Festival of Lights Osaka


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Have you already visited the famous light festival in Japan, which garnered a place in the world record? Well, if not, be ready to learn more about this awesome destination.

Festival of Lights Osaka
Festival highlights

About the Festival

This festival takes place in Osaka City, Japan. It is composed of two-way events showcasing lights display illuminating the streets and buildings of the city. These events are the renowned dazzling light expo Midosuji Illumination and Osaka Hikari-Renaissance. 

The Midosoji Illumination is held at Midosuji Ave., running through the center of Osaka. During the event, the four-kilometer street displays an enormous course of light. In the year 2015, it took a seat in the Guinness World Records as the world’s most trees are illuminated, ranging 4 kilometers.

The second event is Osaka Hikari-Renaissance, a yearly Christmas exhibit of a glittering lights display that encases the whole Nakanoshima area. The event highlights Japan’s Historic Cultural Properties, such as Nakanoshima Library, Central Public Hall, and several historic buildings. It is comprised of several light expositions engulfing the Osaka prefecture with cultural themes.

Arik Akunis
Arik Akunis

My name is Arik Akunis and I have been in the field of lighting for over the last 20 years, I started my journey in the world of lighting in the lighting niche for events where I first came across a festival of lights and immediately fell in love with it.

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