Frankston Lights Festival


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Festival highlights

Make your Christmas more memorable in Frankston with its known light festival this 2023! The best time to relax and catch up with family!

It’s been a merry and magical Christmas for Frankston since 1998 as it is being transformed into a city of sparkling Christmas lights, fairy lights, twinkling Christmas trees, and spectacular light shows during this light exhibition.

Frankston Lights Festival

About the Frankston Lights Festival

The event has grown into so much popularity, becoming a well-celebrated tradition to Frankston folks. Thousands of families and circles in various communities gather around to witness the lighting ceremony of the 100-year old Norfolk pine tree in Davey street, which is followed by a grand fireworks display. 

As a much-anticipated event by most locals and other travelers, the Frankston City Council is always upfront chasing horizons to bring the best of the best of each year’s Christmas Festival of Lights, barely missing out on the live music festival, Christmas carols, concerts, carnival rides, Christmas parades, and food stalls.  

Festival Dates (2023)

The Frankston Lights Festival has been bringing out incredible Christmas magic to tourists for 24 years now. Late November of each year is gladly welcomed with great anticipation from people as it is the time of the festival that runs until Christmas Eve.

This 2023, the enchanting festival of lights will begin its wonderful celebration on November 25, 2023, inviting everyone from all walks of life to marvel at colorful Christmas lights and magical light displays and exhibits that will surely capture your imagination.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Frankston and be enthralled by this captivating holiday event.

Where It’s Located and How to Get There

Over the years, Frankston’s Christmas Festival of Lights is majestically celebrated around the corners of Davey Street and Young Street in the Central Business District of Frankston. It is also near the Frankston Arts Centre and Frankston Civic Centre.

For those future tourists planning to join this festive celebration, you can follow this travel route:

By Air- There are four nearby airports to Frankston that you might opt to choose out of your flight, including Melbourne Airport, Avalon Airport, Essendon Fields Airport, and Albury Airport. Melbourne Airport is the nearest to Frankston and will take you there for about 58 minutes, in the shortest time possible. From these airports, you can reach Frankston through bus, train, taxi, or car hires. Traveling by car will get you fastest there and take you for only around 1 hour of travel.

By Bus – The nearest possible entry point for tourists going to Frankston is Melbourne Airport. Operating there is the Frankston and Peninsula Airport Shuttle Bus (SkyBus) available daily. The Metropolitan buses going to the city usually cover up approximately 4 hours of travel while 3 hours for the fastest one.

Other operating bus services going to Frankston are Ventura, Transdev Melbourne, and Cranbourne Transit. While around the city, numerous bus lines are going to and from the Frankston City Centre, and you can find them at Playne Street, Beach Street, or Fletcher Road.

By Train – Frankston Metro Trains operates from different stations like Leawarra Station, Kananook Station, Frankston Station, and more. The travel time is about 6 to 15 minutes. Meanwhile, if you’re going out of the city to Melbourne, the Frankston Train Station is just around the corner that departs every 10-20 minutes.

Suppose you’re already in the Frankston City Centre and want to wander around. In that case, there are numerous taxi operators, and car hires you can access around the city, especially on the corners of Young Street and Davey Street, the festival’s venue.

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Festival Hours

Frankston Lights Festival begins its wonderful celebration from 5:00 PM onwards, illuminating the city in a mesmerizing glow and allowing families and friends to ignite their senses with kaleidoscopic colors and enchanting light displays.

Cost to Visit the Festival

The festival including all its activities are free and open to all people. So, witnessing an extravagant and magical Christmas celebration won’t always cost you much budget. Just try to consider the Frankston Christmas Festival of Lights in your future travel plans. They’ll get your Christmas celebration free for you, indeed!

Weather and What to Wear

December is the festival season for Frankston, as well as the season for winter! Its average weather ranges from 10 to 13 Degree Celsius, so you need your best winter outfits.

Don’t forget to prepare your gloves, warm hats, hoodies, jeans, sweaters, heavy coats, and winter boots for you to get the best of your time in the city.

Hotel Nearby the lights festival

When you got caught up too much for the festival, worry no more because there are many budget-friendly and highly recommended stay-in lodges around the venue.

The Frankston International Motel is ideally located at the Frankston City Centre. And it is quite one of the closest lodges from the festival’s venue for it is only 4 minutes away. It is also highly rated for its high quality guest rooms serving you with great amenities like in-house movies, spas, mini-bars, and others that will cater to all your needs.

If you want to spend some time alone and meet people, you can go around the nearby Bayside Shopping Centre or enjoy some drinks at the Taggarts Café & Bar inside the motel complex. The beach is only a short stroll from it if you want to take a short break from city life. A room costs $160 per night. Prices may vary or change so it’s best to inquire with the hotel’s official website.

Beach Motor Inn is also one of the nearest, which will only take you 5 minutes to go to the venue. Its convenient location is not just the only thing they offer but also they provide great comfort through their amenities. They have family rooms perfect if you’re traveling with a group. You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi access around its area, laundry service, non-smoking rooms, and many other services.

For those looking for an economic stay at Frankston, Ibis Budget Dandenong is a smart choice for you. A standard room will cost you $63 per night, and it is only 22 minutes away from the city centre. It is also an excellent choice if you’re looking for a short escape to refresh and unwind. It is located near the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley wine region. Both have special access to guests of the hotel.

Also, one of the cheap stay-in lodges you can find around the festival’s venue is the Sandown Heritage Motel. The place is best for many local restaurants and café nearby that is a must-try. Adjacent to it is the Dandenong Ranges and the Sandown Park Racecourse, ideal for some leisure activities. Your best memories here will be completed if you’ll try hopping to Philip Island and play with penguins, only a few minute’s drive away from the motel.

What to Eat – Restaurants NearBy

Aside from the festival, your travel experience in Frankston will be much merrier if you’ll try resto-hopping around the area. You’ll find many of them in great deals, excellent food, and service.

Hooked in Thai is just a walking distance from the festival venue. It is best known as an authentic Thai cuisine restaurant. Their menu varies from entrée, soup, salads, and curries giving you such a unique food experience.

Gaining hundreds of good reviews, Cucina Dolce is just 15 minutes away from the festival venue and an incredible spot for those looking for Australian and Italian menus. The pizza flavors are all a fantastic treat you won’t regret! All customers and their staff also love their pasta.

Another conveniently located food place, especially for coffee lovers out there, is Commonfolk Frankston.They are best for their organic coffee brewed authentically with a unique purpose of creating mateship among customers while enjoying their best set of breakfast and lunch food.

More Things to Do in The Area

For a good family and friendly experience, you can check out for Kananook Creek Walking Trail. This quiet place is a good spot for true relaxation. The kids will enjoy watching numerous fishes swimming around the creek. The paddleboat ride is also a great family bonding activity.

McClelland Gallery & Sculpture Park is also just around the corner. All tourists, especially the children, will enjoy and explore several sculptures around the park. There are indoor galleries and a café. They have a $6 worth Day Pass, and the children below 18 can enjoy everything for free.

Are you looking for some beach air? Oliver’s Overview is waiting for you. It’s a superb romantic getaway for traveling couples out there because of its spectacular ocean view across Port Philip Bay. Of course, don’t ever miss the sunset there! It will truly be a memorable travel experience.


1. What parking options are available during the Frankston Lights Festival?

Answer: There are various parking facilities around the festival area in Frankston. It’s advisable to arrive early as parking spots can fill up quickly. Some nearby parking lots may also offer special event rates.

2. Are there designated areas for smoking during the festival?

Answer: To ensure the enjoyment and health of all guests, smoking is typically limited to specified smoking zones. These areas are marked and positioned away from the main festival grounds.

3. Can I attend the festival with my pet?

Answer: While pets are cherished, due to the large crowds and potential noise, it’s usually recommended to leave them at home for their comfort and safety. Nonetheless, service animals with proper identification are always welcome.

4. Will there be food stalls at the Frankston Lights Festival?

Answer: Absolutely! The festival hosts a variety of food stalls, providing attendees with a range of culinary delights, from local favorites to international cuisines.

5. Are there any items prohibited from bringing to the festival?

Answer: For the safety of all attendees, certain items such as glass containers, large umbrellas, drones, and potential weapons are not permitted. Bag checks may be conducted at the entrance.

6. Does the festival cater to guests with mobility issues or other disabilities?

Answer: Yes, the Frankston Lights Festival is committed to being accessible to everyone. There are designated pathways for wheelchairs and mobility aids, as well as accessible restrooms available.

7. Is there a lost and found booth at the festival?

Answer: Yes, a lost and found booth is typically set up during the festival. If you misplace an item or find something, you can approach this booth for assistance.

8. In the event of unfavorable weather, will the festival be rescheduled?

Answer: The festival usually proceeds rain or shine. However, extreme weather conditions may warrant changes for safety reasons. Any modifications or announcements will be communicated via the festival’s official channels.


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