Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival – A Must-See Lighting Event


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Welcome to the Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival – a celebration of lights, togetherness, peace, and hope. Join us in this spectacular journey of lights and joy. 


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Festival highlights

About Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival

As a cherished part of the Night Light events, the Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival stands out as a beacon of unity and joy. The festival embodies the spirit of community, love, peace, and hope, bringing people together in a celebration that transcends the ordinary. From dawn till dusk, the air is filled with anticipation and the sounds of laughter and music.

The day is packed with activities that cater to all ages, ensuring that everyone finds something to enjoy. Games that challenge the mind and body dot the venue, alongside live musical performances that set the rhythm of the day. It’s a festival where every moment is an invitation to smile, dance, and make new friends.

As the sun sets, the festival reaches its crescendo with the release of lanterns into the evening sky. This mesmerizing highlight symbolizes the collective hopes, dreams, and wishes of the attendees, creating a breathtaking canopy of light. It’s a poignant reminder of the shared human experience, casting a glow that lingers long in the hearts of those who participate.

Festival Dates (2024)

Mark your calendars for the 1st and 2nd of June, 2024, as the Maple Grove Raceway transforms into a wonderland of lights for the Lantern Festival. This two-day event promises an escape into a world illuminated by the soft glow of lanterns, set against the backdrop of a starry sky. It’s an ideal setting for making memories that last a lifetime.

Each day of the festival offers its own unique charm, ensuring that attendees who come on both days enjoy a fresh experience. From the opening ceremonies to the final lantern release, the schedule is meticulously planned to maximize joy and participation. Whether you join on the first day, the second, or both, the festival is poised to be a highlight of the summer.

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An image inspired from the breathtaking beauty of Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival

Where It’s Located and How to Get There

The enchanting Lantern Festival is set to unfold at the Maple Grove Raceway, located at 30 Stauffer Park Ln, Mohnton, PA 19540, USA. This iconic venue, known for its expansive outdoor space and scenic surroundings, provides the perfect canvas for the festival’s array of lights and colors. It’s a setting that promises to enhance the magical atmosphere of the event, making it an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

Nestled just a short distance from Lancaster Airport, the journey to the Maple Grove Raceway is both convenient and accessible for travelers flying in for the festival.

To reach the festival location from the airport, visitors have several options:

  • Taxi Service: A direct and comfortable way to get to the venue.
  • Rental Car: Offers flexibility and convenience for exploring the area.
  • Shuttle Service: Often provided by hotels, combining convenience with the opportunity to meet fellow festival-goers.
  • Public Transportation: An economical option, though it may require a transfer.

For those arriving from other cities by train, here is a detailed guideline to reach the festival location:

  • Arrive at the nearest major train station. This will likely be in Philadelphia or another nearby city.
  • Transfer to a local train or bus line that heads towards Reading, PA, which is the closest city to Mohnton.
  • From Reading, opt for a taxi or a local bus that goes directly to Mohnton, or rent a car for the final leg of the journey to Maple Grove Raceway. This last stretch offers a scenic drive through Pennsylvania’s countryside, adding to the overall festival experience.

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Festival Hours

The Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival invites guests to immerse themselves in a world of light and festivities from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. During these hours, the night sky becomes a canvas for the radiant glow of lanterns, setting the stage for an evening filled with wonder and enchantment. It’s a time when the hustle of the day gives way to the magic of the night, creating a perfect backdrop for making lasting memories.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit the Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival

The pricing structure for the Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival is designed to reward early birds, with a tier system that escalates the cost as the event date approaches. Tickets hit the market 12 weeks before the festival, starting with “Super Early Bird” prices, offering the most budget-friendly option for eager attendees. It’s a system that encourages prompt decision-making, adding an exciting dynamic to the anticipation of the event.

Included in the cost of a Night Lights Event ticket is the promise of an immersive, one-day festival experience. For a price range of $64-$74 at regular rates, attendees gain access not just to the lantern launch, but also to a day filled with live music, a variety of activities, and a fully staffed event designed to create lasting memories. This holistic approach ensures that every ticket holder receives full value, with access to all the festival has to offer.

Please note that ticket prices may vary. For the latest information on ticket pricing, visit the festival’s official website and social media channels.

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An image inspired by the Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival

Weather and What to Wear

June in Mohnton, Pennsylvania, welcomes the warm embrace of early summer, offering ideal conditions for the Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival. During this month, daytime temperatures gracefully hover between the mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit (around 24°C to 29°C), while evenings can cool down to a comfortable range in the 60s Fahrenheit (about 15°C to 20°C). This pleasant weather sets the stage for a night under the stars, surrounded by the gentle glow of lanterns.

To ensure a comfortable experience at the festival, visitors are recommended to dress accordingly:

  • Lightweight Clothing: Breathable fabrics like cotton or linen are perfect for the daytime warmth.
  • Layered Outfits: Bring a sweater or light jacket for cooler temperatures after sunset.
  • Comfortable Footwear: Opt for shoes suitable for walking and standing, as you’ll likely be on your feet exploring.
  • Accessories: Consider a hat and sunglasses for daytime protection and a small, lightweight blanket to sit on during the lantern release.

Where to Sleep – Hotels Nearby

For those planning to attend the Lantern Festival and seeking a place to stay, there are several comfortable hotels nearby that cater to a range of preferences and budgets.

Best Western Plus Reading Inn & Suites

  • Location: 2299 Lancaster Pike, Shillington, PA 19607, United States
  • Description: This 3-star hotel offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, making it a great base for festival-goers.
  • Amenities:
    • Free parking, ensuring convenience for those traveling by car.
    • Complimentary breakfast to start your day on a high note.
    • Free Wi-Fi, allowing guests to stay connected and share their festival experiences.

Days Inn by Wyndham Reading Wyomissing

  • Location: 910 Woodland Rd, Reading, PA 19610, United States
  • Description: As a 2-star hotel, it provides basic yet comfortable accommodations, perfect for those looking for value.
  • Amenities:
    • On-site restaurant, offering convenient dining options.
    • Complimentary breakfast, adding to the value of your stay.
    • Free parking, making it easy for guests to explore the area.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Reading

  • Location: 701 Penn St, Reading, PA 19601, United States
  • Description: This 3-star hotel is known for its exceptional service and comfortable accommodations, adding a touch of luxury to your festival experience.
  • Amenities:
    • Pet-friendly, so you don’t have to leave your furry friends behind.
    • Indoor pool, providing relaxation and leisure opportunities.
    • Free parking and Wi-Fi, ensuring a hassle-free and connected stay.

Where to Eat

Exploring the local dining scene is a must-do for visitors to the Lantern Festival, with a variety of options to satisfy any palate.

Romeo’s Pizza & Pasta

  • Location: 30 W Wyomissing Ave, Mohnton, PA 19540, United States
  • Description: A beloved pizza restaurant known for its authentic flavors and cozy ambiance, perfect for a casual meal.
  • Foods Served:
    • Sicilian Cheese Pizza, a classic favorite with a thick, fluffy crust.
    • Vegetable Pizza, loaded with fresh, seasonal veggies for a lighter option.

Briano’s Italiano

  • Location: 360 E Wyomissing Ave, Mohnton, PA 19540, United States
  • Description: This Italian restaurant offers a warm, family-friendly atmosphere, complete with sports viewing, Wi-Fi, and a kids’ menu.
  • Foods Served:
    • A diverse menu that caters to all tastes, with traditional Italian dishes that bring a taste of Italy to Pennsylvania.

Doc and Bubba’s

  • Location: 4312 New Holland Rd, Mohnton, PA 19540, United States
  • Description: An American restaurant with a unique twist, offering outdoor seating, a cozy fireplace, and vegan options.
  • Foods Served:
    • Cajun Filet Medallions, a spicy and savory delight for those who enjoy a bit of heat.
    • Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, a gourmet appetizer perfect for starting your meal on a high note.

More Things to Do in the Area

Beyond the Lantern Festival, Mohnton and its surrounding areas boast a plethora of attractions and activities, promising more exploration and enjoyment for visitors.

The John Updike Childhood Home

  • Location: 117 Philadelphia Ave, Shillington, PA 19607, United States
  • Description: This historic home offers a glimpse into the early life of John Updike, one of America’s most esteemed novelists and a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner.
  • Activities to Explore:
    • Take a guided tour to learn about Updike’s formative years and how they influenced his writing.
    • View exhibitions of Updike’s personal belongings and original manuscripts.

Maple Grove Raceway

  • Location: 30 Stauffer Park Ln, Mohnton, PA 19540, United States
  • Description: A premier destination for car racing enthusiasts, this track hosts a variety of events from local races to major national competitions.
  • Activities to Explore:
    • Experience the thrill of live car racing events.
    • Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the raceway to learn about the sport and its history.

Brecknock Orchard

  • Location: 390 Orchard Rd, Mohnton, PA 19540, United States
  • Description: Brecknock Orchard is a picturesque family-owned farm, offering a delightful escape into the countryside with its fresh produce and serene landscape.
  • Activities to Explore:
    • Participate in fruit picking sessions, including apples, peaches, and berries, depending on the season.
    • Visit the farm market to sample and purchase fresh, locally-grown produce and homemade goods.

An Illuminating Conclusion: Wrapping Up Your Unforgettable Visit to the Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival

The Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival stands out as a beacon of light, bringing together community, culture, and the simple joy of shared experiences under the Pennsylvania sky. It’s more than just an event; it’s a journey into a night filled with wonder, music, and the soft glow of lanterns. 

Beyond the festival, Mohnton offers an array of activities, from historical homes to vibrant orchards, ensuring there’s something for everyone. This festival, with its blend of tradition and community, promises an unforgettable experience, making it a must-visit for those seeking magic and connection.


Is there parking available at the Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival?

Yes, ample parking is available on-site at Maple Grove Raceway for festival attendees. 

Can I bring my own lantern to the Lantern Festival?

Attendees are encouraged to participate in the lantern release, but for safety and environmental reasons, only lanterns provided by the festival are permitted. These are designed to be biodegradable and safe for release.

Are pets allowed at the Lantern Festival?

Generally, pets are not allowed at the festival to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests, unless they are service animals. It’s best to check the festival’s official guidelines for any exceptions.

Is smoking permitted at the festival?

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is typically restricted to designated smoking areas to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all attendees.

What should I bring to the Lantern Festival?

It’s recommended to bring comfortable clothing suitable for the weather, a camera or smartphone for photos, a blanket or chairs for seating, and some cash or a card for vendors. Remember, outside lanterns are not allowed.

Are there food and drink options available on-site?

Yes, the festival usually hosts a variety of food vendors offering a range of culinary options. Guests can enjoy everything from snacks to full meals.

What happens in case of bad weather?

The Lantern Festival is a rain-or-shine event. In the case of severe weather, organizers may postpone or reschedule the event to ensure the safety of all participants. Always check the festival’s official communication channels for updates.

Is the Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival suitable for children?

Absolutely! The festival is a family-friendly event with activities and entertainment suitable for all ages. Children can enjoy the magic of the lantern release alongside a variety of games and performances tailored to younger attendees.

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An image inspired from Maple Grove Raceway Lantern Festival


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