Hawaii Festivals of Lights


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Hawaii Festivals of Lights is a yearly event free and open to the public and takes account of amazing shows of different lights.

The yearly Hawaii Festival of Lights usually takes place in Kauai island, a pleasant combination of small-town history and values, and an ideal chance to partake in the Christmas rituals of a community, which has often been low on resources, however always abundant in support and love.

Hawaii Festivals of Lights
Festival highlights

About the Festival

A shred of evidence or witness to the powerful and lasting impact that one individual can make on a place, this event began with Josie Chansky, a renowned folk artist born and grown up on the Garden Isle. For two decades, much to the enjoyment and pleasure of the neighborhood, she made Christmas out of no matter was available, making amazing decors and ornaments which became treasures from waste and rubbish. Metal cans, Styrofoam pieces, plastic bottles, egg cartons, toothpicks, seedpods, and coat hangers became part of the decors at her abode.

Over the decades, a stopover to her house to witness her amazing decorations became a much-loved small town custom, as those who first visited as a kid returned to show their own children what had by then became called the Christmas House.

After her behalf passed away, she realized she would no longer continue this tradition; therefore, she had a garage sale to pass on her amazing handmade decors, and this is when the magic started.

Festival Dates

Usually, the Hawaii Festival of Lights takes place in December. For 2023, the festival will take place on December 1st, 2023, inviting everyone to immerse themselves in colors and lights of this mesmerizing celebration.

Hawaii Festivals of Lights

Festival Where About

Kauai is the 4th most visited Island with millions of visitors yearly. Also, it is the 4th biggest landmass on the Island of Hawaii, which includes eight main Islands as well as 124 islets. This Island is described by its remarkable scenery as well as laid-back persona. This place also boats most seashores packed with amazing beaches than any other islands in Hawaii. This place is packed with uncrowded as well as secluded beaches.

How to Reach Kauai Island

Planning a holiday to Kauai perhaps has you relatively excited about seeing not just the festival of lights and amazing beaches and natural landmarks. But, you are perhaps curious how you’re going to get around if you want to rent a taxi or a car, or there are some other choices available.

Basically, if you are interested in seeing the Festival of Lights on your schedule and the way you like, you need to rent a car. If you don’t plan to do lots of traveling, then a taxi is the best choice. But, major traveling is really a superb way to reach this place, which means you have to rent a car.

Luckily, renting a car in Kauai is very cheap, especially if opposed to the rest of the country. You will be saving a good deal of money by leasing a car. What is more, you can rent for about a week for around $180 that is less than you would give out on various taxis and other transit options while in this city.

There’s plenty of competition amongst the rent-a-car service providers; therefore, if you’ve got a preference, you tend to find your preferred rent-a-car company.

Hawaii Festivals of Lights

If you liked this festival, you can check out these other captivating lights festivals as well:

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Festival Hours

The show begins at six in the afternoon, therefore pick a perfect area on Rice Street or see from Kauai Country Building, the last spot of the parade, and the countdown, as well as lighting, will happen. The building will be open from six in the evening to eight in the evening, every Friday, Saturday as well as Sunday. The lights deco makes an ideal backdrop for pictures.

How Much It Costs To Visit The Festival?

The best thing about this festival is that you can watch it for free. Everyone is welcome to join the event without spending any single centavo. This is a family-friendly show and also a perfect form of bonding with family and friends.

Hawaii Festivals of Lights

Weather In The Festival Dates

In Kauai, December, the festival date, brings cooler temperatures back to the Island, with low temperatures of 53 degrees Celsius Fahrenheit and high at approximately 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, it is vital to pack an additional layer or two together with a rain gear. The sea cools as well, bringing back to winter temperatures of approximately 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where To Sleep- Hotels Nearby The Festival

Aloha Beach Kauai Hotel

You can experience every worthy fun the Island has to offer at this amazing accommodation, situated between the green east seashore of Kauai and the consecrated Wailua River.

This beachfront resort is the perfect place for a full of memory vacation with family and friends. With the main location on the Island, this accommodation provides effortless access to local shopping, Kamalani Playground as well as renowned attractions.

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa

Experience paradise at this hotel. The abundant grounds, as well as endless facilities of the four-diamond hotel on the Island, present countless nearby choices for each visitor to build their own customized retreat.

You can spoil and treat yourself in a kayak in the lagoons, revive body treatment, or just breathe in the uplifting ocean breezes. Compete and play championship tennis or gold, or have pleasure in authentic  Luau.

The many attractive setting of the resort hotel allows you to easily discover the amazing wonders of the Garden Isle and the many quartered museums, galleries as well as shops. The exquisite experience awaits you at the amazing lavishness hotel.

Sheraton Kauai Resort

This is the wonderful Garden Isle hotel for each ideal vacation in Hawaii. Perfectly located on the renowned beach in Kauai, the Poipu Beach, you can enjoy a mass of activities from sea sports to close championship golf, shopping as well as children’s programs.

For more hotels (and prices) please check the map below

What To Eat – Restaurants In Kauai

Kauai is not just renowned because of the festival of lights but also due to the many amazing restaurants such as:

Beach House Restaurant

This restaurant is called the Best Restaurant in the Garden Isle. This name has been given consistently to the restraint by Honolulu Magazine. Renowned not only for its mouthwatering concocted for guests by renowned chef Todd Barret but also for its ambiance as well as the scenic view of the sea and sunsets. This restaurant also boasts of staff that embodies the renowned island hospitality.

Brennecke’s Beach Broiler Restaurant

This is another renowned restaurant in Kauai Island that you must give a try. This is situated at Poipu Beach Park for chilling morning walk along the seashore or casual sunset watching. Some of their best offerings are Local Boy Paella and Coconut Butter Mochi Sundae, Ahi Tester, Kauai Asparagus Salad, Lemongrass, and Kaffir Lime Crusted Sea Scallops, and you’ll go back each time for a repeat!

Duke’s Kauai

This amazing restaurant is situated at the Kalapaki Beach; this is an open-air beach restaurant that is popular for its barefoot bar where a sandy foot after a stroll in a seashore is welcome. This was made to commemorate Duke Kahanamoku, a surfing legend that is also called Father of International Surfing, and this place is renowned for its Hula Pie.

Hawaii Festivals of Lights

More Things to Do in the Area

Aside from the festival of lights, there are more things to do in Kauai, such as:

Koke’s State Park and Waimea Canyon

Discovering Koke’s State Park and Waimea Canyon offer visitors and guests an amazing view of the IslandIsland. There are lots of different hiking trails in the state park, which lead to Waimea Canyon and others that take you to other amazing areas for viewing. 

This is an extremely park, so you are able t spend an entire day exploring. Ensure to take a hiking trail to the Canyon, where you’ll be astounded with the colors which make up this ten-mile long as well as a 2-mile wide canyon. It’s simply awe-inspiring to take in, and you must spend some time just appreciating nature as well as the loveliness of the IslandIsland.

Waialua River Valley

This is the only river in the State of Hawaii that can be traveled and provides remarkable kayak and boat trips for guests and tourists. This offers a remarkable view of wildlife, foliage as well as the popular Fern Grotto. You can spend the day touring the river in a boat or kayak and really take pleasure in the amazing scenery of Kauai as well as the Waialua River.

Limahuli Garden and Preserve

One of the most amazing and stunning flower gardens in use provides guests and visitors 1000 acres of flora and fauna. Guided tours are available if you’re interested in a depth tour and want to know more about this place, including the flowers and plants. However, you can also tour the place on your own.


1. What Are the Parking Options?

Given the popularity of the Lights on Rice Parade, parking can be challenging. Nearby parking lots and street parking are available but tend to fill up quickly. Consider arriving early or using public transport.

2. Is Smoking Permitted?

Smoking is not allowed within the parade viewing areas or near the light displays. Designated smoking areas may be available, but it’s best to check event-specific guidelines.

3. Can I Bring My Pets?

Pets are generally not recommended for this event due to the crowds and potential for loud noises. If you do bring a pet, make sure they are leashed at all times and comfortable in crowded situations.

4. Are There Restroom Facilities?

Yes, there will be public restrooms available at various points along the parade route. Portable toilets are also generally available.

5. Is the Event Accessible for People with Disabilities?

The Lights on Rice Parade aims to be accessible for everyone. There are designated viewing areas for individuals with disabilities, and accessible restrooms are also provided.

6. What Food Options Are Available?

Several food vendors and food trucks typically participate in the event. You’ll find a range of options, from local Hawaiian cuisine to standard festival fare.

7. Are Backpacks and Bags Allowed?

Yes, but keep in mind that there might be security checks at various points. Large bags may be subject to search, so it’s advisable to pack light.

8. Is There Any Lost and Found Service?

Yes, a lost and found area is usually set up near the main event stage. If you lose something or find an item, that’s the place to go.




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