Where is the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival at?

Where is the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival at?

The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is a magnificent event in Chicago. It’s celebrated on Saturday before thanksgiving. The city trees are lighted with over a million lights that transform Michigan avenue.

The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is hosted by an association called The Magnificent Mile Association or Formerly known as Greater North Michigan Avenue Association. The festival is one of the largest festival parades in the country.  This place is packed with amazing things to do and some beautiful places to see, including Chicago’s historic landmarks.

This festival is celebrated for more than 50 years now. The trees along Michigan avenue are installed with light to welcome the holiday season. The association and some volunteers handle the lighting preparation.

The festival’s main attraction or centerpiece is the evening parade and the Magnificent Mile Avenue’s light display. The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival typically has more than a million spectators each year.  The festival parade is unique.

You can see lighted floats, balloons, performing artists, and marching bands. But today, where it’s not permitted to go outside because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the parade can be enjoyed in your home by watching the festival’s live airing.

What time is the Festival of Lights Parade in Chicago?

The holiday season in Chicago is always exciting. If you’re planning to visit this place well, it’s the right decision. With countless activities and events across neighborhoods, there are so many ways to celebrate your holiday getaway here.

The light parade Festival is the event you should look forward to during the holiday season. The festival kicks off at mid-November 22 each year from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm and the November 23 it starts at early 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. the Festival of Lights Parade starts at 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, the festival is two-part, and it’s free you don’t need money to enjoy the festival.

The parade route starts to the south on North Michigan Avenue between Oak Street and Wacker Drive. It’s basically a 2 hours long parade and after the parade, find some amazing spot to watch the amazing fireworks display.

During the parade, the trees sparkle and illuminate Michigan Avenue’s streets. The train encompasses amazing street performers, marching bands, and not to mention the spectacular lighted floats. 

So how can you get to the festival parade? You can take a car ride but leave early because there may be traffic and limited parking space. It’s recommended that you leave as early as 3:00 pm to avoid the traffic or take the CTA Red line train.

What street is the Magnificent Mile in Chicago?

The Magnificent Mile is one of the most popular and iconic tourist destinations in Chicago. This place is known for its iconic shopping areas. The Magnificent Mile is a cosmopolitan area and a premier commercial district in Chicago.

The location is a vibrant, busy area, and it’s home to unique shops, fashion outlets, fine restaurants, and magnificent hotels. The Magnificent Mile is also one of the safest places in the city. You can surely enjoy your stay here.

Magnificent mile also has famous historic landmarks like Chicago Water Tower, Terracotta Wrigley building Skyscraper, and more.

Why is Michigan Avenue known as the Magnificent Mile? The Magnificent mile was basically a part of the 1909 Burham Plan. This was said to replace Pine Street in the year 1920. The idea is to invite investors and real estate developers to create a magnificent area. Pine Street area has mostly consisted of warehouses, factories.

It’s an industrial area, whereas the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue would consist of dining, hotels, and restaurants. Arthur Rubloff and William Zeckendorf bought the site after the Great Depression of World War 2. They have bought it to create new buildings and renovate older buildings to make them more luxurious. They have developed the infrastructures and architectures to make it magnificent.

Where does the Magnificent Mile begin and end?

The Magnificent Mile is one of the most famous shopping areas globally. It’s home to some fantastic stores, attractions, hotels, restaurants, and architecture.

The Magnificent Mile begins on the Chicago River banks to the south and the oak street to the north. The Magnificent Mile encompasses about 13 blocks from the south Chicago river to not park street.

The Magnificent Mile is a wonderful place to stay. It has some fun activities and entertainment, not to mention its fine restaurants, hotels, and shopping areas.

This place has more than 400 stores, 65 hotels, and 200 plus restaurants. You’ll have a good time staying here, no doubt about that. If you want to experience real holiday spirits, don’t miss the Magnificent mile festival parade. You’d regret it if you missed it. A magnificent Mile is indeed a great place full of fun activities and events during the holiday season.

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