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Vallea Lumina is a spectacular, immersive adventure for the whole family. This festival of lights is a storytelling experience, highlighting the beauty of mountain landscape, the mystique of twinkle lights, and the nostalgia of the holiday season.

This enchanted night walk takes you on a journey inspired by classic mystery tales, brought by sublime and integrated multimedia. You can enjoy this light festival under a starry sky during summer or in a snow landscape during winter.

Vallea Lumina
Festival highlights

About Vallea Lumina festival of lights

Besides highlighting the natural beauty of the Coast Mountains, this light exhibition offers lighting effects and video projections. You will witness tons of fairy lights, blinking Christmas lights, LED curtain lights, curtain lights, icicle lights, meteor shower lights, rope lights, and net lights.

The festival of lights is made more magical by the original soundtrack to bring the vintage story to life. Your journey starts at the forest ranger’s base camp. Then, follow the tracks toward the fairy-tale valley. All hints are hidden in cryptic radio signals and posters. 

Sparks and stardust contain secret messages. Plus, the catchy campfire song’s refrain offers an impressive supernatural display.

Vallea Lumina Dates (2022-2023)

Vallea Lumina is one of the much-awaited interactive and magical 1.5-night walk experiences. This enchanting multi-media experience is set in deep forests. This light festival combines the natural coastal rainforest’s beauty with stunning lights, video projections, and audio, creating an unforgettable and magical interactive experience.

One of the best things about joining this festival of lights is that you can enjoy all the beautiful lights, scenic views, and fun-filled activities during the summer and winter months. So, you have plenty of time to become part of this magical journey.

Vallea Lumina Summer Operation Dates 

Here are the Vallea Lumina dates during the summer months:

  • Wednesday to Sunday – June 8 to 12, 2022; September 14 to October 2, 2022
  • Friday to Sunday – June 3 to 5, 2022; October 7 to 30, 2022

Vallea Lumina Winter and Spring Operation Dates 

If you wish to join this light exhibition during the winter season to celebrate the holiday with your loved one, it runs from November 25, 2022 until April 16, 2023. 

Where is Vallea Lumina Located and How to Get There 

Vallea Lumina is undoubtedly a gigantic and fun attraction with illuminations, lights, and audio in the coastal rainforest. This festival of lights takes place in Sixteen Mile Creek Forest Service Road, Whistler, British Columbia, V0N 1BB. 

All visitors must meet at the Cougar Mountain Base at the festival hours listed on the ticket. There are several ways how you can get to the festival venue. 

By Shuttle Bus:

Epic Rides, Whistler Shuttle, and Skylynx offer daily shuttle bus service from Vancouver to Whistler. Visitors can enjoy comfortable coach rides with spectacular mountain, ocean, and city views. 

By Limousine, Mini Bus, or SUV 

You can book a limousine, mini bus, or SUV from the airport transfer or downtown to the festival venue. This gives you a safe and convenient travel time, including a door-to-door pick-up service. This private transportation is available from Bellingham and Sea-Tac airports, Vancouver and Seattle International Airport, and downtown Vancouver.

By Car Rental:

A car rental service is available for one-way and return travel between Vancouver and Whistler. You can choose from different vehicle types. Pick-up and drop-off locations include Downtown Vancouver, Vancouver Aiport, and Whistler. 

By Private Car:

If you plan to bring your own car, start driving along the Sea to Highway 99 to reach Whistler. It is a 120-minute km drive from Vancouver. From Whistler Village, go to Cougar Mountain Road. You will find a short uphill drive taking you to the Cougar Mountain Base.

Festival of lights Hours 

Whenever you want to treat yourself or have an enjoyable bonding experience with your family and friends, Vallea Lumina is a perfect attraction. It takes 50 to 70 minutes to complete this magical journey. 

Festival hours often start from 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM each night. So, you have plenty of hours to explore the venue. 

Vallea Lumina

How Much It Cost to Visit Vallea Lumina

Vallea Lumina is Whistler’s one of the best attractions. This light festival will ignite your senses with incredible lighting effects, video projections, and nostalgic audio. It is a perfect event for all ages.

Vallea Lumina Summer Tickets:

  • Adults (16 years old and above) – $39.99
  • Youth (6 to 15 years old) – $34.99
  • Children (5 years old and under – Free 

Vallea Lumina Winter Tickets:

  • Adults (16 years old and above) – $29.99
  • Youth (6 to 15 years old) – $24.99
  • Children (5 years old and under – Free 

Weather and What to Wear 

Vallea Lumina for the summer season starts in June and ends in October. The weather in Whistler in June is balmy. On average, temperatures are in the low 20s C (60s F). So, you should pack pants or jeans, extra socks, dresses, light or heavy skirts, fleece or light jacket, and standard footwear. 

In July, the weather is warm. Average temperatures are in the mid-20s C (70s F). Make sure to bring extra socks, light dresses, short or long sleeve shirts, heavy shorts or short pants, breathable footwear, and light skirts.

If you join the light festival in August, expect the daytime temperatures to be in the mid-20s C (high 70s F). At night, average temperatures are in the low 10s C (low 50s F). Bring heavy shorts or short pants, light skirts, extra socks, breathable footwear, short or long sleeves shirt, and light dresses.

In September, the weather is mild. At night, it’s single digits C average temperature (high 40s F). It is recommended to bring jeans or pants, fleece or light jacket, standard footwear, light or heavy skirts, and extra socks.

In September, the weather is relatively cool. During the day, the average temperatures are in the low 10s C (50s Fahrenheit) and single digits C average nighttime temperature (low 40s F). 

The light exhibition for the winter and spring seasons starts in November and ends in April. The weather in Whistler in November is brisk, with an average single digits C temperature (low 40s F). In December, the weather is frosty with single digits C average temperature (30s F).

If you visit Whistler in January, the weather is extremely cold with single digits C average temperatures  (high 30s F). In February, the weather is very chilly, particularly at night, with single digits below 0 C average temperature (low 30s F). 

In March the weather is cold. On average, the temperatures are in the single digits C (high 40s F). Joining the light exhibition in April gives you very chilly weather. The average temperatures are in the low 10s C (50s F). 

During these months, you should bring gloves, warm jeans or pants, a heavy jacket, heavy socks, sweaters, and cold weather footwear. 

Hotels nearby Vallea Lumina festival

Here are the top accommodation recommendations during your stay in Whistler:

  • Blackcomb Springs Suites 

This accommodation features private parking, an outdoor swimming pool, ski-to-door access, and a fitness center.

  • The Listel Hotel Whistler 

This hotel features free Wi-Fi and a shared indoor hot tub. The beds are comfortable and soft. It is a 2-minute walk to the dining and shopping areas. 

  • Pinnacle Hotel Whistler 

This hotel features a hot tub and an outdoor swimming pool. A gas fireplace and a spa bath are available in all rooms. The rooms provide ultimate relaxation after a long day of adventure.

Where to Eat 

Whistler is a perfect place to explore different food destinations, such as:

  • Joe Fortes Whistler 

This restaurant serves a San Francisco-styled seafood grill. It is an ideal food destination to enjoy a dynamic culinary experience. It also offers more than 200 wines.

  • SIDECUT Steakhouse 

This steakhouse is located at Four Seasons Resort Whistler. It serves prime-aged steakhouse cuts paired with signature sauces. It also features a seasonal locally-sourced menu and farm-to-table choices.

  • The Wildflower Restaurant 

This restaurant offers a breakfast and dinner menu in a rustic setting. Aside from risotto, rib, and salmon, there are wine selections and a wide variety of regional beers. 

More Things to Do in the Area 

Besides joining Vallea Lumina, here are other things you can try in Whistler:

  • Lost Lake

Lost Lake is a perfect destination for mountain biking, bird-watching, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking. It also features a beach area and allows visitors to explore forests from the shoreline.

  • Audian Art Museum 

This art museum opened in 2016 and is famous for its wood-clad design. It features British Columbian and late 1700s art pieces. It also hosts cultural events and educational programs, and lectures.

  • Whistler Olympic Park 

This attraction was built for the Winter Games in 2010. It offers winter cross-country skiing trails. There are also hands-on tours, including hiking, mountain biking, and biathlon tours.

  • Squamish-Lil’wat Cultural Centre

This museum is home to stories, weavings, and carving collections, highlighting the culture and history of the Lil’wat and Squamish people. The on-site cafes are famous for First Nations-inspired dishes, while the gift shops sell handmade souvenirs. 

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