Festival of Lights Scorrano – Notte delle Luci – Italy


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Get ready to be dazzled by Italy’s most enchanting Festival of Lights in the charming town of Scorrano. From intricate light art installations to mesmerizing light sculptures, this annual spectacle transforms the streets into a radiant wonderland you won’t want to miss. Mark your calendars and prepare for a luminous journey through Scorrano’s Festival of Lights, where Italy truly shines its brightest.

Festival of Lights Scorrano
Festival highlights

About the Festival

At the heart of Scorrano’s Festival of Lights is a rich history and deep-rooted cultural significance. Held annually in honor of Santa Domenica, the festival is also known locally as “Notte delle Luci” or Night of Lights. What began as a tribute to the patron saint has evolved into a global phenomenon, attracting visitors from around the world to this small Italian town. But this isn’t your average festival of lights; Scorrano’s event is a grand tapestry of luminosity, intertwining tradition, art, and community spirit.

Featured Lighting Displays:

  • Curtain Lights: Draping elegantly over the streets, creating a celestial canopy.
  • Light Art Installations: Innovative and thought-provoking, these installations add a touch of contemporary flair to the traditional setting.
  • Larger-Than-Life Light Sculptures: These aren’t your run-of-the-mill Christmas light displays; think monumental structures depicting famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal.

Other Activities to Explore:

  • Eating: From traditional Italian pastries to scrumptious street foods, the festival serves it all.
  • Music: Various stages feature live bands and DJs, filling the air with musical notes as colorful as the lights themselves.
  • Pyrotechnic Competition: What’s a festival without some fireworks? A friendly pyrotechnic competition rounds off the festivities, where the sky is not just the limit but a canvas.

So, between the curtain lights, larger-than-life sculptures, and the smorgasbord of other activities, you’re not just attending a festival—you’re stepping into an otherworldly realm of light and color.

Festival Dates

If you’re eager to witness this magical extravaganza, timing is everything. The Festival of Lights Scorrano is an annual event that unfolds every July. Specifically, you can experience the festival’s radiant glory from July 5th to July 9th. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned festival-goer, these dates should be etched into your calendar, ensuring you don’t miss out on Italy’s most luminous celebration.

Where It’s Located and How to Get There

The Festival of Lights Scorrano finds its home in the charming town of Scorrano, situated in the province of Lecce in southern Italy. As you wander through its quaint streets draped in curtain lights and adorned with light sculptures, you’ll quickly realize there’s no other place that could host such a radiant event.

If you’re jetting in for the festival, the nearest airport is Brindisi Airport (BDS), approximately 58 miles from Scorrano. From there, you have a variety of options to make your way to the festival site. Whether you prefer the scenic train ride, the convenience of a bus, or the freedom of a car rental, you can pick your preferred mode of transport to arrive at your luminous destination.

How to Reach Scorrano by Train from Other Cities:

  • From Rome: Take a train to Lecce, followed by a local bus to Scorrano.
  • From Milan: First, make your way to Bologna by train, then catch a train to Lecce and finally a bus to Scorrano.
  • From Naples: Direct trains are available to Lecce, followed by a local bus to Scorrano.
  • From Bari: A direct train will get you to Lecce, followed by a bus to Scorrano.
  • From Florence: Take a train to Bologna, then to Lecce, and lastly, a bus to Scorrano.

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Festival Hours

The Festival of Lights Scorrano starts each day as the sun dips below the horizon, ushering in the night’s festivities. It’s as if the setting sun passes the baton to the twinkling lights, allowing them to take center stage. Once the sky is dim enough for the curtain lights and light sculptures to truly shine, the festival comes alive, radiating its beauty until the early hours of the morning. Simply put, the festival capitalizes on the magic of the night, starting at sunset and wrapping up at around 2 am. So, prepare for an evening that’s nothing short of luminous.

Cost to Visit the Festival

Here comes the cherry on top of this luminescent sundae—the Festival of Lights Scorrano is absolutely free of charge! That’s right; you can meander through the streets of Scorrano, basking in the glow of curtain lights, light sculptures, and art installations without spending a dime. Whether you’re a solo traveler looking to capture the perfect Instagram photo or a family aiming to make everlasting memories, this festival offers an accessible and budget-friendly experience for all. It’s your passport to a world of beauty, sans the hefty price tag.

Weather and What to Wear

Ah, Italian summers! In Scorrano, the weather in July is generally warm and inviting, adding an extra layer of allure to the Festival of Lights. Daytime temperatures can range between 80°F to 90°F, while the evenings offer a cooler respite, with temperatures dipping to around 70°F. Although rain is uncommon during this period, it’s always good to be prepared for a stray shower or two.

Recommended Clothing:

  • Light Layers: A light jacket or cardigan for the cooler evenings.
  • Shorts and T-Shirts: During the day, opt for breathable fabrics to keep you cool.
  • Comfortable Footwear: You’ll be walking a lot, so comfortable shoes are a must. Sneakers or cushioned sandals are ideal.
  • Hat and Sunglasses: The daytime sun can be intense, so protect your face and eyes.
  • Small Umbrella or Raincoat: Although rain is unlikely, it’s always good to be prepared.

Where to Sleep – Hotels Nearby

When it comes to lodging, Scorrano offers a variety of accommodations to fit your style and budget, ensuring that your time off from the festival is as memorable as the lights themselves.

Hotel Hermitage

  • Location: Just a stone’s throw away from the festival grounds, this is the closest hotel to all the action.
  • Description: Known for its luxurious offerings, Hotel Hermitage provides an upscale experience with elegantly designed rooms and top-notch service.
  • Amenities: From a state-of-the-art fitness center to an in-house restaurant, the amenities are plentiful. Oh, and did we mention free Wi-Fi?

Villa delle Querce

  • Location: Situated a short drive from the festival, it offers the advantage of quick access without the crowds.
  • Description: This hotel is particularly great for families, offering spacious rooms and a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Amenities: The crown jewel here is the swimming pool, perfect for a relaxing dip after a day of festival fun. Free Wi-Fi and a kids’ play area add to its charm.

Masseria Li Foggi

  • Location: Nestled in the countryside, this option offers a peaceful retreat from the festival’s bustling activities.
  • Description: If you’re looking for a more rustic experience, Masseria Li Foggi offers charming rooms set in traditional Italian architecture.
  • Amenities: Get close to nature with walking trails, gardens, and outdoor picnic areas. Free Wi-Fi is available, keeping you connected even as you unplug.

What to Eat

As the Festival of Lights dazzles your eyes, make sure to delight your taste buds too, with Scorrano’s delectable dining options.

Trattoria Nonna Tetti

  • Location: Situated in the heart of Scorrano, just a few minutes’ walk from the main festival area.
  • Description: If you’re looking to indulge in local cuisine, Trattoria Nonna Tetti is your go-to spot. The ambiance is as warm and inviting as Nonna’s (Grandma’s) own kitchen.
  • Foods: With a menu featuring everything from fresh pasta dishes like Orecchiette with broccoli rabe, to succulent grilled meats, this restaurant is a culinary journey through the Puglia region.

Il Vico dei Tagliati

  • Location: A short distance from the festival’s epicenter but definitely worth the trek.
  • Description: This pizzeria is a true haven for pizza aficionados, offering a rustic interior paired with a vibrant, lively atmosphere.
  • Foods: Said to offer the best pizza in town, you can choose from an array of options, ranging from classic Margheritas to inventive toppings that will leave your taste buds in awe.

Pasticceria Ascalone

  • Location: Conveniently located near the festival grounds, it’s the perfect spot for a quick sweet treat.
  • Description: If you have a sweet tooth, Pasticceria Ascalone will feel like paradise. The patisserie has a cozy, old-world charm that complements its modern, mouthwatering offerings.
  • Foods: Here you can indulge in a variety of delectable pastries, cakes, and, of course, the iconic Italian cannoli. It’s the perfect way to round off your culinary adventure in Scorrano.

More Things To Do In The Area

While the Festival of Lights in Scorrano is undoubtedly the star of the show, the surrounding region offers an array of attractions that beckon for your attention.

Basilica di Santa Croce

  • Location: Situated in Lecce, about a 40-minute drive from Scorrano.
  • Description: This is a must-visit for fans of baroque architecture, as the basilica is considered a masterpiece of this ornate style.
  • Activities: Beyond marveling at the intricate carvings and statues, you can explore the adjoining museum and even attend a mass to fully soak in the spiritual and artistic essence of the place.

Grotta Zinzulusa

  • Location: Located along the Adriatic coast, approximately an hour’s drive from Scorrano.
  • Description: This cave is a feast for the eyes and a thrill for the adventurous soul, featuring fascinating stalactites and stalagmites formations.
  • Activities: You can take guided tours that involve boat rides and walks inside the cave. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the mesmerizing views.

Gallipoli Castle

  • Location: Found in the coastal town of Gallipoli, around a 1-hour drive from Scorrano.
  • Description: This historic castle stands as a sentinel overlooking the sea, offering a blend of history and natural beauty.
  • Activities: Take a self-guided tour of the castle, explore its museum, and make sure to climb to the top for panoramic views of the surrounding sea and town.

A Final Sparkle: Wrapping Up Your Unforgettable Experience at Festival of Lights Scorrano

As the curtain lights dim and the last twinkles fade from the sky, we hope you leave the Festival of Lights in Scorrano with more than just stunning photos; we hope you leave with unforgettable memories. This luminous celebration is not just a feast for the eyes but a holistic experience that satiates the soul, tantalizes the taste buds, and enriches the mind. From its awe-inspiring light art installations to the culinary delights and beyond, Scorrano’s annual tribute to Santa Domenica invites you to step into a world where light, culture, and community converge into a single, radiant tapestry.


1. Is there parking available near the festival grounds?

Yes, there are designated parking areas near the festival site. However, spots fill up quickly due to the popularity of the event, so it’s advisable to arrive early or use public transportation.

2. Is smoking allowed at the festival?

Smoking is not permitted in enclosed or crowded spaces to ensure the comfort and safety of all attendees. Look for designated smoking areas if you need to light up.

3. Can I bring my pet to the Festival of Lights?

While pets are generally not encouraged due to the large crowds and loud noises from the pyrotechnic competition, service animals are welcome. Make sure to keep your furry friend on a leash and be mindful of others.

4. Are there food and drinks available?

Absolutely! The festival is dotted with various food stalls offering a range of culinary options from local Italian delicacies to international fare. Remember to try some treats from places like Trattoria Nonna Tetti or Pasticceria Ascalone.

5. What happens if it rains?

The Festival of Lights is an outdoor event, so it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast and come prepared. Most of the activities and light displays will go on, rain or shine.

6. Is the festival wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most areas of the festival are wheelchair accessible. However, given the historic nature of some locations, certain spots may present challenges. It’s best to check in advance if you have specific needs.

7. Can I take photos and videos?

Certainly, photography and videography are encouraged! Just be sure to respect other attendees’ privacy and avoid using flashes near the light art installations to maintain the integrity of the displays.

8. Are there any age restrictions for attendees?

The Festival of Lights in Scorrano is a family-friendly event and there are no age restrictions. However, parents are advised to be cautious with young children during the pyrotechnic competition due to the loud noises.




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