Prague Festival of Lights


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The Prague festival of lights is the Czech capital city’s annual event that features 20 or more artistic displays where historic buildings are utilized as canvasses.

Every year, this light exhibition is held in different locations, including the Prague Castle, Republic Square, Peace Square, Old Town Square, Kampa Park, Shooters Island, Rudolfinum, and National Theatre.

Prague Festival of Lights
Festival highlights

About the Prague Festival of Lights

During the last quarter of the year, Prague is transformed into a stage for dynamic performances of both sound and light, making it shines literally. 

In 2013, the Prague festival of lights started and received approximately 250,000 visitors. In the past eight years, it has become part of everyone’s life. Yes, it is one of the much-awaited light exhibitions that the country could offer. 

Every year, the festival never disappoints its avid fans in Czech and other parts of the world. Since 2013, the light exhibition has different themes. In 2019, for example, it showcased historic events of the past. Some of them include the Iron Curtain, the Berliner Wall, and the Velvet Revolution. 

From a simple digital art festival, it has evolved into a cutting-edge tech event. The light display is more advanced than before. 

Prague festival of lights, commonly called a signal light festival, is family-friendly. It is great for kids and adults definitely. Whether you are fond of light exhibitions or want to unwind, there is no need to search further than Prague. 

Festival Dates

Many light festivals are typically scheduled on Christmas. But the Prague festival of lights is held on the second week of October, from Thursday to Sunday. It only lasts for four days. Although it is not as long as the other light display events, there are many things to expect. So, get ready!

Where it is Located and How to Get There 

As the name indicates, the festival takes place in Prague, Czech. It usually happens in historical landmarks such as Old Town Square, Republic Square, and National Theatre. Since the organizers do not disclose anything on its locations, all you have to do is wait for any update. The organizers will provide us the information we have been looking for soonest.

Festival Hours 

There is no final detail on when the Prague festival of lights will happen yet. But don’t be disappointed as it usually takes place in the evening. We still have around five months to wait. Soon, the organizer will give us all the details we need. Let us be more patient.

Cost to Visit the Festival

Generally, the light exhibit is 90% free, depending on the location you want to explore and witness. In the past years, the Dome requires guests and tourists to pay their entry. For this year’s event, it is still unknown if some locations will require an entrance fee. Stay tuned for more information!

Prague Festival of Lights

Weather and What to Wear

October in the capital city of Czech is like fall. It is cool in the afternoon and chilly in the evening. It even lasts in the morning.

It may rain sometimes, but it is not as heavy as the rest of the months. The average high temperature is around 56 degrees Fahrenheit. It declines up to 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you go out of your home and explore some parts of Prague, do not forget to bring an extra layer of clothing for your comfort.

Additionally, bring a lightweight scarf or a cashmere wrap to help you stay cozy and warm, of course. Plus, take a waterproof jacket and sweaters that you can layer over a heavier sweater or cotton top. For your footwear, a pair of comfy walking shoes or ankle boots are advisable.

Your typical outfit for the cold season is recommended. You do not have to spend extra costs on new accessories and dresses. For sure, your closet has everything you need for your future escapade!

Where to Sleep – Hotels nearby the Festival of Lights

As the capital city of Czech, Prague receives countless visitors every year. It’s no wonder as it has stunning architecture, rich culture, and a romantic atmosphere.

You cannot explore them all within a week or less. You have to stay in Prague for a month or more to enjoy every possible destination you will find along the way. For a comfy and quality stay in the city, the best hotel can come to your rescue.

Le Palais Art Hotel

Experience the most tranquil side of the city while staying at Le Palais Art Hotel. The interior is superb with a touch of Baroque influence. Although it is your first time in Prague, you will always feel at home.

It serves its guests with warm fireplaces, oversized bathtubs, out-of-the-box frescoes, sized rooms, and romantic balconies.

It offers stylish dining rooms, hip bars, spa, fitness center, laundry service, sauna, and more. On the other hand, the staff is knowledgeable and approachable, making your stay one of a kind and remarkable.

The Emblem Hotel

Maybe, you have gone thru different hotels across the globe. Perhaps, you have experienced luxury accommodations. But The Emblem Hotel gives a twist to luxury.

As you take your first step into the hotel, you will be surprised with its antique elements, slick furnishings, and copper lamps. As you dig deeper, you will fall in love with its art pieces.

In terms of amenities, it can compete with the rest. It offers a game room, relaxation lounge, a private fumoir, and more.

Pachtuv Palace

As a traveler, you want the best, from hotels, foods to destinations. For your accommodation needs, leave it to the Pachtuv Palace.

Over the years of quality service in the industry, the Pachtuv Palace is a well-reputed name among the locals and tourists. Every room prides itself on large beds and bathrooms.

More than the amenities, you can enjoy picturesque views of the Charles Bridge, Vltava River, Old Town Square, and other historical landmarks.

Prague Festival of Lights

Where to Eat

Is it your first time traveling to Prague? Are you uncertain where to eat in the capital city? Worry no more! Prague has everything you would like to eat, from its traditional cuisine to Indonesian and Korean options.

Cafe Savoy 

Your Prague travel won’t be completed without trying the classic Czech dishes. Let the Cafe Savoy takes charge of everything.

It serves French and English breakfast, and you can order as much as you want. For lunch or dinner, Cafe Savoy usually prepares slow-roasted duck and beef tartare. For desserts, it offers marzipan Savoy, dark chocolate, and cherry cake.


It would take a few hours to see the best spots in Prague Castle. Sometimes, it could be tiring, and you would crave something to eat. Here is when Kuchyn can play a significant role. Unlike the typical restaurant in Prague, Kuchyn does not provide a menu.

Guests just need to lift the lids of pots and choose what they want to eat. It feels a bit different, but you will get used to it. Unfortunately, the selection is limited. But every meal in the pot is made from the freshest and highest quality of ingredients.

Yes, everything you eat is not only delicious but also nutritious. Furthermore, Kuchyn is close to popular tourist destinations, helping you save some cash in the long run.

Na Slamniku 

After an exhausting day of travel, it is best to sip a glass of beer. But where to find the perfect place? Good question, and Na Slamniku is the right destination. Every year, it receives a number of tourists for a reason.

As one of the oldest pubs in Prague, Na Slamniku is known for its reasonable prices and relaxing pub atmosphere. But nothing can beat drinking your favorite beer with a close friend or a relative.

More Things to Do in the Area of the Fest

Besides the Prague festival of lights, what else can you do or explore in the area for your future vacation? Here are the other things you can definitely not miss in Prague:

Visit the Infant Jesus of Prague 

Are you a catholic and have been traveling to famous shrines around the world? If this year your destination is the capital city of Czech, never forget to go to the Infant Jesus of Prague.

Every day, the shrine receives hundreds of believers. But since there’s Covid-19, we encourage everyone to observe the strictest social or physical distancing. And be sure to wear face masks and other protective gear.

Go to the Old Town Square

Years had passed, but the Old Town Square is where locals and other tourists flock. Its architecture is breathtaking. It is believed it has been around since the 10th century.

If exploring Prague’s architecture is not your thing, you don’t have to worry as there are musicians and street performers that will keep you entertained.

But because of Covid-19, most events in Old Town Square are canceled. It is sad, but our safety should be our number one priority in this time of uncertainty, right? Let us pray that the pandemic would end soon.

Explore the Charles Bridge

Want to forget the pile of paper works in your office and relax for a short time? If yes, stroll in the Charles Bridge. Aside from the tranquility of the water, you will fall in love with the views of the buildings nearby.

The cold breeze from the water may ease your mind and soul. Another thing that travelers love about the Charles Bridge is that it is open to the public at no cost. Yes, it is free.

Prague Festival of Lights
Arik Akunis
Arik Akunis

My name is Arik Akunis and I have been in the field of lighting for over the last 20 years, I started my journey in the world of lighting in the lighting niche for events where I first came across a festival of lights and immediately fell in love with it.

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