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Today will talk about the two unique light festivals in Philadelphia. First, let’s talk about the lights festival, then followed by the Chinese lantern festival.

Light Festival Philadelphia
Festival highlights

Light festival Philadelphia is a long-awaited event each year. Residents of Pennsylvania are always excited to attend this fantastic light show display. The light festival is an experience where thousands of people gather in one place, enjoy live music, eat delicious food, and share personal wishes and goals—the event light up the sky by releasing thousands of lanterns in the sky. Bring your family and friends with you and experience an epic lantern launch.

Perfect for all ages, the night will be illuminated by bright lanterns and thousands of twinkling lights. The night will be nothing but magical and excellent if you want to experience a unique festival. It would be best if you considered visiting this place. This mesmerizing lantern festival can make you realize how beautiful the night sky is.

The Chinese lantern festival is a great way to experience the unique culture of the Chinese. This festival features Chinese and local artisans to showcase their skills, crafting the most amazing light display and figures. This event is celebrated yearly in Philadelphia.

These festivals create a surreal ambiance; you’ll feel like the time has slowed down while attending the event. This event is celebrated for many years now, and each year more and more people are attending to see the magnificent lantern launching display in the sky. This festival is a perfect way to spend precious and memorable time with your loved ones. Strolling the streets illuminated by giant Chinese figures like dragons can make your night an awesome one.

Festival Dates

The lights fest is held every year in many states in America, including Pennsylvania, particularly the City of Philadelphia. The event starts on April 23, 2021. This festival is the most awaited event for residents in Philadelphia.

Thousands of people gather in one place to create their paper lantern, then lighted up to be launched in the night sky. Due to the coronavirus, the festival implemented health protocols, wearing a face mask is a must, the tiki torch is placed further to implement social distancing.

The lights festival has been celebrated for many years now. Creating your paper lantern, writing your goals and dreams on the lantern, then launching it to the night sky is a memorable experience that you will treasure forever.

The night sky is illuminated by thousands of lanterns, making the sky glow with firey bright red illumination. The stage on the center is brightened by blinking Christmas, fairy lights, and Led displays. Enjoy the night listening to live music. You can have a great time visiting the festival in Philadelphia.

The Chinese lantern festival is also held every year. The event starts late November 28 to February 28 this year. The festive lights are a holiday treat for the citizens in Philadelphia. The events are usually held in Franklin Square. This festival is a long one that you can enjoy with your family until late February.

Where’s The Festival of Lights New Haven Located and How to Get There

The lights fest is held anywhere in Philadelphia each year, but usually, it was held in Kennett Square, PA. The Chinese lantern festival is held in Franklin Square every year.

You can get to both locations using your smartphone GPS navigation application like Waze etc. Or you can ask the locals how to get there. Both places are accessible by car. You can rent one or go to the nearest bus station.

Festival Hours

The lights festival usually starts at 6:00 pm till midnight. This is only a one-time event. In contrast, the Chinese lantern festival park’s operation hours open from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm nightly.

The Park is also open for free during the daytime. Visiting the Park can get too crowded, especially on weekends. So if you want to go where fewer people are visiting, you can try to go Monday-Thursday.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit the Light Festival?

The long-awaited lights festival will be held on Kenneth Square on April 23 this year. The admission fee varies on the ticket type. Vip early ticket will cost you 25 USD, early bird ticket is 35 USD, while the regular ticket would cost 45 USD. Children below 10 are free.

At the same time, the Chinese lantern festival in Franklin square offers free admission during day time. Sunday-Thursdays tickets are 18 USD for adults, 12 USD for children 3 to twelve years old, 16 USD for age 13-17, and 16 USD for seniors. The Friday and Saturday ticket is 22.50 USD for adults, 12 USD for children 3 to twelve years old, 18 USD for teens, and 18 USD for seniors.

Weather in Festival Dates and What to Wear

The lights festival in Philadelphia kicks off on April 23 this year. The weather in April in Phili could reach up to 91.58°F to 75.2°F, which quite tolerable, but it’s recommended that you wear thin and comfortable clothing because it can get hot in the evening.

The Chinese lantern starts early as November to February can reach up to 77-89.6°F. You can wear whatever you want, but don’t forget to bring your jackets to keep you warm all night long.

Where to Sleep

If you want to visit the two most fantastic festivals of lights in Phili, you need to find an excellent place to stay.

Choosing the best hotel or Inn can provide you a fantastic vacation experience. Choosing a place to stay is pretty easy. You can use your smartphone and browse the internet to find hotels or inns near you.

Below are some hotels and Inns you can consider:

  • Loews Philadelphia Hotel – A historic hotel with fantastic views
  • Hotel Monaco – A dog-friendly hotel in the heart of Old City
  • The Rittenhouse Hotel – The City’s highest-rated hotel on Trip Advisor.
  • Wyndham Historic District – A great value with a rooftop pool
  • Hilton Garden Inn Kennett Square – a great hotel and low price
  • Hotel de Pont – a lovely hotel perfect place if you have a pet with you

Great Places and Restaurants near the fest

There are many great dining establishments near the festival location. You can try visiting the places provided below. From local cuisine and foreign cuisine, they can provide you with delicious meals throughout your vacation stay in Phili.

Below are some great restaurants you can consider visiting:

  • Bistro Romano – This fantastic restaurant offers European and Italian cuisine. The food they serve is absolutely mouth-watering. If you love Italian food, you will probably love this place.
  • Terakawa Ramen – This place is excellent when it comes to ramen and soups. If you love ramen, then this place is perfect for you. They offer Japanese and Asian cuisine, particularly soups, and they also provide a vegetarian or vegan menu.
  • Radicchio Café – This restaurant is also a great place to eat. They provide excellent Italian food with outstanding personal service. They offer many great food choices, including a vegetarian menu and gluten-free options.
  • Floga Bistro – This is an elegant Italian restaurant near Kenneth square. This restaurant offers Italian cuisine and pizza. They have a vegetarian and gluten-free menu. The food they serve was absolutely delicious, and the best part is it’s very affordable.
  • 1906 at Longwood Gardens – This restaurant offers affordable American cuisine that has a vegetarian and gluten-free menu. The moment you walk into the restaurant, you feel welcomed. The food they offer varies from season to season.

More Things to Do in Philidelphia, PA

Philidelphia is a great city that offers many great activities, sceneries, entertainment centers, restaurants, and more. You can do a lot of things here other than watching the seasonal festival of lights. Visiting this City can give you a fantastic experience. Bring your loved ones with you and have fund doing amazing things such as:

  • Visit the popular event Take on the light
  • Watch the miniature Phili train called holiday trains
  • Go shopping in the most beautiful holiday park called Christmas village
  • You can go ice skating in blue Cross RiverRin Winterfest
  • Watch the mums parade in the streets of Philadelphia
  • Prepare to be mesmerized by the fantastic firework display

Philadelphia has many awesome things to do, no matter what the season is. From its history, culture, culinary, and more, this City is a worthwhile place to visit. What makes this City so memorable is its unique festivals, beautiful neighborhood, and friendly people.

These are just some of the few things you can do while visiting Philadelphia. Bring your loved ones with you to watch the beautiful festival of lights in Philadelphia.

These festivals showcase light exhibitions, Christmas light shows, and more. Due to the Coronavirus, the festival date and admission fee might be changed without notice. Anyone is implemented to wear a facemask, and the number of people allowed to attend the festival is limited. But don’t worry, these festivals will also be covered virtually.

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Arik Akunis

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