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Festival highlights
Oglebay Lights Festival

Oglebay Lights Festival is already a tradition for families in the place. It started in 1985 and became one of the country’s famous light shows during holidays. The lights festival features 90 lighted attractions that boast over 1 million lights. Guests will be amazed by over 1 million energy-efficient lights. Some top displays during the lights festival include Cinderella, Snowflake and Rainbow Tunnels, Polyhedron Star, Dinosaurs, Willard the Snowman, Snoopy and Friends, and more.                                        

How long does it take to go through Oglebay lights?

If you’re from Pittsburgh, the distance from Oglebay Park is about 42 miles. Meanwhile, the road distance is about 60.3 miles. If you don’t know how to go to the Oglebay lights, you can also ask the hospitable and friendly locals.

How much does the festival of lights cost? 

Witnessing the beautiful Oglebay lights is associated with some expenses. For adults, the cost is about $18.95, while kids from 5 to 12 years old are $13.95. Kids who are under four years old can cost about $3.95 each. Guests who want a photo with Santa can cost another $5. You can also call for reservations. 

When it comes to getting to the Oglebay lights festival, there is no admission fee, but you can give highly appreciated donations. 

Your expenses can also depend on the activities you do while visiting the Oglebay lights festival. There are amenities in the area where you can enjoy other events. You can also spend on delicious foods during your visit. 

What can you do at Oglebay?

Aside from watching the beautiful collection of lights in the festival, you can also enjoy other activities in the place. To give you an idea, the following are other things you can do on Oglebay. 

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Championship Golf 

If you love sports, you can watch championship golf events in the place. It can provide you with a thrilling but entertaining experience. 


Do you want to relax on your visit to Oglebay? Then, you can enjoy swimming in the nearby resorts in the area. 

The West Spa

You can also treat yourself in The West Spa if you want to relax and release stress.

Good Zoo

If you want to have a memorable experience with your family as you witness the lights festival, you can also go to Good Zoo. It can be perfect, especially if you travel with your kids. 

Scenic Segway Tours

You can have peace of mind as you see the beautiful scenery with Scenic Segway Tours. If you wish to take a break from your stressful world, sightseeing is a good idea. 

Schenk Lake

If you want to see the beauty of nature, you can go to Schenk Lake. 

Wheeling Park

You can also take a walk at Wheeling Park. It allows you to breathe with fresh air while getting exercise. 

Aerial Challenge Course 

Taking the aerial challenge course is the best activity to try while you’re at Oglebay. It can test your mental toughness and physical fitness with climbs, obstacles, and rope walks. 


Another enjoyable activity in Oglebay is shopping. You can buy items for your loved ones. Some of the shopping centers at Oglebay include Farmhouse Sweets & Treats, The Resort Shop, Speidel Pro Shop, Good Zoo Nature Express Shop, and more. 

Horseback riding

You can also try horseback riding during your stay in Oglebay. They can provide you with trail rides, lessons, and camps. If it’s your first time, don’t worry because they will guide you. 

Museums of Oglebay Institute

If you love art or want to discover the place’s history and culture, you can visit the Museums of Oglebay Institute. You can experience the Carriage House Glass Museum and mansion Museum. 

Food trip

Your visit during the Oglebay lights will not be complete without food. If you want to treat yourself, eat delicious foods in the nearby restaurants. They can serve you quality foods that suit your taste. 

To help you make the best of your food trip, the following is a list of some restaurants in the place where you can have a luxurious dining experience. 

Where to eat

 Ihlenfeld Dining Room 

They serve vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free options and American cuisines. They also have excellent customer service. 

Glassworks Grill 

The Glassworks Grill offers Bar, American, and Brew Pub cuisines. They serve for dinner and lunch. They also have drinks you can choose from for your meal. 

Oglebay Garden Bistro 

This restaurant can offer lunch, dinner, and brunch meals. They serve American cuisines and vegetarian-friendly and vegan diets. The restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere, so you can comfortably eat. They also have a friendly staff that will professionally serve you. 

Do you want to have a unique holiday experience? Then, you can visit the Oglebay lights       

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