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Tonga Lumina offers everyone a unique adventure, animating the forest at night. This festival of lights draws on themes of collective imaginaries, inspired by legends and natural wonders.
The light festival experience starts with a climb by chairlift towards the mystic adventure to reveal the secrets of Tonga.

You will be introduced to a mysterious realm, whether lighting effects, audio, and multimedia illusions are combined with the dense wilderness of the forest to create a spectacular participatory experience.

Tonga Lumina
Festival highlights

About Tonga Lumina

Aside from highlighting the natural and enchanting beauty of the forest, the light exhibition lets you witness and explore tons of fairy lights, blinking Christmas lights, curtain lights, LED curtain lights, net lights, icicle lights, meteor shower lights, and rope lights.

Tonga Lumina is a perfect sensory experience for everyone, whether you want to bring your family and friends or explore the forest alone. This 1.5-hm night walk is famous for its illuminated, stone dust pathway at the heart of nature.

This festival of lights gives you a magical way to start and celebrate the holiday season. It will not only introduce you to a fairy-tale-like world but also give you a perfect moment to unwind and have quality time with loved ones. 

Tonga Lumina Dates (2022)

Tonga Lumina is one of the much-awaited illuminated night walk events of the year, offering a multisensory show of light and sound. After the night falls, you can start entering the unforgettable journey. The forested gravel trail will take you to the sensory experience.

To start your journey, a Flying Mile chairlift will take you to the midway station, leading to the trail entrance. Once a brief ascension is complete, the trail will lead you to the hill, woods, streams, and clearings.

This light festival runs from June 17, 2022 until October 15, 2022. So, you have plenty of time planning your visit. It is a fantastic event for all ages. 

Here are the confirmed dates:

  • Every day – June 17, 2022 to September 5, 2022
  • Friday and Saturday – September 9, 2022 to October 8, 2022
  • Sunday – October 9, 2022
  • Friday and Saturday – October 14, 2022 to October 15, 2022

Where Is Tonga Lumina Located and How to Get There 

Tonga Lumina takes place in 1000 Chem. de Voyageurs, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1T1. Mont-Tremblant is a world-renowned resort. 

The nearest airport to the festival venue is the Montreal Mirabel International Airport. The travel time lasts up to 2 hours and 45 minutes. Other nearby airports include Ottawa, Quebec, Burlington, and Montreal Mirabel International Airport.

Traveling to Mont-Tremblant is straightforward due to the proximity to East Coast hubs (Toronto, Montreal, New York, and Boston) and two airports.

If you come from New York, expect a 7.5-hour drive to Mont-Tremblant. Drive highway 87 north. Once you reach the Canadian border, turn to highway 15 north and drive through Montreal. Then, follow signs for Saint Jerome and Saint Agathe. Next, turn to Routh 117 north and after Saint Jovite, take exit 119. Once you reach Chemin Duplessis, follow signs for Tremblant Resort.

If you come from Boston, travel takes up to 7 hours. Drive highway 93 north until you reach the Canadian border. Turn to highway 15 north and drive through Montreal. Then, follow signs for Saint Jerome and Saint Agathe. Next, turn to Routh 117 north and after Saint Jovite, take exit 119. After reaching Chemin Duplessis, follow signs for Tremblant Resort.

There are several ways to get to the festival venue if you come from Montreal.

By Shuttle Bus:

If you prefer a shuttle bus service, Autocars Skyport offers daily service between Montreal Airport and Mont-Tremblant. You can also take advantage of the charter services.

By Limousine:

You can hire a limousine service for a luxurious and comfortable arrival at Mont-Tremblant. Different limousine companies provide this service between Trudeau Airport and Mont-Tremblant every day, including Charles Limousine, Montreal Limousine, Group Classique Limousine, and Limousine Express Mont-Tremblant.

By Car Rental:

You can find plenty of car rental companies that will help you reach Mont-Tremblant from the airport. The requirements include a credit card, a local driver’s license, and minimum age of 25 years. 

Tonga Lumina Festival Hours 

When June hits the calendar, make sure to plan a visit to Tonga Lumina. You can invite your family, friends, and colleagues to experience this fairy-tale-like event, combing lights, and sound. 

The light festival often starts from 6:00 PM until 11:00 PM. You have to follow the starting time indicated on the ticket.

How Much It Cost to Visit Tonga Lumina

With Tonga Lumina, you do not have to spend lots of cash just to enjoy, have fun, and have quality time with family and friends. This festival of lights is affordable and offers lots of fun things.

Here are the ticket prices to become part of Tonga Lumina:

  • Adult (18 years old and above) – $29
  • Youth (13 to 17 years old) – $19
  • Child (6 to 12 years old) – $13 
  • Peewee (0 to 5 years old) – Free 

Weather and What to Wear 

The festival of lights starts in June, and expect the weather to be warm. The average daytime temperatures are in the mid-20s Celsius (70s Fahrenheit), with a single-digit Celsius average nighttime temperatures (low 30s Fahrenheit). So, make sure to bring short or long sleeves, extra socks, light skirts, heavy shorts or short pants, breathable footwear, and light dresses.

Visiting Mont-Tremblant in July gives you average daytime temperatures of mid-20s Celsius (high 70s Fahrenheit). At night, the average temperatures are in the low 10s Celsius (low 50s Fahrenheit). Do not forget to pack sandals, heavy shorts or short pants, extra socks, short or long sleeve shirts, light skirts, light dresses, and breathable footwear.

In August, the weather is still warm. At night, the average temperatures are in the single digits Celsius (low 50s Fahrenheit). It also rains occasionally. You can bring sandals, short or long sleeve shirts, light skirts, extra socks, heavy shorts or short pants, lightweight dresses, and rain pants. 

The weather is mild in Mont-Tremblant in September; the average temperatures are in the low 20s Celsius (high 60s Fahrenheit). It also rains occasionally. Make sure to pack long sleeve blouses or shirts, standard footwear, fleece or light jacket, dresses, jeans or pants, extra socks, light or heavy skirts, rain pants, and a raincoat.

In October, the weather can be brisk. On average, temperatures are in the low 10s Celsius (50s Fahrenheit). It would help if you packed rain pants, waterproof footwear, a raincoat, extra socks, mittens or light gloves, a coat or jacket, warm jeans or pants, and fleece. 

Hotels nearby Tonga Lumina

Before you get too excited to join Tonga Lumina, ensure to book accommodation. Here are the top recommendations:

  • Microtel Inn & Suites 

This accommodation features free private parking and free Wi-Fi access throughout the property. The staff is accommodating and friendly.

  • Chateau Beauvallon 

The majestic Laurentians Mountains surround this accommodation. It features a free ski shuttle and kitchenette in every room. The rooms are clean, and the staff is helpful and friendly.

  • Fairmont Tremblant 

This accommodation is situated at the base of Mont-Tremblant Mountain. It features a full-service spa and direct access to key areas, including the pedestrian village.

Where to Eat 

Mont-Tremblant offers a wide variety of food destinations, from upscale and fancy to local favorites. Check out the top recommendations:

  • La Maison de la Crepe 

This restaurant is a perfect place to try different crepes. Some of the favorites include the Matante Claudette, la fiesta crepe, the brunch crèpe, and the smoked salmon crepe.

  • Restaurant Le Savoie 

This restaurant serves Swiss and French cuisines. It offers delicious food and a satisfying dining experience. Besides the Raclette local specialty, charcuteries and fondues are also popular.

  • La Roulette 

This local food hub offers fries, burgers, and steamed hot dogs. Do not forget to try the classic poutine, which are French fries, curd cheese, and gravy. Variations are available in ground beef and smoked meat.

More Things to Do in the Area

Mont-Tremblant is not only famous for Tonga Lumina; you can try other things in the area, including:

  • Mont Tremblant National Park 

This park is the third oldest park in Canada. It is also Quebec’s first national park. It boasts plenty of climbing and hiking areas, wildlife, rivers, and lakes. It offers a perfect place to experience rock climbing.

  • Lac Tremblant 

This beautiful lake offers one-hour scenic views from Mont-Tremblant resort. The cruise lets you experience breathtaking views of mountains and the calming atmosphere of the lake.

  • La Cabane a Tuque 

This old sugar shack welcomes visitors with trails for exciting snowshoeing. It lets you experience how maple sap is harvested using the traditional method. It also offers a vegan menu. 

  • Mont Tremblant Pedestrian Village

This pedestrian village comes with Swiss-style lodges. The cobblestone steps will lead your way to the gondola opening, patios, and a giant fireplace. It features bistros, wine bars, and International, French, and Asian cuisines. You can also try the pubs and coffee shops.

Hope you enjoy Tonga Lumina, if you did you should visit:

Foresta Lumina

Arik Akunis
Arik Akunis

My name is Arik Akunis and I have been in the field of lighting for over the last 20 years, I started my journey in the world of lighting in the lighting niche for events where I first came across a festival of lights and immediately fell in love with it.

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