How Long is the Parade of Lights Colorado Springs?


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How long is the Parade of Lights Colorado Springs?

Colorado is home to different attractions, including the Rocky Mountain National Park, Vail, Nearby Mountain Towns, Mesa Verde National Park, Pikes Peak in Pike National Forest, Garden of the Gods, and more. 

It is also famous for its Parade of Lights Colorado Springs that usually takes place every year, and it has become a holiday tradition in the city for years now. It is where both domestic and foreign travelers flock because of its grand, historical, and fascinating presentation. 

But if you have not witnessed the Parade of Lights Colorado Springs and are a bit intrigued with the event, here are a few things to know about this annual event: 

How long is the Parade of Lights Colorado Springs? 

For many years, The annual Parade of Lights Colorado Springs is one of the city’s much-anticipated events. Before, it gathered a large crowd of spectators, which is estimated to be around 60,000. This parade has about 3,000 participants. Plus, over 200,000 viewers watch the exhibitions on TV. 

Things changed today. With the coronavirus, the Parade of Lights Colorado Springs was stationary, allowing the public to drive thru the display to see the gigantic and lighted floats from the comfort of their car. 

But how long is the Parade of Lights Colorado Springs? Before, it was too long. For 2020’s celebration, it is different to avoid the spread of the virus and protect the participants from getting infected. Despite that, the event did not disappoint to surprise its spectators throughout Colorado Springs. The floats and the lights still brought joy and happiness to everyone. 

It remains a great way to celebrate the long holiday seasons and forget what we went thru in 2020. 

Where Does the Light Parade Start?

Every year, over 60,000 spectators flock to the street to watch the Parade of Lights Colorado Springs. While participants put on a dazzling display of sounds and lights, there are horses, bands, floats, and other surprises. 

The Light Parade usually starts at the intersection of St. Vrain and Tejon St in Downtown Colorado Springs. Then, it ends at the intersection of Vermijo and Tejon St.

But in 2020, it was held in the Broadmoor World Arena. Although there’s a covid pandemic, it was a big success. 

Aside from the Parade of Lights Colorado Springs, the Festival of Lights composes other events to kick off the extended holiday season in December. Popular events include artistic programs, festivities for the enjoyment of the general public, and other performances.

The Parade of Lights Colorado Springs has helped many people enjoy and rekindle their memories with the light parade. 

If you have not witnessed the Parade of Lights Colorado Springs, it is never too late. 

How Long Does the Parade of Lights Last in Denver?

Aside from Colorado Springs, Denver, another city in Colorado, is also famous for its parade of lights composed of different activities from every corner of downtown. 

Several floats were displayed throughout downtown for weeks. It started from Nov. 27, 2020, to Dec. 31 of the same year. 

Like what Denver did for the past years, locals were invited to come downtown to experience the parade that they never witnessed in other cities in Colorado. The parade floats were seen in every corner of Denver or the Denver Pavilions. 

The floats were also available in Denver Union Station, such as the Larimer Square, Skyline Park, and Dairy Block Alley. That means everyone was able to watch the parade floats safely, even during this pandemic. 

The parade of lights lasted for a maximum of five weeks, which was long enough to enjoy the lighted displays and other exhibitions. 

If you miss the chance to witness the Parade of Lights in the beautiful city of Denver, there are other attractions to explore, including Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and more. 

Does Festival of Lights Take Credit Cards?

In some holiday events across the US, it is important to buy tickets. In the Festival of Lights, however, it was free. Free tickets were given for reservations to allow vehicles to enter the parade route and avoid long lines. 

Cider, hot chocolate, and holiday snacks were available for purchase. But did the festival of lights take credit cards? While there is no specific information about that on the organization’s website, people were encouraged to bring cash to avoid any delay and other inconvenience. 

If you missed the opportunity to see the lightning tradition in Colorado Springs, Denver, and other popular cities in Colorado, prepare for this year’s celebration. Take the information on your notes as a reminder. But you have to wait for months. Alternatively, try the Mountain Biking Trails, Mount Evans Scenic Byway, Glenwood Springs, Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado National Monument, and other attractions in Colorado. 

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