Zoo Lights Winnipeg


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Festival highlights

Winnipeg is popular all over Canada for its incredible Christmas lights. The city provides numerous holiday-themed events—performances, carols, children’s parties, and holiday concerts. Most Christmas events are adorned with magical lights and LED displays, making cold Manitoba winters a little bit warmer.

Zoo Lights Winnipeg at the Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg is more than only beautiful illuminations. The zoo lights festival also boasts thousands of light installations making the magical Polar Town with lots of fun activities.

Zoo Lights Winnipeg

You will find engaging experiences, a Third and Bird market, warm drinks and food, and other forms of entertainment. You can also warm up at the Town Hall close to the Zoo entrance and the Tundra Grill. If you’re chilly, you can sip some warm cup of cocoa by the fire pit throughout the zoo and roast your smores.

Zoo Lights Winnipeg Dates

The zoo lights festival usually takes place in late December to January. There’s still no official date from the event’s organizers for this year, so it’s best to stay tuned for the latest information. Zoo Lights Winnipeg is a fun and immersive event which has been embraced by many Manitobans and visitors to the city. The light displays are just phenomenal, and each year, there’s something new to see!

Where It Is Located and How to Get There

The Zoo Lights Winnipeg is located at 2595 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It’s often held at the Assiniboine Park Conservancy. The ideal way to get from Winnipeg Airport to Assiniboine Park Conservancy without a car is to line 20 bus and line 79 bus. It will take you 41 minutes and might cost $6.

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Lights Festival Hours

The zoo lights festival usually starts from 5 PM through 10:30 PM. The Zoo Lights Winnipeg lets you enter the world of a twinkling winter wonderland. Here, you will find fairy lights, various Christmas light shows, awesome twinkle lights, light festivals, and blinking Christmas lights.

There are also curtain Lights, twinkle lights trees, light exhibition, icicle lights, LED curtain lights, net lights, meteor shower lights, and rope lights, among others! There are also reindeer and, of course, Santa Claus.

How Much It Costs to Visit Zoo Lights Winnipeg

The previous ticket price for this zoo lights festival cost $16 both all ages three and above, including adults. Meanwhile, it is free for kids under two years old.

The tickets may be bought online in advance or at the zoo during daytime operation. It’s also essential that you enter the zoo within the 30-minute time frame that is indicated on the ticket. The final entry is at 9 PM.

For this year, ticket prices are yet to be announced by the organizers so it’s best to stay tuned for up-to-date information.

You can buy tickets here>>

Zoo Lights Winnipeg

Weather and What to Wear

First of all, you must dress warmly because the temperatures in Winnipeg can drop below freezing. A hat, scarf, and coat will be vital. Layering is also the key here. Consider wearing a sweater or a vest under your coat, as they will keep your feet dry and warm, whatever the conditions.

Winter is considered the low season in Winnipeg, as the temperatures could get cold. Nonetheless, if you do not mind bundling up, winter could be an excellent time to enjoy Winnipeg without the crowds.

Where to Sleep

Lesser-visited Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba. It lies among the biggest cities in Canada and is one of the most significant in the nation’s history. Wondering where you can stay after your tour at the Zoo lights festival? Here are some recommendations for you to consider:

  • Fort Garry Hotel and Spa

As the most celebrated luxury hotel and national historic site of Winnipeg, The Fort Garry Hotel offers everything you need for the ideal stay—from suites and guestrooms to ballrooms. You can also take advantage of their world-class Ten Spa and their newly restored Oval Room Brasserie.

  • Inn at the Forks

With a cool location at The Forks Market, you are in the ideal location to discover the nearby spots, including the Manitoba Children’s Museum, the St. Bonafice Cathedral, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and so much more.

Staying here means you are in a good spot to sample numerous restaurants in the area, particularly those in the Exchange District.

  • Alt Hotel Winnipeg

This is a top option for most travelers. With a stylish, sleek design that would fit into any architectural magazine, you can find everything from bigger 2-bed rooms to more budget-friendly 1-bedrooms.

Also, your stay here will include access to a fitness center, Egyptian cotton linen, and a flexible check-out, while pet owners will appreciate that it’s also pet-friendly. How awesome is that?

  • The Fairmont Winnipeg

Sought as one of the luxury hotels in the area, this hotel is located in the perfect location: at the corner of Main and Portage, right in the middle of downtown. That makes it great for exploring the city, including exploring the Manitoba Museum, the MTS Centre, The Forks, and many more.

It’s also a good hotel for conferences and business trips.

Where to Eat

With some of the most innovative and diverse restaurants in Canada, anyone who has been to Manitoba’s capital understands that it is known for something else: its amazing culinary scene. Here are some restaurants for you to try:

  • Pauline Bistro

This restaurant is reminiscent of the 1920s French Bistro. This sun-filled, stunning space serves up IG-worthy dishes, which are as tasty as they are photogenic. Even the classic dishes have a unique flair about them.

  • Falafel Place

This modest restaurant has been a staple for many decades. Humming with energy and loaded with satisfied customers, you can tuck into massive plates of French toast, corned beef hash, beef brisket, shakshuka, and of course, their popular falafel breakfast.

  • Prairie Ink Restaurant and Bakery

Located inside of the most valued bookstores in Winnipeg, McNally Robinsons Booksellers, this restaurant’s menu is loaded with comfort food like date grilled cheese sandwiches, brie, salmon, and shrimp pasta, as well as their classic French onion soup.

With a goal to use as much local produce as possible, you can expect many fresh, in-season ingredients. You can also check out their tasty baked goods, all made in-house.

  • Clementine

This is one of the most beloved brunch locations in Winnipeg and almost makes any list of leading restaurants in the area to eat at. Situated in the Exchange District, this spot has everything you crave, from smoked turkey chilaquiles to braised bacon benedict, even though their porridge is extremely mouthwatering.

Come hungry because you will not be able to resist some of their side dishes, including fried cauliflower salad, ricotta toast, lime, tomatillo jam, or yogurt panna cotta. If you are planning to celebrate, you can also try their breakfast cocktails.

More Things to Do in the Area

Even though it is one of Canada’s most underrated cities, Winnipeg is bustling and scenic, cultural, energetic, and all with a dash of upcoming flare. Here are some of the activities you can do while staying in Winnipeg:

  • Shop some stuff at The Forks

The Forks provides you with numerous activities all year round, both outdoors and indoors. This is an entertainment and commercial center that is focused on numerous historic buildings and is situated at the convergence of the Assiniboine River and Red River.

After years of renovation work, the establishments where the railway maintenance facility used to stand today feature an eclectic combination of galleries, restaurants, and businesses.

  • Visit the Manitoba Museum

You may also discover the finest attractions of the province on display in the nine static galleries of the museum. On the other hand, its science gallery and domed planetarium highlight the night sky’s splendor through interactive exhibits.

Among the highlights of the museum is the Pliosaur fossil, which is already ninety-five million years old! Can you believe that? It also boasts a show recreating the aurora borealis as well as the replica of the fur trade station located in Hudson Bay.

  • Have fun at the Red River Mutual Trail

The winters in Canada are long, snowy, and harsh, but Canadians prefer to get outside and appreciate the weather instead of hibernating until the warmer season comes.

As soon as the ground starts to freeze, you will find locals outside, enjoying a wide array of activities, like skiing, snowshoeing, hockey, fishing, and ice skating. Things are no different in Winnipeg.

Once the river freezes, the government creates Red River Mutual Trail, which is the globe’s longest natural frozen skating rink.

  • Immerse in the Icelandic Culture

What was old civilization like before it was adapted into modern society? Small yet unique, the village of Gimli was established by Icelandic settlers back in ancient times, and its residents still do the traditional practices.

As a modern city with contemporary facilities, Gimli is a great place to get a taste of Icelandic culture without going all the way there. One of the cool things to do there is to visit the famous resort. You won’t regret taking your time to check it out. It’s enlightening, rewarding, and a lot of fun at the same time.


1. What are the parking options at Zoo Lights Winnipeg?

Ample parking spaces are available near the main entrance of Assiniboine Park Conservancy. We recommend arriving early, particularly during peak days like weekends and holidays, to ensure a convenient parking experience.

2. Is smoking allowed within the Zoo Lights area?

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the boundaries of Zoo Lights Winnipeg. Designated smoking areas can be found outside the festival premises for those who wish to smoke.

3. Can I bring my pets to Zoo Lights Winnipeg?

Pets are generally not allowed for the comfort and safety of all attendees. However, service animals with proper identification are an exception to this rule.

4. How can tickets be acquired?

Tickets can be purchased online or at the event entrance. Given the popularity of the event, it is advisable to secure tickets online in advance to guarantee entry.

5. Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Assiniboine Park Conservancy and Zoo Lights Winnipeg are fully accessible for wheelchairs. Accessible parking spots are also provided near the festival entrance for convenience.

6. What are the food and beverage options?

A selection of food and beverage vendors is available on-site, offering a range of snacks, meals, and drinks to cater to diverse palates.

7. Can I photograph or record video at the festival?

Personal photography and videography are encouraged. However, for commercial or promotional activities, you must seek prior authorization from the festival management.

8. How much time do visitors typically spend at Zoo Lights Winnipeg?

Most guests spend approximately 1.5 to 2 hours at the festival, but there are no time restrictions, and you are welcome to enjoy the event for as long as you wish within its operational hours.

For additional information or specific queries, please consult the official Zoo Lights Winnipeg website or visit their social media channels.




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