Where Is Berlin Festival Of Lights Located

The Berlin festival of lights

Berlin festival of lights is considered one of the most famous festivals worldwide. It is already a yearly tradition for many families from September to October. The light productions on the world-famous monuments, landmarks, squares, and buildings of the German capital make this light festival famous all over the world.           

This year, the festival of lights in Berlin will be held in September 2021. It will feature a light collection of the most important buildings, landmarks, and squares of the city with magical 3D video shows, colorful projections, and artistic light installations. The theme for this year’s festival is “Creating Tomorrow.”

The event will transform the capital into a vast stage and tell stories that move: emotional, expressive, surprising, amusing, promising, and unexpected. The festival connects people all over the world. It makes moments for sustainability, innovation, and a common future. 

The lights festival is a source of hope, inspiration, and joy for the community. The art of lights will provide you a light for your life, especially if you’re facing a dark situation. It can help you feel relaxed, energized, and happy. 

Watching the lights festival with your loved ones can be one of the unforgettable moments that you can treasure for life. The Berlin festival of lights is located in different famous landmarks of the city. These include the following:

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Museum Island and the TV tower
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • Bebelplatz
  • Berlin State Opera
  • Hotel de Rome
  • Humboldt University Faculty of Law
  • Foreign Ministry
  • Charlottenburg Palace
  • Potsdamer Platz 

With the beautiful collection of lights, you can have a fantastic moment during the festival. If you’re a traveler who plans to visit Berlin around September to October, seeing the lights festival is the best decision. 

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Is there a festival of lights bus tour in Berlin?

Are you curious whether there is a festival of lights bus tour in Berlin? Well, the answer is yes. There is a bus tour to help you enjoy the beautiful festival of lights in Berlin. With a bus tour, you can have plenty of time to watch the artistic lights festival. 

You can take photos of the lights collections during your bus stops. You can have a comfortable experience if you prefer the bus tour. They also have friendly guides, so you can see many beautiful tourist destinations during your visit to Berlin. 

You can choose a bus tour service that suits your budget. Most bus tour providers can give you excellent service that can satisfy you. If you want a practical way to enjoy the festival of lights in Berlin, a bus tour is a right solution. 

What is the Berlin festival of lights program?

The Berlin Festival of Lights program is under the patronage of governing mayor Michael Muller. It is celebrated every year from September until October. During the festival, Berlin becomes a city of light art. You can witness a beautiful lights collection in the famous buildings, monuments, squares, and landmarks of the German capital.

The Festival of Lights team transforms the city into a big shining stage together with international and national artists. If you want to have a fun, happy, and entertaining celebration during fall, joining the festival is the best idea. The event offers hope, happiness, and peace for the people watching it.   

The festival of lights program tell stories and show about their neighborhoods, transport messages, cultures and arts and themes. You can enjoy the magical moment that will surely relax and amazed you. If you’re looking for a memorable festival experience, the Berlin festival of lights is the solution. 

Berlin lights festival started way back in 2005. With its beauty that captures the heart of people, it then became a tradition in the place. Besides enjoying the beautiful lights collection at the festival, you can also enjoy other activities during your stay in Berlin. 

To sum it up, the Berlin festival of lights is one of the most famous festivals worldwide. It can give you fantastic sightseeing with a gorgeous and artistic collection of lights. Aside from witnessing the lights festival, you can also discover the city’s famous landmarks, buildings, and other famous tourist spots. 

In addition, you can also enjoy different activities during your stay in Berlin. You can visit the city’s museums, parks, event centers, and shopping centers. You can eat delicious foods in their famous restaurants, which can provide you with a luxurious dining experience. 

The festival is more than just an experience. It is designed to offer a sense of hope, joy, peace, and love for the people. It also tells stories about the culture and traditions of the city. Do you want to have a great adventure in Berlin with your loved ones? Then, it is a good decision to join their festival of lights from September to October. 

Arik Akunis
Arik Akunis

My name is Arik Akunis and I have been in the field of lighting for over the last 20 years, I started my journey in the world of lighting in the lighting niche for events where I first came across a festival of lights and immediately fell in love with it.

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