Hakodate Winter Festival


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As the winter season wraps its chilly embrace around the northern hemisphere, the city of Hakodate in Hokkaido, Japan, comes alive with the magical Hakodate Winter Festival. 


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Festival highlights

This enchanting light festival, set against the backdrop of snowy landscapes and historical architecture, offers a mesmerizing display of fairy lights, twinkling Christmas shows, and illuminated art installations. Visitors from near and far are invited to experience this unique celebration of light and culture, creating memories that will glow long after the festival ends.

About the Festival

The Hakodate Winter Festival, fondly and more commonly known as Hakodate Illuminations, is a dazzling showcase of lights that has become a hallmark of winter in Hokkaido, Japan. This festival transforms the city into a luminous wonderland, where traditional Japanese charm meets the magical aura of winter festivities. Here’s a closer look at the featured lighting displays that have captivated visitors year after year:

  • Twinkling Trees: The streets and parks of Hakodate are adorned with trees wrapped in thousands of twinkling lights, creating a dreamlike atmosphere that enchants every visitor.
  • Fairy Lights: Delicate strings of fairy lights cascade down buildings and across walkways, weaving a tapestry of soft, glowing light that adds a touch of whimsy to the cold winter nights.
  • Curtain Lights: Acting as shimmering veils, curtain lights drape over the city’s spaces, creating a spectacular visual effect that resembles falling stars or gentle snowflakes.
  • Christmas Trees: Majestic Christmas trees, decorated with an array of colorful lights and ornaments, stand tall at various points, serving as glowing beacons of holiday spirit.
  • Glowing Orbs: Scattered throughout the festival are glowing orbs, which provide a modern, artistic touch to the traditional light displays, offering a playful and interactive experience.
  • Illuminated Buildings and Monuments: Key buildings and historical monuments are illuminated with artistic light projections, highlighting their architectural beauty and adding a historic dimension to the festival.

Each of these lighting displays contributes to the overall magic of the Hakodate Illuminations, creating a visual symphony that delights and inspires all who visit.

Festival Dates (2023 – 2024)

The Hakodate Winter Festival, a spectacle of light and joy, is scheduled to illuminate the city from December 1, 2023, to February 29, 2024. This extended duration provides ample opportunity for visitors to experience the myriad of lights and festive displays at their own pace. 

Whether you’re planning to visit during the early days of December to kick off the holiday season or looking for a unique way to spend a winter’s day in February, the festival’s lights will be shining bright, ready to welcome you.

Where It’s Located and How to Get There

The Hakodate Winter Festival, renowned for its enchanting light displays, takes place across various locations in Hakodate, situated in the scenic Hokkaido Prefecture of Japan. The festival’s charm is spread throughout the city, with notable displays lighting up the sloping streets of Hachimanzaka and Nijukkenzaka. These historic streets, famous for their picturesque views, are transformed into glowing pathways, creating a magical ambiance that captures the essence of this unique lights festival.

Visitors arriving by air will land at Hakodate Airport, the nearest airport to the festival. From the airport, the festival is conveniently accessible, offering various transportation options:

  • By Taxi: A direct and comfortable way to reach the festival, taxis are readily available at the airport.
  • By Bus: Regular bus services connect the airport to key locations in Hakodate, including areas close to the festival venues.
  • By Rental Car: For those who prefer self-driving, car rental services at the airport offer a flexible way to explore the city and its festival at your own pace.

Traveling to Hakodate Winter Festival by Train:

For visitors journeying from other cities in Japan, the train is a popular and scenic option. Here’s how you can reach the Hakodate Winter Festival by train:

From Tokyo: Take the Tohoku/Hokkaido Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo Station to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station. From there, transfer to a local train to Hakodate Station, which is centrally located and close to the festival venues.

From Sapporo: Board the Limited Express Hokuto or Super Hokuto from Sapporo Station to Hakodate Station. This journey offers picturesque views of Hokkaido’s landscape.

From Osaka: Start with the Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo Station, then switch to the Tohoku/Hokkaido Shinkansen to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto, followed by a local train to Hakodate Station.

From Sendai: Take the Tohoku Shinkansen to Shin-Aomori Station, transfer to the Hokkaido Shinkansen to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto, and then take a local train to Hakodate Station.

Each of these train routes offers a comfortable and scenic journey to Hakodate, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of Japan’s landscapes before arriving at the dazzling winter festival.

If you’re in Japan, you can also check out these other spectacular lights festivals:

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An image inspired by the beauty of the Hakodate Winter Festival in Japan

Festival Hours

The Hakodate Winter Festival invites visitors to immerse themselves in its luminous beauty each evening, starting from 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM. These hours are thoughtfully chosen to enhance the experience of the light displays, allowing the full impact of the twinkling fairy lights and illuminated landscapes to be appreciated against the backdrop of the night sky. 

Whether you’re taking an after-dinner stroll or dedicating your evening to exploring the festival, these hours offer ample time to experience the enchantment of Hakodate’s winter spectacle.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Hakodate Winter Festival

One of the most appealing aspects of the Hakodate Winter Festival is that it is a completely free event. Visitors have the unique opportunity to experience the entire range of dazzling light displays, from the twinkling trees to the beautifully illuminated buildings, without the need for tickets or entrance fees. This open-access approach allows everyone, regardless of budget, to partake in the joy and beauty of this festive celebration, making it a truly inclusive and welcoming experience for all who come to witness the magic of Hakodate’s winter lights.

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An image inspired from the magical atmosphere of the Hakodate Winter Festival

Weather and What to Wear

During the months of December through February, Hakodate experiences its winter season, characterized by cold and often snowy weather. Temperatures typically range from -3°C (27°F) to 3°C (37°F), with occasional colder spells. Snowfall is common, adding to the scenic beauty of the festival but also bringing chilly conditions. The weather creates a perfect backdrop for the light displays, with the snow-covered landscapes enhancing the brilliance of the lights.

To ensure a comfortable experience at the lights festival, it’s important to dress appropriately for the winter weather. Here is a list of recommended clothing:

  • Thermal Underwear: Essential for retaining body heat, thermal layers will keep you warm as you explore the festival.
  • Winter Coat or Down Jacket: A high-quality coat or jacket is crucial for insulation against the cold.
  • Waterproof Boots: To keep your feet dry and warm, especially with the likelihood of snow and slush.
  • Gloves or Mittens: Protect your hands from the cold; insulated or thermal gloves are best.
  • Warm Hat: A substantial portion of body heat is lost through the head, so a warm hat is essential.
  • Scarf: To protect your neck and face from chilly winds and snow.
  • Layered Clothing: Wearing multiple layers allows you to adjust your comfort level as needed.
  • Ear Muffs or Headband: An additional layer of protection for your ears against the cold.

Where to Sleep – Hotels Nearby

Finding the perfect place to stay is crucial for your visit to the Hakodate Winter Festival, and Hakodate offers several comfortable and convenient hotel options close to the event.

JR Inn Hakodate 

Conveniently located near JR Hakodate Station, this hotel offers easy access to the festival and other city attractions. JR Inn Hakodate is known for its modern rooms, which come with amenities like free Wi-Fi, comfortable bedding, and an in-house restaurant serving delicious local cuisine. Ideal for both leisure and business travelers, it provides a cozy base for exploring the city’s festive lights.

Hotel Hakodate Royal 

Situated in the heart of Hakodate, Hotel Hakodate Royal combines convenience with comfort. Guests can enjoy spacious rooms equipped with free Wi-Fi, and the hotel’s location makes it easy to explore the city’s famous sites and the nearby light festival. The hotel also boasts an on-site restaurant, offering a blend of local and international dishes.

Gran Palette Hakodate 

This hotel is a blend of style and comfort, located a short distance from the festival’s main attractions. Gran Palette Hakodate features well-appointed rooms with free Wi-Fi, ensuring a connected and comfortable stay. Additional amenities include a fitness center, an in-house restaurant with a variety of dining options, and easy access to public transportation for exploring the city.

What to Eat

Hakodate, renowned for its vibrant food scene, offers a variety of dining options where visitors can indulge in local flavors and specialties while enjoying the Winter Festival.

Hakodate Bay Gourmet Club 

Located near the scenic Hakodate Bay, this popular dining spot is a haven for seafood lovers. The Gourmet Club offers an array of fresh, locally-sourced seafood dishes, including succulent crab, sashimi, and grilled fish. The ambiance is warm and inviting, making it an ideal spot to relax and savor the tastes of Hakodate after a day at the festival.

Benten Sushi 

Situated in the heart of the city, Benten Sushi is a must-visit for sushi enthusiasts. This restaurant is known for its exquisite sushi and sashimi, prepared with the freshest local ingredients. The intimate setting and skilled sushi chefs provide a memorable dining experience, highlighting the best of Japanese culinary artistry.

Kantaro Sushi 

Famous for its conveyor belt sushi, Kantaro Sushi offers a unique and casual dining experience. Located conveniently within the city, it’s a great place to enjoy a wide variety of sushi options, from classic tuna nigiri to more innovative creations. The lively atmosphere and affordable prices make Kantaro Sushi a favorite among both locals and tourists.

More Things to Do In The Area

While the Hakodate Winter Festival is a must-see, the city of Hakodate offers a plethora of other attractions and activities that are perfect for enriching your visit.

Hakodate Park 

One of the oldest parks in Hokkaido, Hakodate Park is a serene getaway located close to the city center. Offering picturesque views, especially during cherry blossom season, the park is ideal for leisurely strolls, picnics, and enjoying the natural beauty of Hakodate. The park also features a small zoo and a children’s amusement area, making it a great spot for families.

Motomachi Park 

Situated in the historic Motomachi district, this park is a blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty. Visitors can explore historic buildings, including the Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward, and enjoy panoramic views of Hakodate and its harbor. The park’s elevated position makes it a fantastic spot for photography enthusiasts, especially during sunrise or sunset.

Cape Tachimachi 

A short drive from the city center, Cape Tachimachi offers breathtaking views of the Tsugaru Strait and the surrounding cliffs. This scenic spot is perfect for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat. The walking trails leading to the cape are surrounded by lush greenery, and the area is known for its spectacular views of the sea, especially during the early morning or late evening.

A Final Sparkle: Wrapping Up Your Unforgettable Visit to Hakodate Winter Festival

As the curtain falls on the enchanting Hakodate Winter Festival, visitors take with them memories illuminated by the twinkling lights and the warm hospitality of Hakodate. This festival is more than just a display of lights; it’s a celebration of winter’s beauty, a testament to the city’s rich culture, and an invitation to experience the charm of Hokkaido. 

From the glowing streets of Hachimanzaka to the serene beauty of Cape Tachimachi, every moment spent here is a reminder of the magic that winter can bring. As you depart, the fairy lights might dim, but the glow they leave in your heart will shine on, beckoning you to return to this winter wonderland.


Is there parking available near the festival?

Yes, there are several parking areas near the festival venues. However, spaces can fill up quickly due to the festival’s popularity, so it’s advisable to arrive early or consider using public transportation.

Are there designated smoking areas at the festival?

Smoking is not allowed in the open areas of the festival to ensure a comfortable experience for all visitors. Designated smoking areas are provided at specific locations, clearly marked for convenience.

Can I bring my pet to the festival?

Pets are generally allowed at the festival, but they must be kept on a leash at all times. Please be mindful of the crowds and the cold weather when deciding to bring your pet.

Is the festival wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the festival is wheelchair accessible. Most paths and major areas are designed to accommodate wheelchairs, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the light displays.

Are there food and drink vendors at the festival?

A variety of food and drink vendors are available at the festival, offering both local delicacies and classic winter treats to enhance your festival experience.

What should I do if I lose an item at the festival?

If you lose an item, please report to the nearest information center or festival staff. Found items are collected and can be reclaimed with proper identification.

Is photography allowed at the festival?

Photography is not only allowed but encouraged! The festival’s stunning light displays make for perfect photo opportunities. However, the use of drones may be restricted.

Are there restrooms available at the festival?

Yes, there are portable restrooms located throughout the festival area for public use. These are regularly maintained for cleanliness and convenience.

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An image inspired by the Hakodate Winter Festival




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