Marfa Lights Festival


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Fairy lights have known to represent joy and life. In most cases, people love to watch twinkle lights to release their stress and find peace of mind. This is the reason most people love to install blinking lights in their rooms or even in cars.

People love watching the festival of lights in different countries because they want to welcome positivity, peace, and hope in their lives. One of the countries that have a great light exhibition is Marfa. The people in Marfa and even the visitors celebrate the Christmas light festival every year.

You are probably amazed at these twinkle lights trees and want to explore more about them. If so, keep on reading.

Marfa Lights Festival
Festival highlights

About the Festival

The Christmas light show is one of the most-awaited events in Marfa. This is a celebration where thousands of lights are lighted from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Before the celebration, the organizers and staff are busy designing the park with multicolored fairy lights. They choose the spot where the lights will look beautiful. So, if you are looking for something to detoxify your stress, feel more relax, and have a peace of mind, joining the light festival in Marfa is the best choice you could ever make.

Festival Dates  2023

The light festival in Marfa is being celebrated by the locals and guests annually. This year, the Marfa light festival will be celebrated from 1-3 September.

Considering that the festival will take place on Labor Day, it is expected that a lot of locals and visitors will be gathered to witness the light show. Since it is still pandemic, the crew organizers recommend their guests to wear a face mask and follow the social distancing protocol.

The twinkle light trees are installed in spots where people will enjoy sitting or walking while talking to their loved ones.

If you are not from the area and want to book a hotel it is recommended to do so now because during the festival the hotel prices go up by more than 50%!!!

Here is a map with all of the hotels that are nearby the festival of lights

Where it is Located and How to Get There

Now that you know when the festival will be celebrated this year, you may be asking yourself about the festival area. The festival is celebrated yearly at the historic Presidio County Courthouse, which is located at 300 Highland St, Marfa, TX. To go there, you need to go straight to Highland Ave and turn left onto W Lincoln St, turn right toward W Washinton St, turn right onto W Washington S, and head right to find the location.

The place is the only area in Marfa that is filled with bright-colored lights from August to September. The area is filled with vendors. So, you won’t get starved in case you forget to bring food.

If you don’t have a car, you may ride a cab to get in this area. You need to book a cab prior to your chosen date of visit. The cab drivers will stop you at the exact address where the festival takes place. On the one hand, if you prefer to drive your own car, you may use the GPS on your mobile phone to look for the exact directions to get into the area. You may also ask the locals you pass by along the road.

Marfa Lights

Marfa lights Hours

The Christmas lights in Marfa are being lighted from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. But this may vary depending on other factors. Six hours of enjoying the light show are enough for you to get amazed and feel more relaxed.

From 5-10 pm are the perfect hours to begin the show because visitors can watch the exhibition safely. The moon also complements the light festival, which makes the show more peaceful and romantic.

Keep in mind that the operating hour may change because of several factors, including the weather. If it is raining, the operator will turn off the lights earlier than 10 pm. But, if the situation is both windy and rainy, the organizers prefer to cancel the operation of the lights for the safety of the visitors.

Take note that these precautions are only done by the organizers for the sake of the visitor’s safety. But if there is no inconvenience during the festival hours, you will enjoy your six-hour break witnessing the dancing Christmas lights.

How Much it Cost to Visit the Festival

You can still visit the area even though you are on a budget. Having a tight pocket does not mean you won’t be able to enjoy every single moment in the festival. The tickets for the light festival are available for only 10 to 15 US Dollars per person. This means that a hundred bucks would be enough to buy your tickets and food.

If you will take your family, friends, and loved ones on your trip, it would be better to add a little bit of amount to your pocket. To save, you may consider bringing your own food and eat it while watching the lights.

If you cannot cook and bring food to your trip, don’t worry since the place is filled with vendors offering tasty foods.

What to Wear

During August, the temperature in Marfa is moderately hot, around 26.2 degrees Celsius. But in September, it will start to drop down to 16.2 degrees Celsius.

Considering that the festival of lights in Marfa starts from August 24 to September, you can expect that the temperature is quite humid. With that in mind, make sure to wear thin, comfortable clothes. By doing so, you will still feel cool while walking down the park.

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Where to Sleep? – Hotels Nearby

Of course, you always want to spend your vacation in Marfa for more than a week. Considering that you are a visitor, you may want to book a hotel to accommodate you throughout your whole vacation.

If you decided to visit Marfa and don’t know where to stay, you might consider the following hotels.

Hotel Saint George

The first great hotel you may consider staying in while you are in Marfa is the Hotel Saint George. There are six suites and 49 rooms that measure around 1300 square feet. Each room comes with a safe room, open shelf closet, hairdryer, iron and ironing board, alarm clock, AC and heat system, free Wi-Fi, flat TV, and a minibar.

Guests of this hotel have free access to the swimming pool anytime. The pool comes with a hot tub together with full bar service. The hotel offers almost everything you need to have a more comfortable stay in Marfa.

Hampton Inn Alpine

A 4.5 hotel near Presidio Country Courthouse is the Hampton Inn Alpine. The hotel features wide rooms that are perfect for family guests. During your whole stay in this vacation home, you are required to wear face masks when walking outside your room, follow the social distancing protocol, and always use hand sanitizers.

The guests can ensure that before they enter their room, the place is completely sanitized and disinfected. The rooms come with flat-screened TVs, kitchen appliances, and toiletries that you can use for free.

Riata Inn Marfa

The third best hotel you may consider staying in during your vacation is the Riata Inn Marfa. The property offers the biggest rooms to accommodate family guests. The hotel is located less than 7 miles from the Presidio Country Courthouse, where the festival of lights takes place. Aside from that, the hotel is close to Fort Davis State Park, Chinati Foundation, and Marfa’s McDonald Obser

What to Eat

Of course, after knowing different hotels to stay in, the second thing you may want to know are the top restaurants near the Presidio Country Courthouse.


If you like foods that are gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly, eating at the StellinaMart will always be the best option. The restaurant is known for serving delicious dinner to satisfy your cravings.

Jett’s Grill

Jett’s Grill is a restaurant that sits as number 5 out of 27 best restaurants in Marfa. The restaurant offers American cuisines and special diets, including gluten-free options, vegan options, and vegetarian-friendly choices. So, if you are more on these dishes, the Jett’s Grill is the best place for you to eat at. The restaurant offers meals for lunch, dinner, and late-night snacks.


Aster is a five-star restaurant in Marfa that is located 2 miles away from Presidio Country Courthouse. The cuisines they offer include Café and American. Vegetarian-friendly and Vegan options are two of the special diets they serve. They cook delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and brunch.

More Things to Do in the Area

After you witness the festival lights in Marfa, you may still want to extend your vacation. In that case, you may consider wandering around the Presidio County Courthouse and visit nearby places. The following are the top attractions you may visit in the area.

  • Big Bend National Park
  • Chisos Mountains
  • Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center and Botanical Garden
  • Davis Mountains State Park
  • Dog Canyon
  • Santa Elena Canyon
  • The Balanced Rock
  • Lake Balmorhea
  • Chester Lake

As you can see, the places mentioned above are surrounded by beautiful landscapes. With that, you may consider mountain hiking or even camp with your loved ones. Aside from the Marfa lights festival, the area is also popular because of its beautiful nature.

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