Where Can I See Lights in NYC?

Where Can I See Lights in NYC?

During the long holiday season, every city in the US transforms into a magical wonderland with millions of lights. New York City is no exception. Every street is lit with bulbs. There are inflatable Santas and reindeer. 

But where can you see lights in New York City during the Christmas season? Below are a few options: 

Dyker Heights

After Thanksgiving, Dyker Heights lights start to turn into something we usually see during Christmas. All residents in the area decorate their homes with stunning holiday ornaments. Everyone can also see huge inflatable snowmen/Santa and life-size reindeer. There are also thousands of lights to explore. 

Rockefeller Center 

Another way to see dazzling lights in NYC is the Rockefeller Center. Every holiday, it has become a significant tourist destination for locals and even out of town visitors. It offers a Norway Spruce covered in LED lights. Also, the shrubberies are illuminated. Plus, there are golden angles. 

Central Park 

It has been a tradition for the Central Park Conservancy to drape and decorate the Charles A. Dana Center with holiday lights and a Santa. In 2020, the lighting was virtual, and families sang along with Christmas carols at the comfort of their home. Established on December 3rd, it stayed illuminated throughout the season. 

Hudson Yards

The restaurants and shops in Hudson Yards are other places to feel the essence of Christmas. You can easily witness a million lights and other dazzling pieces. There are also hot air balloons and Christmas trees. 

Grand Army Plaza 

Who wouldn’t know the Fifth Avenue in Midtown and the Grand Army Plaza’s the Pulitzer Fountain? Every local knows that. The Fifth Avenue, for example, is lit up with a variety of ornaments. The Pulitzer Fountain is also packed with large and stunning Christmas trees. 

Saks Fifth Avenue 

Your NYC Christmas lights tour won’t be completed without the ten-story facade of the Saks Fifth Avenue. It offers festive and fun LED light projections that usually last for two minutes and more. 

Other places to see lights in NYC include the winter garden at Brookfield Place, the light display at Time Warner Center, Rolf’s restaurant, and the Lincoln Center lights or the NYC festival of lights

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Where are the Giant Christmas Lights in NYC? 

Why settle for a small holiday display if there are giant Christmas lights in New York City? What are some of the popular options during the gift-giving season? Here are a few best choices: 

Brooklyn’s Largest Menorah 

One of the giant Christmas lights in NYC is probably Brooklyn’s Largest Menorah. Usually shined during the first night of Chanukah, the largest Menorah continues up to the eight-night of Chanukah. It is commonly accompanied by hot food and live music. 

The Shops at the Columbus Circle 

In the past year, people can witness the 14 foot stars at the Shops at the Columbus Circle. In 2020, the locals still experienced the natural beauty of the 14-foot stars. They are lit up with holiday music, making people dance, unwind, and feel the essence of the holiday season. 

Neighborhood Brownstones 

The Neighborhood Brownstones in the Upper West Side also turn their facades into something that the locals have seen over the years. It is usually decorated in garland and wreaths, which are accompanied by sparkling lights. 

Seaport District’s Ziggy

Another place to find the giant Christmas lights is the Ziggy in Seaport District. It is created by Hou de Sousa, an art and design studio based in New York. It was available to the public from the third week of November up to the first day of 2021. It is located at 200 Water Street in the popular and beautiful area of South Street Seaport.

Other giant Christmas lights in NYC are Rockefeller Center Tree of Midtown, Bronx Zoo lights, Zuccotti Park, Brookfield Place, The Vessel of Hudson Yards, Luminocity of Randall’s Island, 73rd street of UES, and more.

How Long do Christmas Lights Stay up in NYC? 

The atmosphere of the Christmas season in New York City is indescribable. There are magical decorations and countless lights for New Yorker and other out of town visitors. 

Yearly, a huge Christmas tree is lit at the Rockefeller Center. The lighting ceremony took place on December 2nd and turned off in January 2021. 

But wait, there’s more! You can take the Christmas Lights Tour of Dyker Heights. The decoration in houses is breathtaking. Dyker Heights in Brooklyn is always recognized as the best-decorated neighborhood in the US every year.

The Christmas new york festival of lights at Dyker Heights start right after Thanksgiving and can be enjoyed up to the new year. But what’s the best time to witness the most lights? Well, it’s probably in mid-December or later. The best displays are generally available on weekends. Everyone is also encouraged to go in the neighborhood from 5 to 9 pm because most homeowners turn on the lights, especially when it gets dark.

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