London Lights Festival


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Produced by Artichoke, the Lumiere festival started in Durham in 2009. It usually comprises enchanting light art installations. Some iconic buildings are also illuminated.
In 2013, the light exhibition toured to different locations in the UK, expanding its growth and immense popularity

London Lights Festival
Festival highlights

About the Lumiere Festival

In 2020, because of the danger of the Covid-19 pandemic, the light display was postponed for everyone’s safety. But do not be disappointed! This year, the Lumiere festival is finally back. Again, the organizers will give the locals and travelers an experience they have never imagined before. 

For more than ten years of making people happy, the Lumiere festival has displayed various light installations.

Aside from Lumiere legacy piece (The Next Page), Tobie Lange’s Helevetictoc in Millennium Place was one of the highlights in 2011. It also appeared in 2015. 

In 2016, Bernd Spiecker’s Lightbench caught people’s attention and interest. It was featured in the 2015 lights festival. For those who haven’t experienced the light installation, the Lightbench is color-changing and lit by LEDs, leveling up its fans’ experience. 

In two consecutive years, from 2017 to 2018, the organizers featured Jon Voss’ Heron. It was situated on the bank of the River Wear. Jon Voss designed Heron as a homage to one of the UK’s magnificent birds, which are frequently seen along the banks of the River Wear. 

For this year, the light festival organizers would feature some of the works of Photographer Matthew Andrews, and other talented artists and fans can’t help but be more excited. 

Festival Dates

Finally, after a year of waiting, the lights festival is set to illuminate the city again in Novembe 2022. It lasts for four nights only.

So, mark your calendar today and stay tuned for our latest updates. For sure, the event will be as successful as always. Let’s hope for the best.

Lumiere festival
London Lights Festival

From 75,000 attendees in its debut in 2009, it increased to 175,000 in 2013. Today, the Lumiere festival has become part of many people’s lives. Yearly, it receives countless tourists and guests.

The last quarter of every year is one of the long-awaited seasons in London. Aside from the London fashion week, the Lord Mayor’s Show, London Film Festival, and Bonfire Night, the Lumiere festival is included in every local’s and other tourists’ travel bucket list. 

Where it’s Located and How to Get There

This 2022, the light exhibition will take place in Durham. The most preferred way to reach the city is to take a flight to Newcastle Airport. From there, you could take a taxi, train, town car, or bus.

If you prefer the train, the Newcastle Airport is 19 miles away from Durham. There are also no direct trains from the airport to the city. But there is nothing to worry about. You can find a train from the airport to Newcastle. Then, you need to ride another train to Durham. Overall, your journey would last for around 55 minutes.

London Lights Festival

Festival Hours

The organizer does not reveal when the event will be open to the public yet.

It will surely be in the evening. But let’s wait for the update from the organizer to avoid any guessing game and disappointment.

Lumiere festival

Cost to Visit the Festival

Most light exhibitions have admission fees. But this light festival is free to attend. Yes, there are no tickets to buy. You can say bye to any online registration or reservation. Make sure to prepare some food and drinks.

Weather and What to Wear

The temperature in London drops in November. If you are traveling to the city, expect a cold and windy weather. Sometimes, it may get sunny. But it is uncommon.

Usually, the weather is cold in November, so be prepared. Wear something designed for the extreme cold. A turtleneck is perfect. For extra comfort and warmth, you could layer a tank or tee underneath.

For your bottom, use a pair of cozy tights. Also, do not forget a quilted coat, and it is best when paired with fur-lined booties. It will not only boost your fashion statement but also keep you warm.
Lastly, consider knit gloves, hats, Chenile socks, and other accessories of your choice.

London Festival of lights

Where to Sleep – Hotels Nearby the Festival of Lights

It is cold in London in November. So, when looking for a hotel, direct your attention to an accommodation that serves a cozy room with necessary amenities like Wi-Fi and TV.
Whether you are a beginner or a pro traveler, you will always end up confused with the variety of hotels in the city. We hope these top three hotels would help you make a confident, quick, and reliable decision.


You want the best hotel for your stay in London, and Stow-Away can exceed your expectations and requirements. Situated near the Waterloo Station, Stow-Away is a well-reputed aparthotel in the city.

Did you know that Stow-Away is made from shipping containers? Yes, it is a bit unusual and may not be ideal for everyone. But if you are an adventurous type of traveler, Stow-Away is still an excellent choice. The rooms are simple but stylish, with an en-suite bathroom and kitchenette.

Point A Hostels

Let’s be honest! You are probably afraid to sleep in a very unusual hotel. Don’t worry! Point A Hostels is an incredible alternative. Every room provides comfy yet luxurious Hypnos beds. It is known for its nifty features like creative storage space, quality power shower, Wi-Fi, and mood lighting.

Although it is cold in London in November, it may be warm sometimes, and Point A Hostels provides a functional and modern HVAC unit that will help you beat the heat.

Caring Hotel, London

As the name implies, this hotel is accommodating. The staff is genuinely friendly and committed to providing the best accommodation services its valued clients deserve.

Every room is comfortable and affordable. Whether you are on a budget or want a high quality place to sleep in, never underestimate Caring Hotel, London.

London Festival of lights
London Festival of lights

Where to Eat

London is not only home to tourist destinations like Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London. It also prides itself on world-class and award-winning restaurants. Some of them are listed below:

Breddo’s Tacos

You probably think of Borough Market’s Tacos El Pastor. But there is a cheaper alternative than that, and Breddo’s Tacos is ready to serve you. In terms of food, it can compete with other popular restaurants in the city.

Apart from a delicious and nutrient-packed menu, Breddo’s Tacos is a quieter spot to eat. A few of the best dishes at Breddo’s Tacos are a Tostada, margarita, and Baja fish tacos with habanero mayo. Since there’s still Covid-19, a quieter place like Breddo’s Tacos is a great choice.

Beigel Bake

It is good to eat some warm pieces of bread in the morning and the afternoon while taking a sip of your favorite coffee.
But where to find a quality and delicious bread? Beigel Bake got your back.

Serving its valued clients 24 hours every day, Beigel Bake can satisfy everyone’s cravings. It does some Jewish-style bagels and other options. Its bread is not only delicious but also available at a rate everyone can afford.

Pizza Pilgrims

You have been on a diet for a few months now. But when you are in London, you cannot afford to ignore its very own pizza. Pizza Pilgrims is one of the best destinations to visit. Being in the industry for years, it now has different locations across the city.

The nduja pizza and the simple Margherita are a must-try. You can also choose something different depending on your taste and preferences.

London Festival of lights

More Things to Do in the Area

You have been working in the office for months without taking a break. That’s exhausting and stressful. So, when your leave is approved, and your destination is London, get the most out of your vacation.
Aside from the light exhibition, the city has more things to provide.

Kew Gardens

Who does not love a botanical garden with colorful and vibrant flowers? Everyone likes that. Although London has a long list of botanical gardens, the Kew Gardens stands out from the rest.

Located in southwest London, Kew Gardens is a beautiful place you should explore. Besides the collection of flowering plants, cultural and musical events are held all year round.

The London Eye

If you do not prefer a botanical garden, the London Eye will not disappoint you. As the largest observation wheel in Europe, it is magnificent. It is composed of individual glass capsules, allowing every tourist to enjoy the views of the city. But it is not for those who have a fear of heights.

Alternatively, you could view the city at the Emirates Air Line. It is a popular cable car system that crosses the River Thames between the Royal Victoria Dock and Greenwich. It lasts for approximately 10 minutes. Other best popular attractions in London include Hampton Court Palace, Covent Garden, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

For more festivals of light, feel free to browse our site!

London Festival of lights
London Festival of lights
London Festival of lights
Lumiere festival
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