Festival of Lights Schiffstour (2023)


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Festival of Lights Schiffstour is a renowned free yearly international event during the month of September or October. It changes buildings and landmarks across the city by using a luministic projection, illuminations, and 3D mapping.

Festival of Lights Schiffstour
Festival highlights

About the Festival 

During the Festival of Lights Schiffstour, a lot of landmarks, historic sites, and buildings in Berlin are spectacularly and ornately lighted in the evening. The boat will tour with a solar catamaran. The parade begins at the Solarwater world landing stage located to the very popular East Side Gallery. Find a seat on a modern and emission-free solar boat and take pleasure in the three hours on tour.

After setting out, the boat will pass the remarkable Oberbaumbruke bridge to reach the East Side. Prior to witnessing the Berlin-Mitte glowing in its stunning facets, take pleasure in the lock in the Muhlendamn lock. The spectacular lighted sights are line-up while the boat tours westwards; you’ll witness the Humboldt Forum, Nikolai Quarter, Museum Island, as well as Berlin Cathedral. Just a couple of minutes after, you’ll dive into the stunningly lighted government district with the chancelleries.

House of the World Cultures is the boat turning point known as pregnant oyster by the locals. Here the boat goes back to the starting point, and this will give you plenty of time to see all the lights displays. Because the ship’s solar propulsion moved silently in the Spree; thus, there is no annoying engine that will affect the whole experience. The boat is heated and barrier-free.

Festival Dates (2023)

Once again, you will see the most spectacular occasions in Berlin and dip into the amazing and magnificent light art that will be happening from October 6 to 15, 2023.

Festival Where About

Berlin is the heart of Europe, the inheritor of western and eastern European influences. Even if Europe were a runway, you wouldn’t find Berlin modeling the catwalk. The amazing Berlin can’t be described in just a few words. The capital of Germany can show much more than what tourists might experience in one or two weeks of stay in the city.

To have an appropriate idea about Berlin, it’s enough to say that it has a surface of about 900 square kilometers. Additionally, it has close to a million guests yearly and accommodated 172 museums and palaces, more than 200 clubs, 50 theaters, 3 zoos, and many lakes, beaches, malls, galleries, operas as well as parks.

From a tourist standpoint, Berlin is the fantasy of anyone who desires touring or traveling. This capital is the metropolis of Europe with the richest history but also with the amazing return. The city, traumatized after World War II, was sadly affected by the Berlin Wall as well as the split administration. Now, Berlin is the capital of Germany that represents one of the most vital world centers of music, fun, tolerance, art, tourism, and culture.

How to Get to Berlin

The superb way to reach Berlin is through train, car or coach; you are able to reach the place comfortably and easily.

The railway stations and the airports also have a good connection to Berlin. With its own railroad station located below Terminal 1, the newly opened BER or Berlin Brandenburg Airport is connected to the rail network.

Change straight to S-Bahn or train. Also, you can utilize different car-sharing services all through the city. Also, you can get to Berlin fast and securely from ports by car or train; the whole thing you have to know about coming into the place by boat.

If you liked this festival, you can also check out these other amazing lights festivals in Europe:

Copenhagen Festival of Lights

Madrid Christmas Lights Festival

Festival Hours

Usually, the festival of lights starts from 5 in the afternoon to ten in the evening. This time is enough to see and witness all the magnificent lights the festivals have to offer.  

How Much It Cost To Visit The Fest 

The best thing about this event is that you can watch it for free. A boat tour is also available for free, so it is highly advisable to be there before the start of the event to secure a good seat. 

The Weather In The Festival Dates And Place

In October, Berlin welcomes the autumn season with cool, crisp air and a myriad of changing leaf colors. The month often starts with milder temperatures, averaging around 12°C (54°F), but as the month progresses, the temperatures tend to drop, sometimes nearing 5°C (41°F) by its end. Rain is also a possibility, as October can be one of Berlin’s wetter months, with occasional rainy days interspersed with cloudy and sunny ones.

For visitors planning to enjoy the Festival of Lights Schiffstour, layering is key. A medium-weight jacket or coat, scarves, and perhaps a light sweater or cardigan are recommended. Comfortable shoes are essential, especially if you plan to do a lot of walking or standing. On particularly chilly evenings, gloves and a hat might be desirable. Don’t forget to pack an umbrella or a raincoat, just in case the weather decides to be a bit unpredictable!

Where to Sleep in Berlin

Are you looking for exceptional accommodation in Berlin? Look no further as we will give some of the best hotels to stay in Berlin during the festival of lights.

Hotel Athlon Kempinski Berlin

Berlin provides some of the most exclusive five-star hotels to its guests and visitors. As one of the most renowned hotels in Germany and over 100 years of history, this amazing hotel is highly recommended. Entering the lobby, you will surely feel the amazing atmosphere stirred by its colorful and illustrious past. On top of that, you got the facilities and amenities that will meet the desires of the event the most demanding visitors in comfort and service.

Hotel Palace Berlin

This hotel is located in the middle of the city flanked by KaDeWe department stores and Memorial Church Kurfürstendamm and only a couple of minutes far from Potsdamer Plats as well as the Brandenburg Gate; this hotel offers outstanding service as well as excellent quality to the visitors.

The Hotel Palace Berlin, a “Leading Hotel of the World”, has 282 rooms and suites, furnished and armed with the whole thing today’s traveler needs. Dine-in style, as well as atmosphere in the gourmet restaurant first floor as the start chef, serves the guests fine classic cuisine. The restaurant has won many awards, which include a Michelin Star as well as 18 Gault Millau points.

The Mandala Hotel

This amazing hotel is situated at the Potsdamer Platz and provides experience in design, light as well as aesthetics. Take pleasure in the high level of service and state-of-the-art amenities in the middle of lively Berlin. This hotel has 166 luxury suites with functionality as well as pure designs.

After an intensive and tiring day in the city, you can relax your mind and body in the roomy spa situated on the 11th floor. It provides a stunning view of the city of Berlin at the same time providing a personal touch and the most modern in fitness equipment.

Where to Eat in Berlin

Restaurant Quarré

It is rare that a restaurant will appeal to locals and guests; however, this restaurant pulls off the task with a very inviting atmosphere, five-star service, and exceptional delectable cuisine. The menu features German dishes with a touch of cosmopolitan and entrees which range from light to indulgent. This restaurant offers you a wonderful perspective on Brandenberger Tor.

Curry 36

This is one of the best restaurants in Berlin to dine at nine. This restaurant has perfected the local delicacy and leads the way. They serve fresh sausage together with a slice of local culture, as it a more down-to-earth, friendly snack shop experience. This is also a family-friendly restaurant.


It can be hard to get a reservation at this restaurant; however, the wait is worthwhile, as they offer authentic East Prussian cuisine with unmatched elegance. The decoration speaks to its authenticity as it is classic as well as exceptionally German. This restaurant is renowned for big portions of mouthwatering food served by a very welcoming staff.

Altes Zollhaus

This elegant restaurant unites classic German cuisine with the newest movement in culinary organic cooking. The fresh and passionately cooked menus are some of the best in Berlin, and the seasonally affected menu assures there’ll be something new to discover every time you go back to this place to witness the festival of lights.

Family Activities in the Area

Aside from festival of lights, food and historical places, there are other things you can do and see in this amazing city such as:

Museum Island

If you love the museum, then you need to consider going to Museum Island. The site has five world-class museums, aside from the Berlin cathedral. There are choices for tickets to purchase only for one museum and many museums with discounted prices.

Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)

A visit to this city will not be completed without going to Brandenburg Gate. This is an iconic landmark that was once stood between the east and the western part of Berlin. After the fall of the wall in 1989, this becomes a symbol of new Germany.

TV Tower: (Fernsehturm)

This landmark was developed in the late 60s. It is the tallest structure in Berlin, 368 meters. It has a stunning view from the top


  1. Where can I park when attending the Festival of Lights Schiffstour?
    • While there isn’t a dedicated parking lot for the Schiffstour, numerous public parking areas and garages are available around Berlin. It’s advisable to arrive early or consider public transportation due to the popularity of the event.
  2. Is smoking allowed during the Schiffstour?
    • Smoking is generally not permitted on the boats for safety reasons and to ensure a pleasant experience for all guests. Please look for designated smoking areas or check with the crew.
  3. Can I bring my pet on the Schiffstour?
    • Typically, pets are not allowed on the Schiffstour. However, exceptions may be made for service animals. It’s recommended to check in advance with the tour operators.
  4. How long does the Schiffstour last?
    • The Schiffstour typically lasts about 2-3 hours, giving attendees a mesmerizing view of the lights from the water.
  5. Is there a dress code for the Schiffstour?
    • There is no formal dress code, but considering the chilly October weather, attendees are advised to dress warmly and comfortably.
  6. Are there refreshments available on board?
    • Yes, most Schiffstour boats offer refreshments, including drinks and light snacks, available for purchase.
  7. Is the Schiffstour suitable for children?
    • Absolutely! The Festival of Lights Schiffstour is a family-friendly event. However, parents are advised to supervise their children at all times for safety.
  8. In case of bad weather, will the Schiffstour be canceled?
    • The Schiffstour typically operates rain or shine. However, in extreme weather conditions, there might be cancellations or rescheduling. It’s always a good idea to check with the tour operators on the day of the event.




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