Kew Festival Of Lights


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Kew lights festival can be the best event you should witness during your travel to Kew. Here is the full guide to making the best of your visit.

If you wish to make the best of your journey at Kew, seeing the Kew Festival of Lights is a good idea. You can be amazed by the beautiful collection of lights at Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. The lights show features over one million lights that can give you a breathtaking view.

Kew Festival Of Lights
Festival highlights

About the Festival

Kew lights festival is an ideal event if you travel alone or with your family and friends. You can walk around the gardens to admire the spectacular light installations. Additionally, you can enjoy live performances. 

If you want to celebrate holidays joyfully, this event is best for you. You can take selfies with beautiful displays during your trip to Kew. If you want to reduce your stress and worries, attending the festival of lights can make you feel good. 

You can feel the spirit of Christmas since the event has a lot to offer for travelers like you. There are many activities you can enjoy at the festival. You can have an adventure with illuminated seed heads, a tunnel of bells, and trees bathed in light. If you love gardens, take a walk in the gorgeously lit Rose Garden. 

Alone or with your loved ones, you can go to the iconic Temperate House to enjoy a laser light show. Visit the treetop waterfall, an excellent cascading lights installation in the treetop walkways in the Kew Arboretum. You can walk along the Tunnel of Light as you’re guided with twinkling lights. 

Another fantastic attraction of the festival is the Fire Garden that has fragrant scents and flickering flames. You can also enjoy music, light and water display in the front of Palm House. 

Visiting the Kew Festival of Lights is the best decision to relax and achieve a memorable, fun, and satisfying travel at Kew. 

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kew gardens christmas lights Dates 

The Kew gardens christmas lights fest will be held from 16 November 2022 to 8 January 2023. You can see an amazing light show around the Kew Gardens. The event will lit up over 1 million Christmas lights. With this, you can have a bright, beautiful, and colorful Christmas season. It only takes about 75 minutes to walk the trail. 

Where It’s Located and How to Get There

The Kew lights festival is located at Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, popularly known as Kew Gardens. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in London. Additionally, it has the most diverse and biggest collection of living plants across the globe. 

You can visit the Kew Gardens any time of the year. Well, the best is during Christmas when the lights festival takes place. The area comes with a treetop walkway and has multi-sensory experience about bees and more. 

If you want to get there, the Kew Gardens station is off the Richmond branch of the district line. You can walk from the station to the garden for about only 5 minutes. There are also hospitable and friendly locals you can ask on how to get to the Kew festival of lights. 

lights festival Festival Hours

The lights festival in Kew begins from 4 pm to 10 pm. With this, you can enjoy the light show for long hours. You can make your Christmas celebration memorable since the lights festival signifies love, peace, joy, and happiness. It allows you to feel the spirit of Christmas. 

Kew Festival Of Lights

Cost to Visit the Festival

If you want to see the exhibition of the lights, you need to get tickets. The cost of a ticket for 4 to 15 years old is around £ 14.00. The child’s ticket under four years old is free. The price for the family ticket is about £ 65.00 for each ticket and the adult ticket costs: Off peak £21.50/ Peak £28.00. 

In addition to the tickets, you can also have other expenses for your accommodation, food, transportation, and shopping. There are many options in the market, so you can purchase things that suit your taste and budget. 

Weather and What to Wear

The weather during the Kew Festival of Lights can be cold. It is wintertime in the place, so you can wear layer clothing to keep yourself warm and comfortable. You can also try winter drinks to warm yourself while enjoying the twinkling lights in the festival. 

Wear a hoodie, heavy-duty pants, jackets, sweaters, wool socks, boots, and other clothing that can protect you from the chilly weather. 

Where to Sleep

You can stay in a hotel during your vacation at Kew. Some of the nearby hotels in the area are:

Aparthotel Adagio London Brentford 

This hotel is the former Urban Villa Hotel. It has 100 bedrooms that feature a kitchenette to enhance your stay. The rooms also come with Samsung Smart TV, Bluetooth alarm/ stereo, Nespresso machine, and ironing facilities. They also offer baggage storage, a fitness center with a gym room, bicycle rental, parking, and other amenities. The best in staying at the hotel is it is family-friendly and has a view of the city. So, if you want to unwind and relax, choosing this hotel is a good decision. 

Clayton Hotel Chiswick 

The hotel takes safety precautions to keep its guests protected and safe on their stay. They can also offer you an excellent room that features a flat-screen TV, free WiFi, air conditioning, and other amenities. 

Novotel London Brentford 

This hotel is certified by ALLSAFE Clifton Environmental, so you can expect to have a safe and comfortable stay. They have a welcoming staff that will serve you professionally. With their amenities, you can make the best of your visit for your travel at Kew. 

The Coach and Horses 

The hotel comes with 31 bespoke design boutique bedrooms. Like other hotels, they have the best amenities that will enhance your stay. You can be satisfied with their accommodating team that will treat you like family. 

Richmond Hill Hotel 

The Richmond Hill Hotel can offer you with satisfying and luxurious hotel experience. They have the best amenities to give you a comfortable stay. With their friendly staff, choosing the hotel is a good investment. 

Restaurants Nearby

Food is a big part of a satisfying trip. So, if you want to make the best of your trip during the Kew lights festival, treat yourself to good foods at the nearby restaurants. Some of these nearby restaurants include the following:

The Botanical at Kew 

This restaurant can serve you delicious British cuisines. They also offer vegan options, gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly meals. 

They have meals for lunch and breakfast. Aside from their quality and delicious foods, you can be amazed at the beautiful views while eating in the restaurant. The Botanical at Kew restaurant has a staff that will make you feel at home. 

Newens The Original Maids of Honour 

Newens The Original Maids of Honour is the best restaurant to visit if you want a luxurious dining experience. They have British cuisines, cafes, and desserts. However, the restaurant only offers takeout or delivery currently due to Covid-19. 

They can serve you drinks, late-night, brunch, lunch, and breakfast meals. The restaurant also have gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly options. 

You will love their salmon pie. With their quality foods and excellent customer service, this can be your favorite restaurant as you travel at Kew. 

Ma Cuisine 

If you want to have a special Christmas dinner, Ma Cuisines can be the restaurant for you. They have European and French meals that will satisfy your taste. They provide meals for late-night, brunch, dinner, and lunch. They also have vegetarian-friendly diets. 

Ma Cuisine has a team that can offer you a high level of hospitality. Additionally, they have a relaxing and friendly ambiance so that you can eat comfortably. It is considered one of London’s loveliest restaurants. 


The Rara restaurant offers Nepali, Asian and Indian cuisines. If you want to try Asian meals during your travel to Kew, you should visit this restaurant. They serve meals for dinner and lunch. You can also expect good customer service from their friendly staff. The restaurant has a clean and friendly atmosphere, so you can enjoy eating your favorite foods. 

Galata Pera 

This restaurant can serve you Turkish, European, and Mediterranean cuisines. They have delicious foods that are worth trying. You can enjoy dinner, lunch, late-night, drinks, and brunch meals in this restaurant. Galata Pera also has gluten-free options, vegan options, and vegetarian-friendly options.  

More Things to Do in the Area

Besides enjoying the Kew lights festival, there are many activities to do during your visit to the area.

Enjoy winter drinks and Christmas treats

If you want to make your holiday season more joyful and satisfying, you can try winter drinks and Christmas treats in the food village.


You can enjoy shopping in the nearby shopping areas. One of the famous shops here is the Victoria Plaza shop, where you can purchase delicious foods, outdoor items, and beautiful books. If you’re with children, you can visit White Peaks Shop that offers children’s books and products. They also have a collection of unique gifts.

Go to a museum

If you want to relax and discover about Kew, you can visit The Musical Museum. You can see a wide collection of inventions and instruments, including self-playing violins, reproducing pianos, pipe organs, and more. If you’re a music lover, this museum is for you.

Go to nearby parks

You can also take a walk or have a picnic in the nearby parks. With this, you can experience peace of mind and relaxation on your trip to Kew. You can take a walk at Syon House and Park. It has 200 acres of Capability Brown-designed gardens and a Great Conservatory.

Generally, the Kew Festival of Lights is an ideal event for family or solo travelers like you.

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