Light Move Festival Poland


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Festival highlights

Welcome to the enchanting world of The Light Move Festival, where light and imagination come together in a fusion of colors and creative expression. Experience the journey of an extraordinary event and ignite your senses with breathtaking displays and more!


Light Move Festival Poland

About the Festival

The Light Move Festival is a captivating celebration of artistry and creativity, transforming the city of Łόdź, Poland, into a dazzling world of vibrant colors and innovation. 

Come and journey into the city where façades of historic buildings transform into canvases of 3D Mapping and imaginative animation depicting flowers and animals. Take a leisure walk through illuminated streets adorned with hanging lanterns and light exhibitions, such as rippling lights and butterflies illuminating various buildings. Step into squares where giant and unique light installations like the large cube take center stage with audiovisual, cinematic projections and hanging light balls radiating neon beams.

This festival of lights is perfect for families and friends to bond over and create long-lasting memories. Spend quality time in parks lit by fairy lights and twinkling light trees, and bask in the kaleidoscope glow of the illuminated city. 

Light Move Festival Dates (2023)

Light Move Festival illuminates the city of Łόdź from September 29 to October 1, 2023, bathing the city with imaginative designs of light and shapes. It is the perfect time to come and create magical moments with your loved ones and friends.

Where It’s Located And How To Get There

The festival happens in Łόdź, Poland, mainly around Piotrkowska Street, the city’s iconic thoroughfare. Other locations include Plac Dąbrowskiego and Park Moniuszki.

The distance between the city center and Łόdź Władysław Reymont Airport is approximately 6 kilometers (3.7 miles).

Getting from Lodz Airport to the City Center:

The most convenient option is a taxi from the airport to the city center. Taxis are readily available at the airport, and the journey should take around 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Some hotels in Lodz offer shuttle services to and from the airport. Check with your hotel if they provide this service.

You can also use public buses to reach the city center. Bus Line 55 connects the airport to the city center. The bus stop is located right outside the terminal building. Ensure to check the schedule, as buses may not run as frequently during off-peak hours.

Getting to Lodz by Train from Other Cities

Lodz is well-connected to major Polish cities by an extensive railway network. Here’s a general guideline on how to get to Lodz by train:

From Warsaw: The most common route is from Warsaw. Trains depart from Warsaw’s Central Railway Station (Warszawa Centralna). Depending on the type of train you choose (Express, InterCity, or Regional), the journey can take 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

From Krakow: If you’re traveling from Krakow, you can take a train from Krakow Glowny (Krakow Main Station) to Lodz Kaliska Station. The journey typically takes around 3 to 4 hours.

From Wroclaw: Trains from Wroclaw Glowny (Wroclaw Main Station) to Lodz Kaliska Station are available, with travel time ranging from 2.5 to 4 hours.

From Gdansk: To reach Lodz from Gdansk, you can take a train from Gdansk Glowny (Gdansk Main Station). The journey duration can vary, but it’s approximately 4 to 6 hours.

From Katowice: Trains from Katowice Main Station to Lodz Kaliska Station are an option, with travel times ranging from 2.5 to 4 hours.

Ensure to check the train schedules and ticket availability on the official website of Polish Railways (PKP Intercity) or at the train station. Booking your tickets in advance is recommended, especially for longer journeys or peak travel times.

Festival of Lights Hours

The Light Move Festival typically starts as the sun sets, in the early evening and into midnight. Specific hours may vary annually, so stay updated by visiting the festival’s official website for the latest details.

Cost to Visit The Festival

One of the best things about the Light Move Festival is that it is free. Families and friends can enjoy stunning light shows and displays without purchasing tickets.

Weather and What to Wear

Łόdź experiences cool and crisp weather during the festival dates, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 18 degrees Celsius. You can comfortably enjoy the festival by wearing a jacket or sweater. A pair of comfortable shoes can also make your journey convenient.

Where To Sleep – Hotels Nearby

Łόdź offers a range of accommodation options suitable for every preference and budget. Here are some of the best hotels near the festival locations:

Hotel Grand

Hotel Grand is a luxurious and elegant hotel featuring amenities such as a lounge, airport transportation, and free high-speed internet service. Pet lovers will be thrilled to know that pets are allowed inside. The hotel also hosts activities perfect for families with little children.

Ibis Łόdź Centrum

Ibis Łόdź Centrum is a hotel in the center of the city. Only 100 meters from Piotrkowska Street, the hotel features a range of amenities, including free high-speed internet connection, a 24-hour bar, and airport transportation. Ibis Łόdź Centrum is an ideal place to stay during the festival.

Vienna House Andel’s Łόdź

Vienna House is a historic hotel that features 278 air-conditioned rooms, a fitness center, and a lounge perfect for winding down. They also have free high-speed internet to share your beautiful festival photos online.

What To Eat

The city’s culinary scene is as exciting as the festival itself. Here are some of the best dining spots in the area to delight your taste buds.

Manufaktura Food Hall

Manufaktura Food Hall is a diverse culinary hub offering various international cuisines. Restaurants within the food hall include Hana Sushi for those who enjoy Japanese cuisine, Arianos Doner Kebabs for fans of Kebabs, and Bobby Burger for lovers of American cuisine. Manufaktura Food Hall has various options for you to choose from and is the perfect hangout after enjoying the festival.

Restauracja Folkowa

For Traditional Polish cuisine, Restauracja Folkowa is the perfect place to be. They serve dishes such as Beef Carpaccio with Marinated Boletus, Argentine Tenderloin Steak, and Duck in Raisins Sauce. They also serve desserts like Crepes filled with Cream Cheese and Orange Topping, Homemade Ice Cream with Seasonal Fruits, and Chocolate Fondant.

Chicano Mexican Grill & Bar

Chicano Mexican Grill and Bar is perfect for those craving Mexican dishes. They serve delectable dishes such as Quesadillas, Burritos, Tacos, and Enchiladas. After basking in the beauty of the Light Move Festival, Chicano Mexican Grill and Bar can be another great experience.

More Things To Do In The Area

While in Łόdź, you can visit and explore these other places and attractions.

Museum of Art

Also known as Muzeum Sztuki, the Museum of Art is a cultural haven perfect for art enthusiasts and creative people. The museum offers an extensive collection of contemporary and modern art from Polish and international artists. Explore the different exhibits and admire the unique works of every artist. Engage in cultural events, such as lectures and film screenings, and learn more about art and the stories behind each masterpiece.

Piotrkowska Street

Piotrkowska Street is a bustling thoroughfare teeming with activities, culture, and life. Offering an array of attractions, it is one of the longest commercial streets in Europe. At Piotrkowska, you can select among the different boutiques and galleries and shop to your heart’s content. You can also visit cafes and restaurants for a coffee break or a taste of Polish cuisine. The area is also home to captivating street art and sculptures. Piotrkowska Street has a diverse option of activities to choose from.

EC1 Łódź

EC1 Łódź is a cultural and scientific center. It is the site of interactive and technological exhibitions. It is also the home of the planetarium, where you can enjoy breathtaking shows of celestial and cosmic events. The center also hosts concerts and art exhibitions for you to enjoy.

A Final Sparkle: Wrapping Up Your Unforgettable Experience at Light Move Festival

Light Move Festival is a captivating journey into the dazzling world of lights and art. With stunning displays, interactive installations, and vibrant creativity, this festival of lights is a must-see for those who seek inspiration and wonder. 

With more places to explore and dishes to try, the Light Move Festival promises an experience that will ignite a newfound appreciation for the power of light.


Can I bring my children to the festival, and are there family-friendly activities?

Yes, the Light Move Festival is family-friendly, and children of all ages are welcome to enjoy the mesmerizing light displays and interactive exhibits.

Are there facilities for people with disabilities at the festival?

The festival organizers are committed to providing accessibility for all attendees. There are typically facilities for people with disabilities, including accessible pathways and restrooms. If you have specific accessibility needs or questions, you can contact the festival organizers in advance for assistance.

Can I take photographs and videos during the festival?

Yes, capturing the sights with photographs and videos is encouraged for personal use and sharing on social media. However, it’s essential to be respectful of other festival-goers and the artists’ work. Some exhibits may have restrictions on photography or videography, so be sure to follow any guidelines provided at the festival.

Is the festival pet-friendly?

While the festival itself may not prohibit pets, it’s advisable to check with the specific venues and areas you plan to visit during the festival, as some indoor exhibits or venues may have pet restrictions. Ensure your pet is well-behaved and on a leash if you decide to bring them along.

Are there any restrictions on bringing outside food or drinks to the festival?

Generally, the festival welcomes visitors to enjoy the culinary delights available on-site. However, outside food and drinks may be subject to restrictions, especially in indoor exhibit areas. It’s recommended to support the local vendors and enjoy the diverse food offerings at the festival.

Where can I find more detailed information about the festival and its specific events?

For additional details, event schedules, and specific inquiries about the Light Move Festival, visit the festival’s official website.


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