Natal Luz – A Christmas Lights Event You Must See


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Nestled in the serene hills of Rio Grande do Sul, the city of Gramado transforms into a winter wonderland each year with its spectacular Natal Luz. Known as one of Brazil’s most enchanting festivals of lights, this event captivates visitors with its dazzling light displays and festive cheer.

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Festival highlights

About the Natal Luz

Natal Luz, literally “Christmas of Lights,” is an annual Christmas spectacle in Brazil. Since its inception in 1986, this mesmerizing event has grown to become one of the country’s largest Christmas celebrations, featuring colorful lights and festive activities that capture the spirit of the season.

One of the highlights of Natal Luz is the Nativitaten, an awe-inspiring floating light show. This popular event features performances by choirs, tenors, sopranos, and some of Brazil’s finest musicians, alongside circus acts and a stunning fireworks display, creating an unforgettable experience.

Attracting approximately 1.5 million visitors annually, Natal Luz is renowned as one of the longest Christmas festivals in the world. It’s an essential experience for anyone who loves holiday light festivals, offering a unique blend of festive cheer and spectacular light displays that enchant visitors of all ages.

Featured Lighting Displays at Natal Luz:

  • Fairy Lights: Delicate and enchanting, weaving through the trees and around the festival paths.
  • Strobe Lights: Dynamic flashes add excitement to the night, punctuating the festive atmosphere.
  • String Lights: Cascading down structures and across walkways, these lights add a whimsical touch.
  • Sparkling Christmas Trees: Majestically adorned with thousands of lights, they stand as beacons of the holiday spirit.
  • Illuminated Christmas Decorations: From giant baubles to festive figures, these glowing decorations are a delight.
  • Christmas Lights Displays: Elaborate setups that narrate stories of Christmas joy and magic through light and color.

Festival Dates

Natal Luz begins its enchanting display in late October, filling the streets of the city with twinkling lights and festive joy. As autumn winds give way to the southern summer, the festival continues to shine brightly, capturing the magic of Christmas. 

This extensive celebration runs all the way through January, offering plenty of time for visitors to immerse themselves in the holiday spirit.

Spanning the heart of the holiday season, the festival allows families and friends to create lasting memories under the glow of festive lights. Whether you visit in the bustling weeks before Christmas or during the quieter days of early January, there’s always something magical to see and do. 

Each moment at Natal Luz is an opportunity to celebrate, surrounded by the warm lights and cheerful buzz of one of Brazil’s most beloved festivals.

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An image inspired by the festive atmosphere at Natal Luz in Brazil

Where It’s Located and How to Get There

The highly-anticipated festival is held annually in the picturesque city of Gramado, located in the mountainous region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This charming city, renowned for its Bavarian-style architecture and lush greenery, transforms into a dazzling wonderland of lights every year during the captivating celebration. 

The festival’s events and activities are spread across various venues in the city, making it a sprawling playground for visitors of all ages to explore and enjoy.

The nearest airport to Gramado is Hugo Cantergiani Regional Airport (CXJ) in Caxias do Sul, which is approximately 65 kilometers from the heart of the festival. 

To facilitate your journey from the airport to the festival location, you have several options:

  • Taxi or Ride-Sharing Services: Readily available at the airport; this is the fastest and most direct way to reach Gramado.
  • Bus Services: Regular buses run from Caxias do Sul to Gramado, offering a cost-effective travel option.
  • Car Rental: Rent a car directly at the airport for more flexibility and the opportunity to enjoy scenic drives through the region.

For those considering traveling to the festival from other cities by train, here are detailed guidelines:

  • From Porto Alegre: Take a train to Novo Hamburgo. From there, you can catch a direct bus to Gramado, which takes about two hours.
  • From São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro: You’ll need to travel by train to Porto Alegre and then follow the above instructions from Porto Alegre to Gramado.
  • From Curitiba: First, take a train to Porto Alegre. Upon arrival, switch to the bus service to Gramado, enjoying the change from urban to lush landscapes along the way.

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Festival Hours

As the sun dips below the horizon, the city of Gramado begins to sparkle, marking the start of each day’s festivities at Natal Luz. From sundown until the stroke of midnight, visitors are immersed in a world of twinkling lights and festive joy. 

This generous time frame gives everyone a chance to experience the magic at their own pace. Whether you arrive early to catch the first glimmers of light or later to enjoy the lively night scene, the festival is alive with activity until midnight.

How Much Does It Cost to Attend Natal Luz

Visitors can enjoy most of the dazzling light displays and festive attractions at Natal Luz for free, offering a cost-effective way to experience the holiday magic. However, certain special events, such as the popular Nativitaten, do require paid tickets, which may vary each year. 

To ensure you have the most current information on ticket prices and availability, it’s advisable to regularly check the festival’s official website or stay updated through their social media channels. This proactive approach will help you fully plan your visit and make the most of the festival’s offerings.

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An image inspired from Natal Luz

Weather and What to Wear

During the months of October through January, the weather in Gramado, Brazil, presents a delightful mix of spring and summer climates. October typically ushers in mild temperatures, ranging from 12°C to 22°C, as spring is in full swing. 

As the festival progresses into November and December, the weather warms up, with temperatures occasionally reaching up to 28°C during the peak of summer in January. 

Evenings can still be cool, especially in the earlier months, and sporadic rain showers are not uncommon throughout the festival period.

For a comfortable experience at Natal Luz, visitors are advised to dress accordingly:

  • Lightweight layers: Ideal for adapting to the day’s varying temperatures.
  • Comfortable walking shoes: Essential for exploring the festival’s extensive grounds.
  • A warm jacket: Necessary for cooler evenings, especially from October to early December.
  • A raincoat or umbrella: Useful for unexpected showers, ensuring the light displays can be enjoyed no matter the weather.
  • Sun protection: Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are recommended during the daytime in November and December when the sun can be more intense.

Where to Sleep – Hotels Nearby

Finding the perfect place to stay is crucial for enjoying the magical nights of Natal Luz. Here are some comfortable and convenient accommodation options in Gramado:

Hotel Sky Gramado

  • Location: Av. das Hortênsias, 680 – Planalto, Gramado – RS, 95675-072, Brazil
  • Description: A cozy 3-star hotel ideally situated near the city’s main attractions, offering easy access to the festival.
  • Amenities: Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, free parking, and unwind at the hotel’s bar.

Hotel Glamour da Serra

  • Location: R. João Petry, 274 – Centro, Gramado – RS, 95670-000, Brazil
  • Description: Positioned in the heart of Gramado, this charming 3-star hotel combines convenience with comfort, just a short walk from the festival’s vibrant activities.
  • Amenities: Features include free Wi-Fi, free parking, air-conditioned rooms, and free breakfast to start the day right.

Hotel Colline de France

  • Location: R. Vigilante, 400 – Bairro, Gramado – RS, 95670-000, Brazil
  • Description: This exquisite 4-star hotel is inspired by French elegance and offers a luxurious stay with exceptional service and a tranquil ambiance.
  • Amenities: Guests will appreciate the free Wi-Fi, pool, complimentary breakfast, and free parking, enhancing their festival experience.

Where to Eat

Exploring the local cuisine is an essential part of any festival experience. Here are some top dining spots in Gramado where you can savor delicious meals close to the Natal Luz festivities:

St. Gallen Restaurant

  • Location: Av. das Hortênsias, 1122 – Centro, Gramado – RS, 95670-000, Brazil
  • Description: An elegant fondue restaurant that blends Brazilian and German culinary traditions, famous for its fondue selections and succulent pork knuckle, complemented by a variety of draft beers.
  • Special Features: The restaurant boasts a cozy fireplace and high chairs are available for families.

Cozy Gramado

  • Location: Anexo Gramado Tênis Clube – R. Angelo Bisol, 223 – Centro, Gramado – RS, 95670-000, Brazil
  • Description: Located within Restaurante C’est Mieux, this intimate spot is perfect for happy hour, offering specialties like risotto and filet mignon.
  • Special Features: Guests can enjoy the ambiance of a warm fireplace and indulge in expertly crafted cocktails.

Carlito’s Restaurant

  • Location: Av. das Hortênsias, 1040 – Centro, Gramado – RS, 95670-000, Brazil
  • Description: A welcoming restaurant that serves a variety of dishes, among them fondue and risotto.
  • Special Features: Carlito’s features a fireplace, a cocktail menu, and a dedicated kids’ menu, making it an ideal choice for families.

More Things to Do in the Area

While Natal Luz is a major attraction, Gramado offers a variety of other delightful activities and sights that enhance any visit to the city.

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Gramado Zoo

  • Location: ERS-115, km-35 – Várzea Grande, Gramado – RS, 95678-370, Brazil
  • Description: This zoo focuses exclusively on Brazilian animals, showcasing them in enclosures that replicate their natural habitats, providing an educational and engaging experience for visitors.

Mini Mundo

  • Location: R. Horácio Cardoso, 291 – Planalto, Gramado – RS, 95670-000, Brazil
  • Description: A fascinating outdoor park featuring detailed miniature replicas of famous international buildings. The park also includes a café where visitors can relax and enjoy refreshments.

Eternal Love Fountain

  • Location: Av. Borges de Medeiros, 2659 – Centro, Gramado – RS, 95670-000, Brazil
  • Description: Known for its beautifully illuminated waters at night, this fountain is a popular spot for couples who attach padlocks as a symbol of their love.

A Sparkling Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Brazil’s Natal Luz

As the festive season descends upon Gramado, Natal Luz stands out as a beacon of joy and light, drawing visitors from around the world. The blend of stunning light shows, heartwarming music, and the cheer of holiday traditions makes it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a unique Christmas experience.

Whether you’re exploring the enchanting light displays, savoring the local cuisine, or discovering the charm of Gramado’s additional attractions, Natal Luz offers memories that will last a lifetime. It’s not just a festival; it’s a magical journey through a winter wonderland, right in the heart of Brazil.


Is there parking available at Natal Luz?

Yes, there are multiple parking areas near the festival venues, including both free and paid options.

Can I bring my pet to Natal Luz?

Pets are welcome in most outdoor areas of the festival, but may not be allowed inside certain indoor events.

Is smoking allowed at the festival?

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed spaces and near attractions to ensure a comfortable environment for all visitors.

Are there any age restrictions for attending Natal Luz?

Natal Luz is a family-friendly event with no age restrictions, offering entertainment suitable for all ages.

Can I buy food and drinks at the festival?

Yes, there are numerous food stalls and drink vendors throughout the festival, offering a variety of local and international cuisines.

What should I do if I lose something at the festival?

Lost items can be reported and retrieved at the designated Lost and Found area located at the festival information booth.

Are there facilities for people with disabilities?

The festival is accessible, with wheelchair ramps and accessible toilets available throughout the venue.

Do I need to purchase tickets for all the events at Natal Luz?

While most of the light displays and general festival areas are free, some special events and shows require a purchased ticket. Check the official festival website for detailed information on ticketed events.

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An image inspired by Natal Luz


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