Swan Festival of Lights


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The SFOL or Swan Festival of Light is a premiere Deepavil event in Perth, bringing the community as one yearly.

The SFOL or Swan Festival of Light is a premiere Deepavil event in Perth, bringing the community as one yearly. The festival has become a momentous occasion on the cultural calendar of Perth, Eagerly anticipated yearly by thousands of crowds and visitors who gather from interstate and overseas and from the various communities in the city as well as Western Australia.

Swan Festival of Lights
Festival highlights

About the Festival

The festival has developed into a flagship affair on the cultural calendar of Perth, having gained a remarkable reputation as a high-quality, distinctive event, noted particularly for its friendliness as well as inclusiveness. The Swan Festival of Lights is a main celebration and festival observed by Indians from all parts of the world. This symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, knowledge over unawareness, and light over darkness. A lot of mythological explanations live for this event.

Deepavali stands for the reaffirmation of trust, renewed dedication to friendship, religious tolerance as well as a celebration of the joy in life in the presentation of culture and fine arts to the people of Australia while promoting multiculturalism through the rich, diverse as well as renowned performing artistes of Perth. This event has turned into synonymous with Deepavali among the Indian diaspora in the city of Perth. Perth communities and the Government agencies extensively consider it as a critical Indian festival event for the celebration.

Festival Dates

The Swan Festival of Lights usually takes place from November through December. This is a one-month celebration that will showcase colours, rhythms, as well as flavors.

Some of the events that you need to watch out for are art display, outdoor film and enjoy delicious food and beverages, watch dance as well as music performances by international and local groups. You can also participate in arts, crafts as well as workshops.

For this year, organizers are yet to announce the festival dates and other details, so stay tuned for the latest updates or regularly visit the festival’s official website and social media channels.

Festival Where About

The event will be happening in Perth. Perched at the edge of Western Australia, Perth is a modern, prosperous city with a rich history, delightful weather as well as a host of things to see and do, including the best beaches. This buzzing city is the capital of the big region. And if you are searching for fun and excitement, adventure, and an abundance of activities, then it is the best place for you.

Perth city is accessible by air, land, rail, and sea in a vast network of travel choices, and it is easy to navigate.


You can easily access the city by air from around Australia, overseas, and other places in the state. The international and domestic terminals are situated just twenty minutes from the city center.


One of the greatest train tours, the famous Indian Pacific run by Great Southern Rail, is a tour of a lifetime. This 3-days trip leaves from Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney and journeys through river lands, vineyards as well as both expansive and amazing Nullarbor Plain.


You can also take the tour across the city via road. There are visibly signed posts. The speed limit is 100 kilometers, and you can see the beautiful wildlife heading to Perth.

Cruise ship

During the month of November and December, Perth, together with others parts of the state, feature on cruise itineraries. This is a good way to visit Perth to watch the festival of lights.

Taxi and Rideshare

Taxies are also available from international and domestic terminals. A cab trip from the terminals to the city of Perth will take twenty to thirty minutes and cost only AUD30.00 – AUD40.00.

Public Transport

Transperth operates daily bus services between the airport of Perth, Perth City, and other local centres.

If you’re in Australia, you can also check out these other amazing festivals:

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Perth Festival of Lights

Festival Hours

The event usually starts from 7 in the evening until 10 in the evening.

How Much It Costs To Visit The Fest

You can join the Swan Festival of Lights for free. There is no need to spend any amount to witness this amazing yearly event.

The Weather In The Festival Dates And Place

From November to December in Perth, the average high-tempis 29.1 degrees Celsius or 84.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low-temp is 16.4 degrees Celsius or 61.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, it is a bit cold in the evening, so it is advisable to bring a jacket with you.

Perth Swan Festival of Lights
festival of lights perth

Where to sleep nearby the festival?

There are lots of hotels to stay in in Perth. Some of the best ones are as follows:

Hyatt Regency Perth

This is one of the best hotels in Perth, with an overlooking to the beautiful swan river. This is widely regarded as the premier hotel of the city when it comes to luxurious accommodation, superb service, and the so-called intangibles. It offers a stunning bird’s eye view of South Perth the nearby areas.

This hotel has 367 rooms and a big ballroom that can accommodate 1,200 visitors, four function rooms as well as a well-designed bedroom.

What is more, the hotel has obtained the reputation of being an excellent and well-equipped business location for corporate conferences and meetings. What is more, it also boasts of 3- award-winning restaurants.

The Hyatt Regency Perth provides a minibar and bar, parking, restaurant, TV, sauna, internet access, bureau de change, fitness center, whirlpool, safe deposit, children care facilities, 24-hour room service, and many others.

The Chifley on The Terrace

This also one of the best hotels in Perth, situated in the middle of the city. This is a few minute’s walk to the business district and the main entertainment as well as the shopping area and a short drive to the Swan River.

It has 85 rooms and one conference room ideal for business conferences that can accommodate up to 120 guests and are stocked with the newest audio-visual equipment. The restaurants and bars are relatively popular. Some of the amenities offered are a minibar and bar, TV, safe deposit, business facilities, whirlpool, internet access, air conditioning, and 24-hour room service.

Broadwater Pagoda Hotel: This is one of the many hotels, which overlook the stunning Swan River in Como. This is a brief stroll to the popular Perth Zoo and to an extensive array of South Perth entertainment, eating as well as shopping options. It has 101 rooms, a conference room that can accommodate 300 people, and a host of audio-visual equipment.

This hotel offers a shuttle service to Perth. Amenities offered include bar, parking, restaurant, television, sauna, swimming pool, business facilities, disabled access, childcare facilities, and many more.

Where to Eat In Perth

After a tiring walk around the city, perhaps you need to find a place to grab some food. Here are some of the best restaurants in Perth that you can give a try:


This is an accessible restaurant with a timeless dining setting that provides you the confidence. Some of the foods they offer include tartare and terrine, kangaroo loin as well as duck fat potatoes tick, and there are also impressive choices of wines.


This restaurant was opened in 2011 and one of the best and most visited places in Perth. It has a warm ambiance, and the service is unmatched.

Bread In Common

This is one of the most dependable dining experiences and stands out when it comes to comfort and quality. The lamb ribs are very remarkable. They also offer bread that really stands out when it comes to taste.

More Things to Do in the Area

If you have kids and planning to visit Perth to witness the festival and thinking about what you can do in the morning, here are some tips to make your visit worthwhile:

Heathcote Reserve

This is an amazing location on the Swan River, on top of a hill with stunning sweeping views of the whole city and Swan River. It has a remarkable playground for the children. There’s a café nearby which offers good coffee and a restaurant if you want something to eat.

You can sit back and enjoy the scenery with a cup of espresso while the children are playing on the playground, or the entire family can stroll down a couple of steps to the river shore and have a walk along the clean water.

Point Walter

Located on the Swan River Point, Walter is a meeting point for many playgroups and families for barbeques on Lazy Sundays. You can picnic under shaded trees right at the river foreshore, and there’s a café right there which offers takeaway food. Children can play in the shallow river or on the playground.

Sorrento Quay/AQWA

This is a remarkable destination for a day outing within and around Perth. It’s right on the Indian Ocean and has many shops and small restaurants. You can grab chips and fish or ice cream for the little ones.

Next door is AQWA, the Aquarium of Western Australia that is worth your visit. Also, there’s an amusement park which surely loved by the kids that have an amazing attraction for any age.

festival of lights perth


1. What are the parking options at the Swan Festival of Lights?

Answer: There are designated parking areas around the festival venue, and additional parking options in the nearby streets. However, given the festival’s popularity, it’s advisable to arrive early or consider using public transport.

2. Is smoking permitted during the Swan Festival of Lights?

Answer: In line with many public events in Perth, smoking is typically restricted to designated smoking areas. These areas are clearly marked and located away from the main festival grounds to ensure the comfort of all attendees.

3. Can I bring my pet to the Swan Festival of Lights?

Answer: While the festival is an outdoor event, it’s best to leave pets at home due to the crowd sizes and potential noise from performances. Service animals, however, are always welcome.

4. Are there food and beverage stalls at the festival?

Answer: Absolutely! The Swan Festival of Lights often features a diverse range of food stalls, offering both traditional and contemporary dishes. There are also beverage stands where visitors can purchase drinks.

5. Are there any restricted items I shouldn’t bring to the festival?

Answer: Yes, for safety reasons, items such as glass containers, large umbrellas, drones, and any potential weapons are not permitted. Bag checks might be conducted upon entry.

6. Are there provisions for visitors with disabilities?

Answer: Yes, the festival grounds are generally accessible to wheelchair users and those with mobility challenges. Special viewing areas and accessible toilets are often provided. It’s advisable to contact the festival organizers in advance if you have specific requirements.

7. Is there a lost and found section at the festival?

Answer: Yes, a lost and found booth is typically set up during the festival. If you lose an item, or find something that someone else might have lost, you can head to this booth for assistance.

8. Can I buy festival merchandise on-site?

Answer: Often, there are stalls selling festival-related merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, and memorabilia. It’s a great way to take a piece of the festival home with you.




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