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New York Festival of Lights

Who wouldn’t fall in love to dazzling and sparkling lights, especially during nighttime? Isn’t it great to feel majestic and spectacular for a moment? Well, thanks to thousands of lights that this kind of man-made scenery was able to take the hearts of many in awe. Along with the moon and bright stars, isn’t it the perfect time to spend moments with your family and loved ones?

New York Festival of Lights
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Well, this kind of scenery is what a lot of New York City people are enjoying every day. The New York City Festival of Lights is one of the most-awaited and anticipated displays that brings joy and hope to anyone disregarding the age, ethnicity, language, and background. It brings a different taste of reality wherein people can feel magic and fantasy even for a short moment.

With that, a lot of visitors, despite the distance, are doing their best to reach and attend this once a year festival of lights. Besides, New York City is one of the leading and richest cities in the whole world, so necessities wouldn’t be that hard to find in this place. So, let’s learn more about this New York City Festival of Lights.

About the New York City Festival of Lights

The New York City Festival of Lights refers to the annual lighting installations festival, technology, and DJs that are conducted at Dumbo, Brooklyn.  It is filled not only with thousands of lights but also with different artists and multimedia stars to bring more joy and fun to the activity. Different songs and produced arts were being showcased by the artists as this is also their time to shine.

For a bit of history, the very first NYC Festival of Lights took place at the east side of the anchorage Manhattan Bridge at Water Street and Anchorage Place way back on November 6-8 2014. The said activity was filled with fun, noise, laughter, hope, and so much joy.

That’s why the producers decided to make it every year. Also, the activity showcased a canvas for video art with a laser art light show. For the music, almost 20 artists showcased their amazing talents not only in singing and performing but also in technology, light elements, and other multimedia platforms.

All in all, the very first New York City Festival of Lights was a blast. That’s why a lot of people fell in love with it, not only those who live in the city but also those from other states and countries as well.

Moreover, the planned NYC Festival of Lights 2020 was set for the holidays. So, it is the month of December when this festival of lights will take place. The location, on the other hand, stays the same yet with a new brand of an exciting concept.

Location of the New York City Festival of Lights

New York City is such a huge place that is why getting lost in it is most likely to happen, especially for beginners. So, looking for the Festival of Lights can also be a rough one without being familiar with the specific streets and trademarks to look for.

The New York City Festival of Lights can be found at 2 Snug Harbor Road, Staten Island, New York City 10301, United States.

This place is fully accessible as it is in the city. Here, you can rent a cab to drop you off at the location. However, if you have your own car, which is better and safer, then you can easily look for the location on the navigation map or just look for the trademarks. If you have already arrived in the city and you want to enjoy and also save some money it is recommended to buy CityPass Get the New York CityPASS, the best deal in the Big Apple

new york citypass

In the annual New York City Festival of Lights, you will witness not only the fancy and dangling lights but also some great food and places to stay around. Given that, here are the top three restaurants and hotels that you can check out.

What to eat?

Most-Rated Restaurants around the New York City Festival of Lights

Fill not only your eyes and memories but also your tummies with these restaurants!

Tropical Juice Bar

If you are looking for a tropical vibe of stay, then you need to check on the Tropical Juice Bar, wherein great drinks and foods are served. Here, you can feel like you are having a tropical country vacation with all of the decorations associated, of course, with the holiday season. Isn’t it a great pair?

Also, this place gained a total of 4.6 % rating from its customers and critics.

Panna II Garden

Next, we have the Panna II Garden, which serves an Indian inspired set of cuisines. So, if you are a native Indian or love the country’s cuisine, then this is the place for you. Here, you will be served with the best chicken curries, along with pita and other else. Also, you will be surprised by the overflowing flavors and spices served in every meal.

This restaurant gathered a 4.5 % rating after the customers and critics loved its cuisine and place.


If you are looking for a German-inspired place filled with mouth-watering steaks and other protein-filled foods, then this is the place that you need to check out. Rolf’s is one of the best not only because of its place and decorations but literally because of the flavors it serves. Here, you can enjoy a variety of steak and flavors that you haven’t and will never try in other places. Truly, Rolf’s is authentic and unique. That’s why a total of 4.7% rating was gained by this restaurant

Where to sleep?

Most-Rated Hotels around the Festival

Aside from the food, you also need some time to rest. Good thing, we already gathered the list of the most-rated hotels near the New York City Festival of Lights.

Rockefeller Center

If you are looking for a place that resembles elegance and fancy, then the Rockefeller Center is what you look for. This hotel was rated 4.7 % due to the cleanliness and elegant vibes it provides. Here, you’ll feel like you’re a celebrity or an important personality who deserves the best when it comes to hotel accommodations. Also, the best thing about this place is its level of security.

Sanctuary Hotel New York

Another choice that you can consider when it comes to hotels in the Sanctuary Hotel. This hotel also resembles elegance, which is why a lot of people love to book in this place. It has a clean surrounding, good services, and affordable prices. Another thing, this hotel is close to the New York City Festival of Lights, so you’ll be walking only if you want to visit the festival of lights.

The Plaza- A Fairmont Managed Hotel

Lastly, we have The Plaza Hotel, which is managed by a Fairmont. Given that, the elegance and accommodation levels are one of a kind. It resembles richness with all of its golden furniture and walls. The best thing about this hotel is the view that it provides, especially at night. Here, you can enjoy dancing under the moon with your partner or just a good talk with your family.


Now, hurry up and prepare your things. Make every moment of your life memorable. If you are into the New York City Festival of Lights, then you can consider the abovementioned information. Have a great time with yourself, loved ones, and family! Remember to dress well as the weather in this place can be cloudy to snowy

Arik Akunis
Arik Akunis

My name is Arik Akunis and I have been in the field of lighting for over the last 20 years, I started my journey in the world of lighting in the lighting niche for events where I first came across a festival of lights and immediately fell in love with it.

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