Festival of Lights Maryland


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The lights have been good representations of hope and peace. It has been associated with positivity and new beginnings. This is why a lot of people and cities are adding different lights in their surroundings to fill the air with too much hope, peace, and positivity.

celebrate the Festival of Lights Maryland. This celebration has been part of the citizens’ culture from generation to generation as a symbol of hope and light during dark times. Now, let us discover more amazing information about the Festival of Lights Maryland.


Festival of Lights Maryland
Festival highlights

About the Festival

The twinkle lights presented by the people of Maryland have been a yearly tradition wherein people are gathered to showcase their talents and skills when it comes to light designing. The fairy lights are displayed all throughout the plaza or another chosen area so that people can enjoy the serene ambiance of the place. Also, this light festival is filled with blinking Christmas lights that literally light up the whole area, bringing a new kind of view and ambiance that both the locals and tourists adore.

Festival Dates

As a Christmas light festival, the celebration is dedicated to the holiday season. For this year, organizers are yet to announce the exact dates, but the festival usually takes place from November to December.

Christmas lights and twinkle light trees are built at the chosen areas of this festival, allowing more people to witness every single thing of it. There is also a light exhibition wherein the chosen and well-trained presenters are going to showcase their talents incorporated with lights. Here, there will be fire dances, lights patterns, games, and so many more.

Now, let’s move to the instructions on how to get there without getting lost. This will be helpful, especially if it’s your first time attending this festival.

Festival Area

The Festival of Lights Maryland usually takes place at 11950 Clopper Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878, United States. Previously, the said festival was also set at the Sandy Point State Park, Annapolis, wherein a lot of people came and tried out the wonders of the festival.

This area was claimed to be the most successful and attended as it coordinated with the boats, yachts, and ferries that provided the visitors with more options, especially a romantic one. In fact, there were several proposals held at the area, bringing the festival more joy and signs of new beginnings.

Moreover, to get to this place, you will only need to book a cab which is an effective and efficient transportation option to attend the festival. Here, you will only ask the cab driver to send you to the place. Besides, these cab drivers have been used to sending their passengers who visit the said festival so you won’t get worried and lost.

The fare for a car is from $8 to $10. For the large bus, it will be $40 and $20 only for a limo. These transportation options are great since they include a package to let you enjoy the festival as a whole. Here, you will be given a chance to take a tour around the festival, allowing you to witness and experience unforgettable moments. On the other hand, if you are using your own car, you can easily ask for directions on your map. This is the software device installed into your car or even on your mobile phone to show you accurate directions.

How to get there?

Specifically, going to the Festival of Lights Maryland can be done easily in two effective ways. First, you can use your own car and follow the directions. To get there, you need to enter Rte. 193 as the only entrance to the said festival. Here, left turns are not allowed up to Rte. 214 yet, you’ll be making a U-turn onto Rte. 193.

This is the final direction, and ahead of you is already the festival. Also, you can make use of your GPS, wherein you only need to use the exact address 11950 Clopper Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878, United States. On the other hand, you can rent vehicles such as a car, limo, and bus. With PARKS DIRECT, you can take a good look at the prices that range from $8 to $40.

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Festival hours

The Festival of Lights Maryland’s operation hour starts from 5:30 PM and ends as early as 9:30 PM, depending on several factors. This time was set as its official operation hours as it promotes a higher level of safety for the visitors. It is also the time wherein the moon is as bright as the sun, and the breeze is as cold as ice. Truly, it is the golden hour that no one can resist having together with their loved ones.

Another thing, the operation hours can still change depending on certain situations and weather. If it’s too windy and rainy, then the festival is less likely to open until 11 PM. What’s worse than that, it may even not open to protect the visitors. Also, there are certain events and national celebrations that the festival respects. So, the operation is affected. But above all, the festival only aims a peaceful and safe visit for the visitors both local and international that’s why this specified festival hours must be abided by.

How much it cost to visit the fest?

For the budget, there’s not too much to worry about, as long as you planned the night out. The tickets are available per vehicle. If you carry a car, then it can cost you around $10. For a bus or any other larger vehicle, the ticket can reach up to $40.

Aside from that, there are several food stalls and shops that you can visit at the festival. These stalls have games, amazing prizes, entertainment, and so many more. So, you better prepare depending on your pack to make the most out of your Festival of Lights Maryland visit.

Ticket prices may vary so it is best to visit the festival’s official website for the latest updates.

What to Wear

The weather in the Maryland Festival of Lights can be windy and cold. The temperature, given that it is scheduled during the winter season, can drop at least 150-200. These then are good signs that wearing comfortable and thick clothes is the best.

In this way, you will not feel too cold. You will also feel warmer once you wore comfortable and thick clothes. It is also recommended to wear boots to protect your feet from the cold grounds.

Where to sleep – hotels nearby the festival?

Quality Inn Boardwalk

If you are looking for a hotel that brings out elegance and sanity, then the Quality Inn Boardwalk is the one you’ve been looking for. This hotel is well-known due to its cleanliness and sanity, ensuring that every customer has a safe place to rest. Also, the level of security in this hotel is truly world-class. There are security personnel and surveillance cameras to guard the customers against any harm.

Holiday Inn Suites

Next, we have the Holiday Inn Suites as one of the best hotels if you are going to visit the Festival of Lights Maryland. This hotel also has the reputation to be called as world-class and high quality due to the amazing place and people assisting every customer in getting the best room. This then makes the hotel a favorite of visitors from nearby cities and around the world.

Holiday Inn Oceanfront

Lastly, we have the Holiday Inn Oceanfront, which is also considered as one of the best due to its cleanliness, approachable staff, and services. Here, you’ll feel like you’re staying at a 5-star hotel. The foods and drinks are all world-class, making every meal fit and unforgettable to our taste buds. Aside from that, it also has the best accommodation staff who are truly friendly and smiles all the time.

Nearby restaurants

Annie’s Steak House

If you are looking for heavy protein, visiting Annie’s Steak House will never be a regret. Here, you will be served with sizzling hot and healthy steak that no one can ever resist. It has the smell, even the other dishes that can easily levitate our taste buds.

KentMorr Restaurant

Next in line is the KentMorr Restaurant, which offers authentic all-around cuisine so any customer can eat and enjoy every meal. It has a menu that is healthy and satisfying at the same time. So, if you are looking for a food stall to help you, then this restaurant is the one for you.

The Original Pancake House

If you are a fond of breakfasts and pancakes, then this one is for you- the Original Pancake House. Here, you’ll get full just by eating the fluffy and healthy pancakes.

More Things to Do in the Area

Carousel Riding

The carousel is one of the best rides, especially for the kids. However, this must-to-do thing in the festival depends on the weather so it will be better if you visit when the wind is not too strong nor cold.


This is the event wherein every visitor is allowed to go around the festival area on foot. With this, the visitors can visit the stalls, enjoy the rides, and make the most out of the offered services in the festival.


  1. Where can visitors park during the Festival of Lights?
    • There are designated parking areas within the festival grounds. It’s recommended to arrive early, especially on peak nights, to secure a spot. Some events might offer shuttle services from external parking lots.
  2. Is smoking allowed at the Festival of Lights?
    • The Festival of Lights is a family-friendly event, and for the safety and comfort of all guests, smoking is generally prohibited in crowded areas. Always look for designated smoking zones if they are available.
  3. Can visitors bring their pets to the festival?
    • While pets are beloved family members, for safety reasons, they are typically not allowed within the festival grounds. Service animals, however, are permitted.
  4. How long is the Festival of Lights display?
    • The light display typically runs through the holiday season. Exact dates can vary, so it’s always good to check the official event website or local listings.
  5. Is there a fee for parking?
    • Parking fees vary depending on the specific event and location. It’s best to check in advance on the festival’s official website or with local authorities.
  6. Are there any special activities or performances during the festival?
    • Yes! The Festival of Lights often includes live entertainment, seasonal workshops, and other family-friendly activities, adding to the festive atmosphere.
  7. Are there food vendors or restaurants at the festival?
    • Most Festival of Lights events in Maryland will have food vendors offering a range of snacks, hot beverages, and meals to keep visitors fueled and warm.
  8. Are there accommodations for guests with disabilities?
    • The festival typically provides accommodations such as accessible parking and pathways. It’s always recommended to reach out to the festival organizers in advance to ensure a smooth experience.




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