Truro Festival of Lights


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The Truro festival of lights is one of the most awaited events each year in Truro City, Cornwall, UK. The festival of lights is a fantastic event you can enjoy with your loved ones.

This seasonal festival attracts thousands of tourists each year. Cornwall comes alive in early November, showcasing impressive light show displays that can amaze anyone.

Nothing beats a holiday vacation with your family, watching impressive light show displays, visiting entertainment centers near the area, and much more. Watching the Truro festival of lights can give you a fantastic experience.

Truro Festival of Lights
Festival highlights

About the Festival

This festival showcase DIY lanterns made by local artists, schools, and community groups displayed on the streets. The dazzling lanterns, beautiful floats, thousands of fairy lights, blinking Christmas lights, and twinkling light tress will surely boost your Christmas spirit.

The Truro festival of lights is one of the most popular and hugely anticipated events during the Christmas season in Cornwall. Aside from the light exhibition, you can also enjoy fantastic food and drinks.

Festival Dates

The Truro festival of lights is held every year in Cornwall, UK. The festival of lights usually kicks off mid-November and ends in January. The festival of lights in Truro City is one of the most awaited events in Cornwall, UK. Schools, community groups, NGO’s and volunteers participate in this event to beautify the streets of Truro.

This 2023, specific dates of the festival are yet to be announced by the organizers so stay tuned for the latest updates or visit the festival’s official website or social media channels.

The festival of lights has been celebrated for many years now in Truro City. The main attraction of the light festival is the paper mache lanterns and light show display. Other than that, you can enjoy live bands, parades, mouthwatering food, and drinks.

There are many things to do in Truro city during the holiday season. So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends and experience the joy of Christmas in Truro City.

Where’s The Truro Festival of Lights Located and How to Get There

The festival of lights is a major Christmas event in the town of Truro in Cornwall, UK. If you want to attend the Truro festival of lights, you can go to the nearest bus stop.

You can check the nearest bus using the bus finder application. You can also ask the local for directions if you are having a hard time using your phone. Traveling by car is the fastest way. If you don’t know the way, then you can use your smartphone GPS or navigational application.

Here are other enchanting lights festivals in United Kingdom:

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Festival Hours

The Truro  Festival of Lights usually kicks off in mid-November or early December. The usual festival hours operation is from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm

This festival usually attracts more than 30,000 visitors each year except that the place will be crowded. If you don’t want to miss fun activities, you should consider going as early as 3 or 4 pm to avoid traffic.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit the Light Festival?

The Truro festival of lights showcases amazing events for you to enjoy this holiday season. The festival starts in early November, and it’s a free community event.

You don’t need to purchase a ticket to watch the live music, parades, and light show. However, you need to bring extra money for parking space if you have a vehicle with you and for your food and drinks.

Weather in Festival Dates and What to Wear

The weather in Truro during the festival in November ranges from 12° to 8°C and has a lot of rainy days as well as in December that can get up to 10°C to 7°C this could get pretty chilly during the night time.

Although you can wear anything you want, it’s advisable to bring extra clothing like a sweater and jacket to keep you warm during the night. Make sure you get an umbrella because November and December are most likely rainy seasons in the UK.

Where to Sleep?

There are many amazing places to stay in the town of Truro, whether you like to say in an Inn or hotel, finding the nearest and the right one for your budget is easy. Suppose you’re attending the festival, make sure to find the closest place to stay to get the most out of your holiday vacation.

Below are some of the hotels and Inns you can consider:

Bissick Old Mill

Bissick Old Mill is one of the most luxurious hotels in the town of Truro. They are well known for their good accommodation and quality service. This hotel is located between St Austell and Truro and near to the festival location. The hotel provides on-site free parking and free WiFi for their guest.

The hotel has a luxurious room that is equipped with a private bathroom suite with a shower and hairdryer. The rooms also have a TV, DVD player, fridge, coffee facility, and free snacks. The food they serve is organic and produced by locals. If you want a good place to stay, this particular hotel is top on our list.

The Alverton

The Alverton is also a great hotel that has a 4-star rating. This hotel is located within the cathedral of Truro. They are well known for their excellent service and accommodation. Many tourists who attend the festival book a reservation to this hotel, so you need to book early if you want to stay here.

The hotel offers on-site free parking and a bar where you can chill. The rooms are equipped with a TV, bathroom, coffee-making facility, and much more. They serve traditional meals only at lunchtime during Sundays.

County Arms

If you’re looking for a traditional hotel, then the County Arms hotel is perfect for you. This is a conventional Cornish inn with award-winning ales, mouthwatering home-cooked meals, and fantastic countryside views. The Inn features lovely rooms that have a flat-screen TV and free WIFI.

The lounge and the rooms provide ample space for guests, and each room has a private bathroom and a luxury Vi-spring mattress. The Inn offers a delicious breakfast that comes with the rate and serves top-class ales and coffee. The Inn has 24 hours on-site free parking and communal seating for guests.

Where to Eat?

There are many great places to eat delicious food in Truro near the festival of light location. You can eat whatever you want, from a juicy steak to a vegan meal. This city can provide you with anything your palate desire. Below are some great restaurants you can visit:

Yak and Yeti

This restaurant is famous in Truro and has been around for 16 years now. The family who runs the restaurants specializes in Indian and Nepalese cuisine, but they also offer western and Asian food. If you want to taste a powerful curry and spicy food, this place is worth a visit. Anyone is welcomed in the restaurant child friendly and disable friendly. The restaurant also offers a vegetarian menu, vegan options, and gluten-free options.

The Rising Sun Pub

The rising Sun Pub is rank on the top out of 19 pubs in Truro. There’s no wonder why they are on top because they have a wonderful crew hospitable and welcoming to guests. If you’re looking for a place to relax, eat, and drink, the rising sun pub might be the perfect place for you. They serve a large portion of food for an affordable price. Eating here can give you a pleasant experience. The restaurant also offers a vegetarian menu, vegan options, and gluten-free options.

The Cornish Vegan

The Cornish Vegan is also a great place to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They serve delicious, wholesome plant-based comfort food like a burger but without real beef. If you’re a vegan, then going to this place would make you happy.  The restaurant also offers a vegetarian menu, vegan options, gluten-free options, and non-vegan food and alcohol.

More Things to Do in Truro, Cornwall, UK

Truro is a great place that offers many fun activities and unique places like entertainment centers, beautiful sceneries, fancy restaurants, and much more. You can do a lot of things here aside from watching the beautiful festival of lights. Staying in Truro can provide you with an amazing holiday vacation. Below are some of the things you can do in the town of Truro:

  • Looking for a gift? Then you can visit the Lemon Street Market
  • Visit the Royal Cornwall Museum and be fascinated by the historical art display in the museum gallery
  • Your Truto vacation will not be complete if you don’t visit the Truro Cathedral
  • Take the whole family to one of the most famous Cyder farm Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm
  • Have a stroll in The Roseland Heritage Coast


1. What are the parking options during the Truro Festival of Lights?

Answer: Truro offers several public car parks, including the Moorfield Car Park and Moresk Car Park. During the festival, these can become busy, so visitors are advised to arrive early or consider using park-and-ride services available on the outskirts of Truro.

2. Is smoking permitted at the Truro Festival of Lights?

Answer: While there isn’t a blanket ban on smoking in outdoor public spaces in the UK, attendees are kindly requested to be considerate of others and refrain from smoking in crowded areas during the festival. Some specific event areas or venues may have designated non-smoking zones.

3. Can I bring my pets to the Truro Festival of Lights?

Answer: While pets are generally allowed in many outdoor areas of Truro, given the large crowds and noise levels during the festival, it might be best to leave pets at home for their comfort. Always ensure pets are on a leash if they are brought along.

4. How long does the festival typically last?

Answer: The Truro Festival of Lights usually takes place over several days, with various events, workshops, and parades. The main lantern parade is a highlight and lasts for a few hours in the evening.

5. Will there be food and drink stalls during the festival?

Answer: Absolutely! Truro Festival of Lights typically has a variety of food and drink vendors, offering both local Cornish treats and a range of international cuisines.

6. Are there any restrictions on items I can bring to the festival?

Answer: While there’s no specific list of restricted items, it’s always a good idea to avoid bringing large bags or potentially hazardous items. If attending specific events or venues, check their individual guidelines.

7. Can I take photographs during the festival?

Answer: Yes, visitors are encouraged to capture the vibrant displays and festivities. However, if you’re a professional photographer or intend to use images for commercial purposes, you may need to seek permission from the event organizers or relevant authorities.

8. Are the festival venues and events wheelchair accessible?

Answer: Most of Truro’s public areas are wheelchair accessible, and efforts are made to ensure festival events accommodate everyone. However, given the historic nature of some parts of Truro, it’s a good idea to check specific venues in advance.


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