Zoo Lights

There’s no doubt that the holidays are the ideal time for decorative and zoo lights festivals. Just about everybody enjoys a done-up display featuring vibrant and multi-colored LEDs, perhaps some inflatable figures like Santa’s sleigh or Frosty the Snowman, as well as the occasional massive candy cane.

Now that everything is returning to its normal state, you can now freely walk into these events with your friends, family, or even special someone.

That got us thinking about the ideal places to enjoy a wonderful and memorable decorative holiday light tour.In most cities, visitors and residents alike will find local zoos that roll special displays during this time of the day.

Zoo Lights are excellent as they combine two things we truly enjoy: holiday lights and the zoo.

Bronx Zoo Holiday Light

Zoo Lights Around the World

Festival NameLocation (City, Country)ContinentDates
ZooLights at Lincoln Park ZooChicago, USANorth AmericaNovember 21 – January 3
Vivid Sydney at Taronga ZooSydney, AustraliaAustraliaAugust 27 – September 18
London Zoo LightsLondon, UKEuropeNovember 22 – January 3
Lumina Borealis at Kingston ZooKingston, CanadaNorth AmericaDecember 1 – February 28
Zoo Lights at Ueno ZooTokyo, JapanAsiaDecember 5 – January 12
Wild Lights at Dublin ZooDublin, IrelandEuropeNovember 25 – January 9
ZOOLIGHTS at Calgary ZooCalgary, CanadaNorth AmericaNovember 20 – January 2
River of Lights at BioPark ZooAlbuquerque, USANorth AmericaNovember 27 – December 30
Zoo Lights at Denver ZooDenver, USANorth AmericaNovember 23 – December 31
Christmas at the Zoo, Indianapolis ZooIndianapolis, USANorth AmericaNovember 21 – December 30
Zoo Lights at Houston ZooHouston, USANorth AmericaNovember 14 – January 10
Zoo Lights at Oakland ZooOakland, USANorth AmericaDecember 4 – January 17
Zoo Lights at Phoenix ZooPhoenix, USANorth AmericaNovember 7 – January 31
Festival of Lights at Cincinnati ZooCincinnati, USANorth AmericaNovember 21 – January 3
Jungle Bells at San Diego ZooSan Diego, USANorth AmericaDecember 4 – January 3
Wildlights at Woodland Park ZooSeattle, USANorth AmericaNovember 27 – January 3
Zoo Lights at Los Angeles ZooLos Angeles, USANorth AmericaNovember 20 – January 10
Zoolights at Point Defiance ZooTacoma, USANorth AmericaDecember 4 – January 3
ZOOLIGHTS at Smithsonian National ZooWashington D.C., USANorth AmericaNovember 27 – January 1
Lights Before Christmas at Toledo ZooToledo, USANorth AmericaNovember 20 – December 31
ZooLights at Stone ZooStoneham, USANorth AmericaNovember 19 – January 3
Wild Lights at Saint Louis ZooSt. Louis, USANorth AmericaNovember 27 – January 2
IllumiZoo – A Glenlore Tale at John Ball ZooGrand Rapids, USANorth AmericaOctober 10 – November 15
Wildlights at Columbus Zoo and AquariumColumbus, USANorth AmericaNovember 20 – January 3
ZooLights at Reid Park ZooTucson, USANorth AmericaDecember 4 – December 23
Christmas Lights Across Canada at The Canadian Museum of HistoryOttawa, CanadaNorth AmericaDecember 2 – January 7
Zoo Lights at Utah’s Hogle ZooSalt Lake City, USANorth AmericaNovember 29 – December 31
Glow Wild at WakehurstArdingly, UKEuropeNovember 26 – December 30
Christmas at Chester ZooChester, UKEuropeDecember 1 – December 24
Wild Lights at Elmwood Park ZooNorristown, 

*** The dates indicated are an average of the dates over the years. Therefore, you should check the posts on the website or on the official websites of these zoos ***

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