Lights Of The Ozarks


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The Lights of the Ozarks is a festival of lights perfect for families and travelers who want a unique and peaceful holiday celebration. The event allows you to enjoy hot cocoa, winter treats, and festive music that will make your Christmas more joyful and colorful. There are many activities as you witness the dazzling lights of the festival.

The Christmas light show features more than 500,000 LED lights that people can enjoy at night. In addition, some vendors sell beverages, food, wares, and other services during the festival. Visiting the event can be an excellent way to unwind and have quality time with friends, family, or special someone.

Lights Of The Ozarks
Festival highlights

The Lights of the Ozarks has been celebrated since 1994. It was an honored tradition in Fayetteville. With the beautiful lights, it can be the best destination for night photography. The festival will help you release stress and feel relaxed. 

Visiting the light festival is the best decision to take a break from your busy world. 

Festival Dates(2023-2024)

The light festival is held during the holiday season. Usually from mid-November to the beginning of the new year. For 2023, the event will be held from November 17, 2023 to January 1, 2024. You can be amazed by the creative lights until the new year.

The festival starts with a night parade and thanksgiving. It is the perfect time to enjoy the spirit of Christmas. There are many things you can enjoy during the festival. 

Where It’s Located and How to Get There

The Lights of the Ozarks is located at Fayetteville Square, Arkansas. The area includes the Old Bank of Fayetteville Building, Fayetteville post office, and Lewis Brothers Building. It is also a focal point for different local activities. 

Fayetteville Square is also home to restaurants, unique shops, modern offices, historical buildings, and different colorful flowers. 

You can get to the fairy lights festival by bus, train, plane or car. You can easily access public transportation, so you can quickly get there. The locals in the area are also very friendly; they will guide you to your destination. 

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Festival Hours

You can experience the blinking Christmas lights from 5 pm to 1 am. With this, you can enjoy a colorful and peaceful holiday with the creative display of more than 500,000 LED lights.

How Much It Cost To Visit The Festival

Lights of the Ozark is a free event. However, the cost of visiting the twinkle lights festival can depend on your activities. The price of entering a float for the Lighting Night Parade is about $20, although prices may vary so it’s best to inquire with the festival’s official website for the latest details. You can also enjoy Visits with Santa for free on Friday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Other expenses include items you will buy from the vendors in the area. You also have food, transportation, and accommodation costs. 

Weather and What to Wear

The Lights of the Ozarks is celebrated from November to January. The weather in November in Fayetteville is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 54 degrees Fahrenheit. January is the coldest of the year at Fayetteville. The temperature ranges from 28 degrees Fahrenheit to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The light exhibition is held during the winter season in Fayetteville Square. With this, you should wear layer clothes, jackets, closed shoes, gloves, and other protective clothing to keep you warm. So, you can enjoy the festival while feeling comfortable and joyful with the creative lights. 

Where to Sleep

As you visit The Lights of the Ozarks, you need a comfortable and safe place where you rest after the day of the event. The following are some of the best hotels where you can sleep during your trip to Fayetteville. 

Artists Studio

The Artists Studio is one of the most famous hotels in Fayetteville Square. It features a kitchen and has scenic windows overlooking the area. The rooms of the hotel feature air conditioning, microwaves, a stovetop, a refrigerator, and cookware utensils.

The bathroom comes with tub and shower combinations. There is also smart TV in the guestrooms. You can access their free wireless Internet. The friendly staff will ensure to give you a luxurious hotel experience. 

The Wildflower

The hotel was established way back in 1925. It is a historic charm of Fayetteville. It has a fully remodeled bathroom, a new outdoor balcony, and kitchen appliances. The Wildflower is surrounded by different bars, shopping spots, and restaurants. 

They can provide you with comfortable and clean beds, so you can feel at home during your stay. It has a relaxing ambiance that will make your stay more comfortable. Choosing to sleep at the hotel with its useful amenities will never disappoint you. 

Graduate Fayetteville 

The Graduate Fayetteville is a hotel that cares for the safety and satisfaction of its guests. They adhere to the safety and cleaning standards to give you a rewarding and comfortable stay. 

The hotel also has useful amenities, including a pool, valet parking, a fitness center with a workout room/ gym, a banquet room, and free high-speed internet. They also have a bar/ lounge and conference facilities. 

The rooms in Graduate Fayetteville feature housekeeping, air conditioning, tea/coffee maker, desk, bath/shower, refrigerator, and cable TV. You can choose from their rooms, including suites, bridal suites, family rooms, and non-smoking rooms. 

Hampton Inn Fayetteville 

The Hampton Inn Fayetteville also values the health and safety of its guests. They practice the best cleaning standards to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for travelers. There are nearby attractions, including fine arts center, camping, historic downtown, an air museum, boating, hiking, a shopping mall, and a scenic train excursion. So, you can enjoy several activities as you choose the hotel.

It has various amenities, including an indoor pool, complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, free parking, meeting rooms, baggage storage, hot tub, fitness center with workout/ gym room, heated pool, and more. 

What to Eat

Visiting the Lights of the Ozarks can be a memorable travel experience for you. So, you should also treat yourself to some of the area’s delicious cuisines. Here are some of our top options where you can enjoy tasty meals while visiting the lights festival.

A Taste of Thai 

A Taste of Thai is a restaurant that can offer you vegetarian-friendly Thai and Asian cuisines. Some of their popular servings include Chicken Pot Stickers, Crispy Fried Calamari, and Crab Wonton. 

A restaurant can be a good option if you want to enjoy comfort foods. They have quality and delicious foods. In addition to their delicious meals, you can also be impressed by the excellent service of their approachable and polite staff. 

Savoy Tea Fayetteville 

The Savoy Tea Fayetteville can offer you cafe cuisines. They serve meals for dinner and lunch. If you want to eat in a relaxing place, this eating destination is best for you. Their friendly staff will accommodate your needs to ensure that you can have a fine dining experience. The delicious food, good customer service, and lovely place make Savoy Tea Fayetteville one of the favorite eating spots in Fayetteville.

Petra Cafe 

Petra Cafe serves Middle Eastern, Cafe, and Mediterranean cuisines. They also have vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. It is a cozy place to eat while waiting for the twinkle lights trees at Fayetteville. With their friendly team and delicious foods, it can be your favorite cafe as you visit the Lights of the Ozarks at Fayetteville. 

Axis Lounge 

Axis Lounge can serve you Mexican cuisines. Some of their bites include Jicama Cakes, Masa Balls, Escabeche, and Salsa Treo. Their staff can offer you excellent customer service, so you can have a convenient dining experience. 

More Things to Do in the Area

Aside from the Lights of the Ozarks, you can also enjoy different things on your trip to the area.

Clinton House Museum 

It is the first home of former US President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary. Walking in the museum will help you explore the history of the place while attaining relaxation. 

Walton Arts Center 

The Walton Arts Center is best to visit if you want a high entertainment level. It features entertainers and artists from different parts of the world to make remarkable performances. It provides large-scale touring productions, diversified programming, and unbeatable performing arts opportunities. 

Stage Eighteen 

If you want to see concerts and beautiful performances, you should visit Stage Eighteen. It is a good spot for entertainment and nightlife. You can also enjoy local beers and delicious craft cocktails. They also have friendly bartenders. 

Botanical Garden of the Ozarks 

It is one of the top public garden spaces in the area. It features herbaceous, woody, and exotic flower and plant species in Northwest Arkansas. Walking around the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature. This can be a good spot for you if you want peace and relaxation. 

Art Ventures

Art Ventures features speakers, concerts, exhibitions, and meetings, making it a creative outlet for the community and artists. If you want entertainment and arts, visiting the Art Ventures is a good decision. 


1. Where can I park my vehicle during Lights of the Ozarks?

Answer: There are several public parking lots and on-street parking spaces available near the downtown area where the festival is held. Given the event’s popularity, it’s advised to arrive early or consider alternative transportation options.

2. Is smoking permitted during the festival?

Answer: Smoking is not allowed within the immediate vicinity of the light displays for the comfort and safety of all attendees. Designated smoking areas might be provided, so please adhere to the posted signs and guidelines.

3. Are pets allowed at Lights of the Ozarks?

Answer: Yes, pets are welcome to join in the festive fun, but they must be kept on a leash at all times. Please ensure you clean up after your pets and be considerate of other festival-goers.

4. What are the hours of operation for Lights of the Ozarks?

Answer: The lights typically illuminate the square from 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM daily throughout the festival period.

5. Will there be food and drink vendors on-site?

Answer: Absolutely! Several food and drink stalls will be available, offering a range of tasty treats and beverages to keep you warm and satisfied as you enjoy the lights.

6. Is the event wheelchair accessible?

Answer: Yes, the downtown area where Lights of the Ozarks is held is wheelchair-friendly. However, it’s always a good idea to arrive early to navigate the crowds more easily.

7. Where is the best spot to view the lights?

Answer: The lights adorn the historic downtown square, making it the ideal spot. However, the entire downtown area is illuminated, so you can enjoy a festive stroll through several streets.

8. Are there any live performances or special events during the festival?

Answer: Yes, throughout the Lights of the Ozarks festival, there are often live music performances, parades, and other festive events. Check the festival’s official schedule for details.


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