festival is equipped with weather-resistant outdoor lighting, ensuring the event will go on, rain or shine. 



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