Wisconsin Festival of Lights


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The Festival of Lights Wisconsin is the annual Christmas light show joined by thousands of tourists and locals in Wisconsin. This amazing light exhibition also brings everybody—from young and adults and even young at heart—to one place to witness two million dazzling and twinkling lights.

More and more folks are thrilled to witness the rope lights, icicle lights, net lights, meteor shower lights, and LED curtain lights, while others prefer to see the blinking Christmas lights, light trees, and fairy lights, among other things.

Festival of Lights Wisconsin
Festival highlights

About the Festival of Lights Wisconsin

Between stunning snow-covered sceneries and glittering stars in the winter sky, Wisconsin truthfully shines this time of year. The many holiday lights are shown throughout the state only add to the magic of the sparkling surroundings.

From walking through glittering wonderlands to drive-through light shows, your entire family will make awesome holiday memories at these light shows! When the temperatures drop and the snow starts to fall, Wisconsin dazzles too! And so, to the holiday lights show that you and the entire family can enjoy!
The best part here? The Wisconsin Lights Festival is still safe and has socially distanced activities that you could get outside and enjoy this winter!

Festival of Lights Wisconsin Dates (2023-2024)

The Wisconsin Lights Festival certainly helps this already-vibrant city shine more! Throughout downtown, you will explore these highly decorated parks. Pack up and grab some cups of cocoa to pace a self-guided tour throughout the city. But make sure you do not delay! This amazing light show also comes to a close on New Year’s Day!

The Christmas Carnival of Lights opens on November 18, 2023 to January 1, 2024. Keep in mind that the only exception is Christmas Day. Also, they will be closed on November 24 to November 25.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you mark your calendars today and invite your family and friends to participate in this majestic holiday event!
In an effort to efficiently and safely handle traffic coming into the show, the festival coordinators also suggest that guests pre-purchase tickets before their arrival.

Where is the festival of lights Wisconsin

Numerous tourists and locals alike made this light festival in Wisconsin a unique way to rejoice in the holiday season. Some activities in the festival are kept, but the festival’s organizers guarantee that all visitors have something to be thrilled about.

Keep in mind that Wisconsin Lights Festival is located in Jellystone Park in Caledonia, Wisconsin. You can go off I-94, ½ mile from the South Milwaukee County Line. Then you can take Seven Mile Rod (exit 326). Then off I-94, go East 2 miles, then one-fourth mile on Highway 38.

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Festival of lights Hours

When we talk about the light exhibitions of the Wisconsin Lights Festivals, make sure that you and your family members have time to join such a wonderful event. On top of the magical vibe of this event, the lights festival also boasts a wide array of activities for young and adults alike.

No matter how you wish to bring on this event, you’ll certainly have a one-of-a-kind experience. Many people visit the park during the warmer season for camping fun, but the fun does not need to end once the weather cools down.

In fact, the holiday season might only be the best time to visit this local campground light festival. The festival of lights runs from Sunday to Thursday from 5 to 9 PM and Friday and Saturday from 5 to 11 PM.
Please take note that Santa’s Workshop is open every day. Santa is always in his workshop and available for pictures every Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:30 to 8:30 PM and Friday and Saturday from 5:30 to 9:30 PM.

How Much It Costs to Visit Wisconsin Lights Festival

For most people living in Wisconsin, their grand holiday season isn’t complete without witnessing the majestic festival of lights. This particular festival in Wisconsin attracts thousands of visitors each year.
You can participate in this event for free if you simply wish to enjoy the lights while walking on your own. But if you like to avail of other services, such as a car pass or passenger van, there’s a fee you need to pay.

For the Car Pass, a general admission ticket is good for one carload of about eight people. You only need to buy one ticket per car. The total would be $30 per vehicle. There’s also the Large Passenger Van for $45 per vehicle. They also offer Bus/Camper for $55 per vehicle. They also have tickets for Larger Bus which cost $110 per vehicle.

Weather and What to Wear

Are you now planning to pack your things, so you’re ready before the actual festival of lights date? November is just around the corner, so make sure you’re ready!

Everybody in Wisconsin is thrilled for November to come because it’s the start of the festival. The weather in the state during this month is extremely cold. On average, overnight temperatures fall below 13 degrees Fahrenheit and exceed 51 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure you’re thoroughly prepared for what to wear when you visit the park. Doing so will help you be more comfortable and cozier during your visit and helps you enjoy the festival more.
On top of that, it will help if you bring extra socks with you, a cozy coat or jacket, fleece, mitten, or light gloves. We also suggest wearing sturdy footwear, warm pants, or even waterproof snow boots. You can also bring an umbrella if you wish.

Hotels nearby the lights festival

If you are a first-time visitor to Caledonia, you might like a more touristy area. Right? However, if you’re a solo traveler, then a local neighborhood could be a more viable option. Other areas have many things to do within walking distance, but the hotels can be costlier.

To give you a starting point for your trip research, we looked at some of the best recommendations:

• Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel Milwaukee
This hotel is upscale, brimming with creative flair, in the center of downtown Milwaukee. It’s also an AAA and four-Diamond hotel filled with surprises. The hotel has made quite the reputation for itself as one of Milwaukee’s most unique and best hotels.
The room is not decked out with works of art by numerous Wisconsin artists but also with thrilling amenities such as a ukulele.

• The Charmant
Did you know that this is an old candy factory that is converted into 4-diamond hotel feet from the majestic Mississippi River? Keep in mind that this is a boutique hotel in downtown La Crosse. It pays tribute to its origin as a big candy factory. You can see the place’s history in each corner, from the exposed red brick to the reclaimed hardwood beams and floors.

• Yogi Bear’s Camp-Resorts in Jellystone Park
This is probably the closest place you can stay to the festival of lights event. With so many traditional and modern options, you will certainly find accommodations to match your family’s style.
From cabin and yurts, RV rents, RV and tent camping, this place got you covered!

They also have food service options such as Pic-a-nic Basket, well-stocked Ranger Station camp stores laundry rooms, and WiFi. The place provides modern conveniences that make it feel like home.

Where to Eat nearby the fest

Even though award-winning dairy products have made Wisconsin reputation, its hardworking cranberry bogs, abundant farmers’ markets, prized cherry trees, and homey supper clubs are what make the place’s dining scene so inimitable. Here are some restaurants you should try in the area:

• Mader’s
You must visit this place that serves German food. This place has been doing it for over a century. Can you believe that? They have served presidents and perhaps half of your family.

• MACS Mac and Cheese
MACS has numerous locations throughout the state. Opened by Dells locals, this restaurant takes the best of comfort and jazzes that up. The outcome is a memorable meal that is like nothing else around. It is the ideal place for families but has enough to satisfy all your sophisticated palates.

• Chefusion
This is a gastropub with an upscale vibe reminiscent of restaurants in big, global cities. Funky dishes are mostly presented here with a unique flair. On top of that, there is an upstairs lounge that features awesome live music.

More Things to Do in the Area

There are other things you can enjoy in Wisconsin aside from the festival of lights.

• Visit Milwaukee Art Museum
Over 300,000 artworks take visitors on a chronological art tour from the thirteenth century to the present at this museum. The pavilion’s exterior wings open twice a day and have become the visual icon of the city.

• Lake Geneva
The excursion on this lake provides close-up views of the Victorian estates, ringing the lake and access to the Black Point Estate.

• Olbrich Botanical Gardens
You can stroll sixteen acres of outdoor gardens that highlight hardy shrub selections in a space inspired by Wisconsin native Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie style. There are also other outdoor gardens, such as the Herb Garden, a Sunken Garden, and the Perennial Garden.

Hope you’ll enjoy the lighting festival!
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  1. Is there designated parking available for the Wisconsin Festival of Lights?
    • Yes, there is designated parking available before and after the drive-thru experience for those who’d like to enjoy any additional on-site attractions or concessions. However, since it’s a drive-thru event, most attendees will remain in their vehicles throughout.
  2. Can attendees smoke while driving through the lights display?
    • For the safety and comfort of all attendees, smoking is not permitted during the drive-thru experience. If you need to smoke, please utilize the designated smoking areas located in the parking zones.
  3. Are pets allowed during the drive-thru experience?
    • Yes, pets are welcome as long as they remain inside your vehicle for the entirety of the light display.
  4. Can larger vehicles, such as RVs or buses, access the drive-thru festival?
    • The drive-thru is designed to accommodate a variety of vehicles. However, it’s advisable for drivers of larger vehicles like RVs and buses to check in advance with the festival organizers to ensure the route can accommodate them.
  5. Are there any additional attractions besides the drive-thru lights?
    • Depending on the year and organizer’s plans, there might be other attractions, such as holiday markets or entertainment areas. Attendees should refer to the official festival website for detailed information on specific offerings.
  6. Is outside food and drink permitted?
    • While attendees can bring their own snacks for the drive-thru journey, there may also be on-site concessions selling festive treats and beverages, depending on the festival’s setup.
  7. How long is the typical drive-thru experience at the Wisconsin Festival of Lights?
    • The average time to navigate the light displays can range between 20-40 minutes. However, this duration can vary based on traffic volume and speed.
  8. Are there specific nights where visitors can walk or bike through the lights, instead of driving?
    • The primary experience is designed for vehicles. Any special walking or biking nights would be announced separately by the festival organizers. It’s recommended to check their official communications for such events.




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