Oakland zoo lights


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This brand-new, family-friendly experience Oakland zoo lights with hundreds of bigger-than-life animal lanterns throughout the zoo, showcasing the continuous journey of wildlife, the significance of each species on the planet, and the commitment of Oakland Zoo to conservation.

Dozens of soaring and even interactive, glowing lanterns of each order await to enlighten and entertain you at each turn!

Oakland zoo lights
Festival highlights

Festival of Lights Glowfari Oakland Zoo

On top of that, you can also take a mile-long stroll through these dazzling and illuminated lanterns—from the ice-capped fifteen-foot-tall penguin to the incredible full-size lions, giraffes, and elephants—to the gigantic, fluttering butterflies floating against the night sky.

Festival of Lights Glowfari Oakland Zoo Dates (2023-2024)

There are different schedules for the months of November, December, and January for the Glowari Oakland Zoo Lights. Here’s the schedule that you need to remember:

  • November 10-12, 15-22, 24-26, 29-30, 2023
  • December 1-23, 26-31, 2023
  • January 1-7, 10-14, 17-21, 24-28, 2024

During these schedules, you can expect a psychedelic wall of luminescent vines, big 3D flowers, and fluttering butterflies that greet visitors. In the meadow, there are flowing cheetahs that seem to be frozen mid-leap, attacking a zebra.

You can also find a hippo caught yawning, showing his massive pink mouth. A huge peacock suddenly lifted his tail feathers and showcased his train, putting on a light show worth of Los Vegas while children exploring the zoo lights festival stared, their mouths open.

Where Is The zoo lights festival and How to Get There

The zoo lights festival is located at 9777 Golf Links Rd, Oakland, CA 94605. The direct route to Oakland Zoo, line 46, is temporarily suspended.

In this case, Line 46L is available only for weekends, dropping off right outside the zoo itself on Mountain Boulevard and Gold Links Road. That line stops outside the Oakland Zoo hourly, at least between 6:45 PM and 8 PM.

For specific times, you can visit the page 46L Line Schedule on AC Transit’s website.

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Lights Festival Hours

The festival hours for the zoo lights festival will be from 5 PM to 9 PM. The lights festival this year will feature new lights and displays, hundreds of fairy lights, the festival of lights, the Christmas light show, twinkle lights, light festival, blinking, and Christmas lights.

There are also curtain Lights, twinkle lights trees, light exhibition, led curtain lights, icicle lights, net lights, meteor shower lights, and rope lights, among others. There will also be displays, including a walkabout through the land down under with koalas and kangaroos, jellies, otters, whales, and some exotic animals of the tropical rainforest.

Everybody can finish their overall experience with an incredible ride on the train through a fantasy wonderland filled with fabled creators such as unicorns and fairies, among other mythical beasts.

How Much It Costs to Visit Glowfari Oakland Zoo lights

The Festival of Lights Glowfari Oakland Zoo has a ticket price of $26 for adults. Children who are 2 to 14 years old and seniors 65 to 75 years old can avail of it for only $22. There is also a ten percent discount for zoo members.

The ticket is free to those under two years old and over 76. On top of that, it has a free parking fee.

Oakland zoo lights

Weather and What to Wear

Make sure you bundle up because it’s quite chilly there at night, and you do not like the cold to destroy your good time, right? This is the moment in the Bay Area to break out your comfiest and coziest scarf and winter coats for your children.

Also, a thermos of hot cocoa in the car for when you are done eating is excellent, as well. In December, the weather is normally mild. The average temperature is 10.1°C, with a minimum of 5.7°C and a maximum of 14.4°C.

On the coldest nights of December, the temperature normally drops to about 1°C.

Hotels nearby the oakland zoo lights fest

Whether you are staying in Oakland as a base to discovering San Francisco or you are willing to explore the wonders it has to find, we bring you a list of the best places to stay in Oakland.

  • Civic Center Lodge

This is situated a four-minute walk from the Lake Merritt BART station, offering smooth travel from Oakland to San Francisco. This accommodation provides rooms with free parking, free Wi-Fi, and cable TV.

  • Oakland Marriott City Center

This is situated across from a BART subway station, offering simple access to downtown San Francisco. Rooms include TV along with HBO movie channels.

  • Americans Best Value Inn

This is close to Interstate 880 and offers free Wi-Fi, cable TV, and free continental breakfast. On to of that, on-site parking is accessible without extra charge. Also, Oakland International Airport is only fifteen minutes drive away.

  • Homewood Suites by Hilton      

This place is situated on the Oakland marina and estuary. They provide rooms with free Wi-Fi. It is also situated twelve kilometers from Oakland International Airport.

Where to Eat

Looking for some places where you can eat in Oakland? Here are some recommendations for you to try:

  • Temescal Brewing

This is a family-friendly beer garden, which could feel like Chuck E. cheeses, where earsplitting splayed-out children snatch courtesy from the brews. DJs and other performers also appear here, and there is a circulating roster of merchants serving food to soak up the fresh, lighthouse brews that include fruity ales, crisp lagers, and hazy IPAs.

  • Nick’s Pizza

This is a small shop that straddles the Berkeley border. The crunchy sourdough crust supports toppings of excellent quality that never fail to distort the basic mission of pizza.

The owner Nick Yapor-Cox created a place of support and safety for a diverse clientele, particularly LGBTQ customers.

  • Oeste Rooftop Bar

Sandra Davis, Anna Villalobos, and Lea Redmond are behind this restaurant, where the chicken wings leave a film of insulating fats in your system, and the drinks are fine. However, it is the upstairs setting you like to check out.

  • La Santa Torta

This place offers a wide array of dishes, including tortillas. They have crispy tacos and long, slipper-liked griddled torta along with picked onions and Oaxaca cheese, and served with a cup of deep-tasting consume bearing a beautiful slick of rendered fat.

More Things to Do in the Area of the lights fest

Named after the shaded oak trees native to the area, Oakland is the smaller city across San Francisco Bay, which has become a hip destination in its own right.

Here are some of the things you can do in the area.

  • Jack London Square

This place has a bright maritime atmosphere in the waterfront setting on the Oakland estuary. The historic neighborhood was a stomping ground of popular American author Jack London.

Today, this place features a trendy dining scene and a scenic waterfront trail. Also, the area has numerous restaurants with stunning outdoor terraces overlooking the marina. How cool is that?

At the entrance of Jack London Square is the popular food restaurant Everett and jones, popular for its live music events and authentic Southern-style BBQ meals.

  • Oakland Museum of California

The Oakland Museum highlights the rich culture and heritage of California through its interactive exhibits and inclusive permanent collection. The galleries of the museum include areas that are committed to the state’s history, California arts, and natural sciences.

This one-of-a-kind museum also focuses on the Oakland community and features exhibits connected to the town’s social justice movements and history of political activism. Some of the highlights involve the Black Power exhibit, offering a look at the city’s Black Panther movement and demonstrating the development of Black anti-racist activism.

  • Children’s Fairyland

This destination has been giving fun and entertainment to kids since 1950, with a wide array of attractions on the theme, including classic fairy tales. The whimsical amusement park is also popular to have inspired by Walt Disney. How cool is that?

Fairyland is also popular for its Storybook Puppet Theater, which is the oldest operating theater in America. Also, the theater brings numerous puppet dramas to life with appealing costumes, music, and colorful sets.

Such puppets expose children to a wide array of cultures, using not just the traditional European marionettes and hand puppets but also Balinese shadow puppets and Japanese bunraku.

  • Morcom Rose Garden

Slipped away in a quiet neighborhood, the Morcom Rose Garde is a captivating spot that is planted with many roses in all different varieties and colors. The profusion of bloom makes this place a local spot for those photo ops.

Also, the roses here bloom from early May through October, and the garden is delightful in early summer and springtime. The peak season runs from May until July.

Visitors and locals may take a stroll through the gardens, cherishing the landscaping around the walkways and stairways. Nonetheless, on weekends, you may find that a few areas are in use. Remember that the Oakland Rose Garden is often rented out as a venue for special events and weddings.

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1. What are the parking arrangements for Oakland Zoo Lights?

Answer: Great news for attendees! The Oakland Zoo offers free parking for all guests attending the Zoo Lights event. Spots can fill up quickly during peak times, so arriving early is recommended.

2. Can guests smoke inside the Oakland Zoo during the Zoo Lights event?

Answer: For the health and enjoyment of all visitors, smoking is not permitted inside the zoo. Designated smoking areas are available outside the main entrance for those who wish to smoke.

3. Can I bring my pet to the Oakland Zoo Lights?

Answer: While we understand the companionship of pets, they are not permitted inside the zoo to ensure their safety and that of the zoo animals. However, service animals with proper identification are always welcome.

4. Will there be food and refreshments available during Zoo Lights?

Answer: Yes! The Oakland Zoo has various food stalls and eateries open during the Zoo Lights event, offering a selection of snacks, meals, and beverages for guests to enjoy.

5. Are there items that are not allowed inside the zoo during the Zoo Lights?

Answer: For the safety and comfort of all guests, items like glass containers, large umbrellas, drones, and any potential weapons are prohibited. Bag checks might be in place at the entrance.

6. Is the Oakland Zoo accessible for guests with disabilities during Zoo Lights?

Answer: Absolutely. The Oakland Zoo is equipped with accessible pathways, restrooms, and other amenities to cater to guests with mobility challenges or other disabilities.

7. Are there special rates or packages available for large groups?

Answer: Group rates and packages may be available for larger parties wishing to experience Zoo Lights. It’s best to contact the Oakland Zoo directly or check their website for details on group bookings.

8. If there’s inclement weather, will Zoo Lights be canceled?

Answer: Zoo Lights typically proceed rain or shine. However, in cases of severe weather, safety is the priority. Any potential cancellations or changes will be communicated via the zoo’s official channels.




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