Uluru lights (Field of Lights Uluru)


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Festival highlights

The Uluru Lights is an award-winning light exhibition that opened way back on April 1, 2016, at the Ayers Rock Resort. If you’re looking for a unique lights festival, the Ayers rock lights is the best choice. Uluru’s sacred site is surrounded by over 50,000 illuminated top stems in a huge area.

The Uluru festival of lights was created by artist Bruce Munro. Solar power fully illuminates these lights. The spheres are interconnected using illuminated optical fiber that lights up in the dark. Munro was honored that the field of light would remain at Uluru. He stated that the Red Center’s ancient landscape continuously inspires his feelings, thoughts, and ideas shaping his work and life. The Festival of Lights Uluru is a must-visit area as you travel in the place.

Uluru Lights

The beautiful lights exhibition is also known as Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku, translated as “looking at lots of beautiful lights.” It was a fantasy garden with 50,000 light spindles of deep violet, ochre, gentle white, and blue. 

Festival of Lights Uluru Dates (2023 – 2024)

Originally, the Festival of Lights Uluru began on April 1, 2016. The Night at Field of Light opened in July 2022, and has since been a favorite of festival-goers. This year, you can indulge yourself with mesmerizing sceneries and experience exclusive dining under the outback sky of the lights displayed in Uluru as the festival has been running since April 1, 2023. You can experience the breathtaking light displays until March 31,2024.

You can enjoy the “Sounds of Silence” dinner and admire the light art installation. If you want to unwind with your family or friends, going to the festival of lights is the best decision. You can witness a work of art that can offer you peace of mind. Meanwhile, it is not suitable for kids nine years old and under. 

Where It’s Located and How To Get There

The Festival of Lights Uluru is located in Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. It is a big sandstone formation in the center of Australia. It was situated in the southern part of the Northern Territory. 

Uluru was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also among the most recognizable natural landmarks and tourist destinations in Australia. The area is within the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It’s half an hour drive from Yulara town and a 5-hour drive from Alice Springs. 

You can buy a national park ticket for three days to get there. If you wish to stay longer, you can extend the ticket for five days without extra cost. You can enter Uluru by air with direct flights from main Australian airports and through Alice Springs airport.

Uluru Lights

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Festival Hours

There are no specific hours for the lights festival, but you can enjoy it at night. You can tour the Festival of Lights Uluru for 4.5 hours. The tour allows you to admire the installation of the beautiful lights. You can have a panoramic view of the Uluru lights from the dune top area. Enjoy outback style canapes and Australian beer, sparkling wine, and non-alcoholic drinks. 

As darkness falls, you can witness Uluru as it is thrown into silhouette. Your eyes will love the gentle rhythms of the desert’s color light. The festival of lights will make you feel the beauty of life. It may symbolize that there are lights as your life gets dark. 

How Much It Costs To Visit the Field of Lights Uluru

General admission for the Field of Light starts from $46 for adults. For children, the price starts at $33. 

Dinner in the field of lights costs $310 for adults and $155 for children. There’s also a Field of Lights Star Pass that costs $110 for adults and $70 for children. The Festival of Lights Uluru is not open to the public. So, you need to book a tour to enjoy the light show. A feast in the field of lights also features a Didgeridoo performance, a self-guided walk in the illuminated lights, Australian beers, wine, non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea, and port.

Your night will begin with a convenient hotel pick-up and transfer into the remote desert location. There, you can enjoy the majestic scenery of Uluru. The 50,000 glass spheres will come to life and impress you. It can be a memorable night for you. 

Weather and What to Wear

Uluru has a hot desert climate. The average high temperature is 37.8 °C (100.0°F). The average low temperature is 4.7° C (40.5°F). Enclosed shoes and long pants are highly recommended as you walk on the sand dune and field of light. 

You can wear comfortable clothing to make the best of your experience with the Festival of Lights in Uluru. 

Festival of Lights Uluru

Hotels Nearby the Ayers Rock Lights Fest

After visiting the Ayers Rock Lights, you should have a comfortable place to sleep. To guide you, the following are some nearby hotels to stay in during your vacation. 

Desert Gardens Hotel 

It is a superior hotel based in Voyages Ayers Rock Resort. The hotel setting has magnificent flowering native shrubs and ghost gums. It can provide you with excellent accommodation. You can relax on a private balcony, shaded poolside rooms to deluxe rooms where you can view the desert. Desert Gardens Hotel also has a pool and bar. 

The hotel has free parking and conference facilities. You can also enjoy unlimited WiFi during your stay. The rooms also have air conditioning, flat-screen TV, tea and coffee maker, shower, housekeeping, and room service. 

The Lost Camel 

The hotel features contemporary, studio-style accommodation with crisp, clean whites and bright colors decoration. The Lost Camel’s furnishings have a stylish combination of urban and Aboriginal themes offering an exciting and fresh feel to the guests. 

The modern, compact studio-style rooms come with a king-zipper bed and bathroom with a separate toilet, shower, and open-plan vanity. You can also relax in the hotel’s swimming pool. They also have a friendly staff that will accommodate your needs. 

Emu Walk Apartments

The hotel is sheltered behind the gardens of native trees. It is well-equipped to give you a satisfying stay. The apartments are self-contained, with separate living rooms, kitchens, and bedroom areas. 

Emu Walk Apartments also has excellent amenities to provide relaxing and excellent accommodation. They have free internet, free parking, and baggage storage. You can also soak in their swimming pool. The rooms come with a flat-screen TV, coffee and tea maker, air conditioning, bath/ shower, and private balcony. It is a good choice if you want to have a luxurious hotel experience. 

Where to Eat

Your visit to the Festival of Lights will not be complete without tasting delicious foods in the place. The following are some recommendations to enjoy your food trip during your visit to the Festival of Lights Uluru. 

Sounds of Silence 

The restaurant offers quick bites, gluten-free options, and Australian cuisines. They have a lovely and relaxing ambiance. The staff will provide you fine dining experience through their delicious foods and excellent customer service. If you love barbecue, Sounds of Silence can be the ideal restaurant for you.

Arnguli Grill & Restaurant 

If you want to try Australian cuisines after a tour in the field of lights in Uluru, you can visit Arnguli Grill & Restaurant. You can be satisfied with the excellent food and service offered by their team. They also have a relaxing atmosphere, so you can eat comfortably with your loved ones. 

Ilkari Restaurant   

The Ilkari Restaurant offers vegetarian-friendly, contemporary and Australian cuisines. Aside from their tasty foods, you can also be impressed by their helpful and polite staff. They have excellent customer service, making you feel like a special guest. The place also has a relaxing atmosphere for your convenience. 

More Things To Do In The Area

As you visit the Festival of Lights in Uluru, there are still more things you can enjoy in the area. With that, you can have an enjoyable and entertaining travel to Uluru. 

Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Center 

You can visit the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Center to enjoy your trip to Uluru. The place features Anangu culture, lore, and traditions. You can also hear Tjukurpa (creation stories) and Inma (ceremonial songs). 

Visiting the place allows you to explore galleries of the work of local artists. You can purchase jewelry and paintings to support the local community. The park also comes with retail stores where you can buy beautiful souvenirs. 


You can also try camping nearby. With this activity, you can discover the nearby wonders. You can explore the unique wildlife and native animals. Camping under the stars can provide you with tranquility and peace of mind. 

Kata Tjuta 

Visiting the Kata Tjuta, known initially as Olgas, is another activity you can enjoy at Uluru. It was a collection of soaring rounded domes. You can have a nice walk around these formations and see them change color during sunrise and sunset. 

View Uluru from above

You can witness a spectacular view of the Uluru above. You can take a helicopter flight and hover in the sky to see the gorgeous red rock from above. You can skydive if you want to have a thrilling adventure. 

Enjoy the sunset/ sunrise

If you want to experience serenity, you can enjoy the rock at sunrise or sunset. It can be an unforgettable experience as you travel to Australia. 


1. Where’s the Parking?

Parking is available near the festival entrance. Follow the signs, mate, you can’t miss it!

2. Can I Smoke?

No smoking allowed. Trust us, the lights are dazzling enough, no need for a smoke cloud.

3. Pets Allowed?

Sorry, no pets. The festival is a no-go zone for your furry friends.

4. What’s the Outdoor Lighting Like?

Prepare for an outback transformation! From twinkle lights trees to curtain lights, the desert shines like never before.

5. Food and Drinks?

Yep! Food and drink stalls are scattered throughout, just follow the fairy lights!

6. Wheelchair Accessible?

Absolutely, the festival is wheelchair-friendly with marked paths guided by lighting.

7. Any Performances?

Not just a light festival! Expect cultural performances and perhaps even a Christmas light show.

8. Best Time to Visit?

Sunset is when the magic really starts. The festival of lights turns Uluru into a glowing spectacle.

While this article aims to answer questions and concerns about the festival, it is always best to visit the festival’s official website for more details and up-to-date information.



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